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Final Releasedate Enigma?

Posted by Yoeri on 02.22.08
Comments (4)

CSR just posted a blog on their myspace telling people that record has been set for a 11th march release and that they are sorry for the delays.

read it:

Ill Nino's new record will be released on March 11, 2008! Thank you for being patient with us as we have been working on getting this kick-ass record in stores, but the day is almost here! Please go out and buy and support the band everybody!!!

The Don

Vote for Ill Nino at Scuzz TV!

Posted by Yoeri on 02.15.08
Comments (0)

Help Ill Nino win 'Battle Of The Bands' at the Scuzz TV Forum . Register yourself and vote for Ill Nino as your favourite band!

A spanish interview with Dave

Posted by Yoeri on 02.15.08
Comments (0)

A new spanish interview can be found here

Hear the new album before it's released!

Posted by Yoeri on 02.05.08
Comments (2)

This was posted on the main site:


We know you guys have been patiently waiting to hear the new album. We know it has been a long time coming . . . but it is finally here! You can head on over to this Thursday to check out the whole new album ENIGMA. That's right, is hosting an exclusive ENIGMA listening party THIS THURSDAY FEBRUARY 7t.

But hurry on over beause this listening party is for a limited time only. It ends on MONDAY MORNING. So head on over to and check out Ill Nino's ENIGMA

Please do not post any links to illegal Enigma files.

Thanks for understanding

Ill Nino EU Tourdates

Posted by Yoeri on 01.24.08
Comments (28)

There are some EU dates surfacing but have yet to be confirmed by the band itself:

Sat 22 March: Queens Hall, Nuneaton (UK) - link

Sun 23 March: The Cathouse, Glasgow (UK) - link

Thur 27 March: Central Station, Wrexham (UK) - link

Fri 28 March: Carling Academy 2, Birmingham (UK) - link

Sat 29 March: Carling Academy Islington (UK) - link

Sun 31 March: Underground, Cologne (DE) - link

Tues 1 April: Groningen Oosterpoort (NL) - link

Thurs 2 April: Haarlem Patronaat (NL) - link

Fri 3 April: Eindhoven Effenaar (NL) - link

Sun 5 April: ESCH-ALZETTE (L) - Rockhal (Club), Luxembourg - link

Mon 6 April: Matrix, Bouchum (DE) - link

Mun 7 April: Logo, Hamburg (DE) -

Tue 8 April: The Rock, Copenhagen (DK) -

Wed 9 April: John Dee Music Club, Oslo (Norway) - link

Fri 11 April: Brewhouse, Gothenburg (SWE) -

Sat 12 April: Debaser, Malmö (SWE) -

Sun 13 April: Debaser Slussen, Stockholm (SWE) -

Tue 15 April: Voxhall, Aarhus (Denmark) - link

Thurs 17 April: Kato, Berlin (DE) -

Sun 20 April: Arena Wien, Vienna (AU) - link

Mon 21 April: 59:1, München(DE) - link

Thus 22 April: Roxy, Saarbrücken (DE) - link

Fri 23 April: Kreuz, Fulda (DE) -

Thus 25 April: Colos Saal, Aschaffenburg (DE) -

Wed 26 April: Rockhouse, Salzburg (AU) -

Sun 27 April: Salzhaus Winterthur (Switzerland) - link

Mon 28 April: Musicdrome, Milano (Italy) -

Fri 2 May: Viña Rock, Albacete(Spain) - link NEW!

More will be posted if we have more information

If you have venue info or sites where people can buy tickets, you can mail me and it will be added.

Explanation about Enigma's delay by Cement Shoes Records

Posted by Yoeri on 01.22.08
Comments (13)

From CSR's official blog:

Ill Nino's new album- Enigma will be in stores shortly. We are sorry for the delay, but due to unforeseen circumstances, mainly attributed to the state of the record industry and the recent closing of 140 FYE stores, we had to push the release date again and re-think our marketing strategy to make sure you all can get the record! The good news is that we are nearly there and the band will be beginning their Guerilla Carnival Tour 2008 with Bobaflex and Droid on January 31st in Cleveland, Ohio. Go check them out and show your support. Look for the new release date for Enigma VERY, VERY SOON!!!

