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2005 Gene Marshall Collection

The Official Gene Marshall Collection Web Site!

The Official Gene Marshall Collection Web site welcomes you to a place to Share the Dream with collectible fashion doll Gene Marshall and all her friends: Madra Lord, Violet Waters, and Trent Osborn. We're happy you can join us as we take a fun-filled journey back to a time when people lived everyday life as if every day was an event. All seen through the eyes of "Hollywood Legend" Gene Marshall and her compatriots and YOU. So explore and enjoy this site, designed to make Share the Dream a reality!

10th Anniversary 2005 Gene Marshall Collectible Fashion Doll

See Why Gene Doll Fans Are Ecstatic
Gene Marshall Collection fans are raving about her 2004 "Memories" collection.
Fall/Winter Star Wardrobe Collection
Gene Marshall Star Wardrobe Collection

Spring/Summer Star Wardrobe Collection
Gene Marshall Star Wardrobe Collection

Gene Marshall Collection News
Hollywood's Golden Era Lives Again Through Gene Dolls By Mel Odom And The Ashton-Drake Galleries
Since the Gene Marshall Collection debuted in 1995, Gene Marshall and her friends, Madra, Violet and Trent, have changed the collectible fashion doll world. Inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood, the Gene Marshall Collection dolls are of collector-quality vinyl with hand-painted features. The Gene Marshall Collection fashions are like those worn by the stars of the '30s, '40s and '50s. And vintage scale accessories are collectibles in themselves.
Mel Odom's Dream-come-true—the Gene Doll
Mel Odom, Gene Doll DesignerThe Gene Marshall Collection is the creation of award-winning artist Mel Odom. One of Mel Odom's artistic dreams was to create a fashion doll that would bring the glamorous stars he'd seen in the movies as a child (and as a grown-up) to life. So from sketch to sculpt to reality, the Gene doll became a dream come true; the result of many years of Mel Odom's and Ashton-Drake's hard work, dedication&#151and love.

A Note from Mel Odom...

Dear friends,
Welcome to the 2005 Gene Marshall collection. It's a very important collection this year. In 1995 when Gene debuted at Toy Fair, with three dressed dolls and nine costumes, nobody much thought we'd be around the next year, much less 10 years later and change the course of fashion doll history. But we were, and we did, and I'm very proud of this.

This year we celebrate these 10 momentous years with a new collection based on what you've come to anticipate from Gene Marshall and Ashton- Drake as well as a couple of new twists. Our leading ladies are dressed to the nines in evening and day wear that ranges from full and fantastic, to tailored and sharp as a knife. Trent is back, with a movie "role of a lifetime" that, for the first time, involves all our leading ladies in a suite of costumes designed for the same movie.

Add to this our "Star Wardrobe Collection" a line of separates for our characters, a group of individual pieces, collected from the fashion magazines of the time and made with the same meticulous craftmanship that the Gene Marshall line made famous. This is an open invitation to impulse buying, with pieces priced for every pocketbook that go together with each other and with things you already have in your closets for our girls and guy. Along with all this, we still have secrets in the pipeline as well, things destined as mid-year surprises.

So, enjoy our new collection, and know that the people who bring you Gene, are trying our best to continue the evolution of the fashion doll, a process we began ten years ago. It's been a long and exciting journey.

Till next time,

The Gene Marshall Collection Official Web Site
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