The Don

Why Cement Shoes Records had a bad year.

Posted by Yoeri on 01.22.08
Comments (2)

Everyone know the problems CSR had with bringing you the new Enigma record, they released a statement about some of their problems:

OK- so here's the scoop-

2007 sucked. We tried and pushed as hard as we can, but the industry was upside down as retailers closed (over 140 FYE stores), radio stopped playing rock music, distributors got their asses handed to them, MTV "officially" became a Soap Opera network and "Pop Music" is back stronger than 1989 Debbie Gibson.

So what do we do? We come back stronger than ever and put out the BADDEST LATIN METAL RECORD OF THE DECADE!! ILL NINO- ENIGMA- COMING OUT THIS WINTER.

Check back THIS WEEK for the new and OFFICIAL release date. Come here for the ONLY official information. Don't listen to anybody else- we are alive and well and more pissed off than ever! CSR will put some Horse Heads in people's beds this year for sure. Support independent music and most of all- "GET HORSED". Check back for weekly contests and special giveaways. 2008 is going be CRAZY

New Ill Nino Contest!

Posted by Yoeri on 01.22.08
Comments (2)

Cement Shoes Records released the following blog on their myspace:

OK- so check it out-

Here is the new Ill Nino contest

We are going to be searching the Country for the CRAZIEST Ill Nino fan in the US. Come to a show and show your support and enthusiasm for the band. The fan who impresses us the most on this tour will win the following:

Autographed ESP guitar by the entire band
2 Round trip Tickets and Hotel for 2 nights to ANY Ill Nino show on their Summer Tour
Autographed "Enigma CD"
Ill Nino Gift Basket (shirts, hat, hoodie, etc)
Free Ill Nino Tattooo (we will pay for you to get an Ill Nino Tattoo)

The only thing you need to do is go fu**ing CRAZY at ANY show between January 31st and February 28th and we will choose a winner on the tour. The winner will be announced by appearing in a video with the band that will be posted on, on Myspace and on Youtube. Bring it on!!!!

**This contest is available to fans who are 18 and older.

ATTN: Ill Nino Street Teamers and Fans

Posted by Yoni on 01.19.08
Comments (0)

The following blog was posted on Ill Nino's Street Team MySpace page:

All Ill Nino Street Teamers and Fans!

The "Guerilla Carnival Tour" is here! We need to know who's willing to work with Ill Nino, and help us promote and make the "Guerilla Carnival Tour" a success. As a street team member, you and a guest would meet the band, as well as get into the show you're promoting for free!!!! We're also getting a bunch of prizes (t-shirts, stickers, promos, etc.) ready, to send out to all our active Ill Nino street teamers next month!!

We need to know ASAP, who wants to be an active Ill Nino street team member, so please reply to: with a message and your address to, so we could mail out posters and postcards for you to pass out, and hang up in your area.



13 new tourdates announced

Posted by Yoni on 01.17.08
Comments (2)

Make sure to check out the TOUR page for a list of all upcoming Guerilla Carnival tourdates. Ill Nino will be headlining, Bobaflex, Droid and Ekotren support and a local band will be opening the show.

SOil pulls out of Guerilla Carnival tour

Posted by Yoni on 01.16.08
Comments (7)

As posted on SOil's MySpace:

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately we had to cancel our short run of dates with Ill Nino due to scheduling conflicts. Make sure you still check out the shows as Ill Nino are an awesome band and some dear friends of ours. We hope to do a full tour with them sometime again in the future.

As for SOiL dates, to make it up to you we are going to do a 2 week headline run in March. This will be the LAST chance to see SOiL for the "True Self" album as we will be hitting the studio after this run of dates to start recording a new album. Supporting us will be BOBAFLEX and THE AUTUMN OFFERING.

Dates to be announced soon!! Keep checking back for the list of shows!!!!

Enigma: March 11, 2008

Posted by Yoni on 01.14.08
Comments (13)

According to, Ill Nino's forthcoming new album "Enigma" has been bumped back once again, this time to a March 11th release date via Cement Shoes.

Ekotren replaces Bury Your Dead on tour

Posted by Yoni on 01.11.08
Comments (0)

As posted on Ill Nino's MySpace:

We wanna welcome EKOTREN to the "GUERRILLA CARNIVAL TOUR"!!! This band's awesome and have a new album out February '08. Bury Your Dead has switched tours, and is the opener for our bros Hellyeah and Machinehead!!

Dutch interview with Cristian Machado

Posted by Yoeri on 01.10.08
Comments (7)

Aardschok did a segment with Cristian 'Van Puber Tot Rockgod'.
We want to thank Emilia for sending it to us.

Aardschok article

Contest winners to be announced this week

Posted by Yoni on 01.09.08
Comments (2)

In the Rockline interview this monday, Cristian stated that the winners of both the YouTube contest and the Creative contest are chosen and will be announced on and MySpace at the end of this week.

Concerning the Enigma release date & merchandise

Posted by Yoni on 01.08.08
Comments (19)

The band has posted a couple of things on their MySpace:

NEW ENIGMA RELEASE DATE: We're truly sorry about this, but Enigma will not be released on the 8th of this month. The release date was pushed back, and changed by our label, and is totally beyond our control. All 6 of us in Ill Niño want nothing more then to be able to release Enigma for you all, and tour for all of our friends around the world!! Next week we will have the new Enigma release date for you all.

ENIGMA PRE-ORDER INFO: Next week you'll be able to pre-order Enigma at a special "Fan Appreciation Price"!!!! To receive this "Fan Appreciation Price" you must pre-order Enigma on illnino, my space, facebook, and ilike .com

ON-LINE ILL NIÑO MERCH STORE: In January we will be launching our new on-line merchandise store. This is the first time ever that we have offered Ill Niño merch on-line!!! The store will include a bunch of exclusive new unreleased merch items, as well as some past classic Ill Niño merch items, that you'll only be able to buy on the on

Looking forward to seeing all of you this year! Thanks for all of your support! We appreciate it every one of you!

Cristian, Laz, Dave, Ahrue, Danny, Diego

'Guerilla Carnival Tour' 2008 Announced!

Posted by Yoeri on 01.08.08
Comments (4)

Posted on the official myspace.:

Hey Everybody,

We have an awesone line up, one of our best!! We'll be hitting the road with our bros in SOIL, BURY YOUR DEAD, BOBAFLEX, AND DROID!! The tour begins on Thursday, January 31st, in Cleveland, Ohio, and ends on Saturday, March 1st. The trek will cover 27 cities across the U.S., and will cover the East Coast, Mid-West, West Coast, and the South. See you on the road!!!


Jan 31 2008 6:00P Agora Ballroom Cleveland, Ohio
Feb 1 2008 6:00P Harpos Detroit, Michigan
Feb 2 2008 6:00P Pearl Room Mokena, Illinois
Feb 4 2008 6:00P The Rock Minneapolis, Minnesota
06.Feb.2008 18:00 Black Sheep Colorado Springs, Colorado
07.Feb.2008 18:00 Gator’s Farmington, New Mexico
12.Feb.2008 18:00 The Launchpad Albuquerque, New Mexico
13.Feb.2008 18:00 Dos Amigos Odessa, Texas
14.Feb.2008 18:00 Midnite Rodeo Abilene, Texas
15.Feb.2008 18:00 Scout Bar Houston, Texas
16.Feb.2008 18:00 Ridglea Theatre Ft. Worth, Texas
21.Feb.2008 18:00 Headliner’s Louisville, Kentucky
22.Feb.2008 18:00 Jaxx Springfield, Virginia

More to come!

Alibi of Tyrants video

Posted by Yoni on 01.08.08
Comments (4)

The video for 'Alibi of Tyrants' has been uploaded to YouTube.

Preorder enigma at Newbury Comics and receive a signed booklet

Posted by Yoeri on 01.05.08
Comments (6)

The new album is accepted to take in preorders and you can now have the chance to have a signed booklet with it at Newbury Comics.

Ill Niño on Rockline this monday january 7th

Posted by Yoeri on 01.04.08
Comments (0)

News posted on the official page:

Ill Nino will be the featured guests on the nationally syndicated radio show Rockline with host Bob Coburn on Monday January 7, 2008 at 8:30 PM PST / 11:30 PM EST. Fans are encoureaged to call to speak to the band by calling 1-800-344-ROCK (7625). For a station near you and for information regarding how to log on to the internet for the broadcast, go to

Release 'Enigma' postponed again?

Posted by Yoni on 01.02.08
Comments (12)

According to, Ill Nino are now planning a tentative February 05th release date through Cement Shoes for their new album "Enigma".

For now, this is only a rumour. The band hasn't made a statement about the delay yet.

Ill Niño on tour with Soil!

Posted by Yoeri on 12.23.07
Comments (0)

Soil announced that they will be hitting the road with Ill Niño in Jan/Feb 2008

Dates will be posted asap.

Message from the band

Posted by Yoni on 12.13.07
Comments (0)

Ill Nino has posted the following statement on their official MySpace page:

Hey Everyone,

You may have seen some tour dates posted on the PRP and Blabbermouth that say we are playing with Bobaflex in January and February, these are not the correct final dates for the Ill Niño headlining tour. The correct dates will be announced next week, and yes we are going to be touring the U.S. mid January to the end of February with some great bands, who we will also announce next week. Have a great and healthy holiday season!

Looking forward to seeing you all in January and February, and all our friends in Europe and the rest of the world, when we begin our world tour in support of Enigma.

Saludos Amigos

New Song 'Compulsion Of Virus And Fever' Is Online

Posted by Yoeri on 12.08.07
Comments (9)

It's the 8th of the month and you know what that means!
a new song called 'Compulsion Of Virus And Fever' is online on the Niñospace.

Ill Niño Myspace

Interview with Laz

Posted by Yoni on 12.06.07
Comments (0)

Metal music mixed in with a little bit of Spanglish, it's a band we call Ill Nino. Their Latino metal style has gotten them noticed around the world along with their amazing live performances. I had the chance to talk with Laz Pina, bassist of Ill Nino; as he told me about his background, about the band, and their new and upcoming album Enigma due out in January of 2008.

Read the interview at Metal

Blog by Cristian

Posted by Yoni on 12.04.07
Comments (0)

Cristian has posted the following blog on Ill Nino's MySpace page:

What's up you maniacs!!!! Cristian here, just wanted to drop by and personally thank each and every single one of you. The response to the new tracks has been amazing!! We'll have another track posted in 5 days. ; ) Thank you for sticking by us. We cherish you fuckers. U rule!!!

Bands and Artists,

Laz and I have started a production team, Sound Wars Productions. We will be producing bands concentrating in or around the NYC/NJ metro area. If you are a musician that is serious about your shit and you want to make a quality recording with amazing production at a heavenly price, hit us up now!!! We want to use this down time to help some NY/NJ area bands. We will consider bands outside the area too, but only if your band is on point. Please contact us if you really think your songs can rule. We will be working out of Planet of The Tapes Studio (formerly Hi-Fi). It's the studio where "One Nation Underground" was recorded. past artists that have recorded there are: Agnostic Front, Madball, RoadRunner United, Loved and Hated, Attacker, Ohmz, and Shang Hi-Fi. We are experienced in all genres so, nothing is out of our league. Serious artists only!!!!! You can reach out to us at:

New song 'Hot Summer Tragedy' is ONLINE!

Posted by Yoeri on 11.08.07
Comments (8)

As promised, Ill Niño has released their 3th track from their new album 'Enigma'. Album will be in stores on january 8th so don't forget to pick up a copy!
in the mean time, enjoy the song
as allways, you can listen to it on their official myspace.

Ill Niño Myspace

Band blog updated by Cristian!

Posted by Yoeri on 11.08.07
Comments (0)

Cristian has posted an excited update about Enigma, the musicvideos and the upcoming enigma tour!
Read about it:

What's up you maniacs?
Just 2 months to go until the release of "Enigma". We
realize it's been a long wait and we appreciate your
patience more than you'll ever know. The 8th is here
once again. Hopefully you've been digging the songs so
far. The track this month is "Hot Summer's Tragedy".
I can't really pick a favorite from "Enigma" but I can
definitely say that this track is one of them. You
guys know that we love to challenge ourselves when it
comes to writing songs that don't sound the same and
have their own identity. This song in particular was
so much fun to record. However, don't think you've
heard it all just yet because "Enigma" still has some
really cool surprises left. Go check it out and I hope
"Hot Summer's Tragedy" finds it's way into your hearts
as it did into mine. You can find the lyrics on

This week we will be finalizing the video for "The
Alibi of Tyrants". You'll get to check that out very
soon. It was filmed in Germany during our last
European tour and it is being edited in L.A. right
now. Also, two nights ago we began filming the video
for "Me Gusta La Soledad". If you are a fan of Latin
music, that song is going to rock your world. In
December we will be shooting the video for "Pieces of
the Sun". That's another really dope track. Like I
said, don't think you've heard it all just yet. We'll
see you all very soon. The "Enigma" world tour is
being booked right now so look out for more news on
that within the next couple of weeks. Enjoy the music
and keep it real fuckers!!!!!!!


Ill Niño shoots a video on november 5th!

Posted by Yoeri on 11.04.07
Comments (2)

News regarding the long awaited videos by Ill Niño!
Official statement:

Ill Nino will be shooting a video for their track "Me Gusta La Soledad" this Monday in Hollywood. "Me Gusta" will serve as the second video from the album. The first video for "The Alibi Of Tyrants" was filmed this past June as Ill Nino played in front of over 40,000 screaming fans on the main stage of the With Full Force Festival in Germany. The "Alibi" video is in its final stages of editing and you can expect a premiere right here on and Headbangers Ball and the like in November or December.

As for the "Me Gusta La Soledad" video - that will be shot in Hollywood this coming Monday. The song finds Ill Nino stripping things down to just acoustic instruments and is sung entirely in Spanish. This video is gonna be beautiful. And speaking of beautiful, we are looking for a handful of beautiful ladies to appear in the video. If you are interested and available on Monday from 4 PM to 4 AM (that's afternoon to 4 in the morning, my friends), please head on over to this link:

Remember, we are only accepting entries for the Ill Nino YouTube contest until NOVEMBER 7th! That is this coming Wednesday. So get your entries in!

Lots more exciting stuff just around the corner. So check back often.

so if your latina, you might have a chance on playing in the next Ill Niño video!

Ankla percussionist on 'Enigma'

Posted by Yoni on 10.31.07
Comments (0)

According to, Ankla percussionist Oscar Santiago will be guest appearing on Ill Nino's new album "Enigma", which is currently expected out on January 8th through Cement Shoes.

Ill Nino Contest 2! Read all about it

Posted by Yoeri on 10.24.07
Comments (2)

The 2nd contest has started and here are the details:

TODAY marks the beginning of the second out of the four promised Enigma contests! We are all pretty psyched about this one and we hope you will be too. We want all you Ill Nino fans to show us your creative side! Submit your best work; such as an art drawing, graphic art, best photo – whatever medium you work best in - pertaining to Ill Nino’s upcoming release ENIGMA.
Please direct all submissions to:
This contest will remain open to all the fans until 11/27/07.
You are able to submit multiple pieces of art if you wish.

So get that artwork in to us. Once we have it all, the members of Ill Nino will go through it all and pick their favorite!
What you can win:
Grand Prize
Winner will have their design incorporated into Ill Nino’s merchandise line. That means that you will have your own Ill Nino t-shirt manufactured and sold on one leg of the band’s upcoming 2008 tour!
* You will also receive a dozen of your shirts for yourself and your friends. Grand Prize winner also receives VIP treatment when Ill Nino plays your city.

1st Place
1st place winner will have their design incorporated into a 500 copy limited-edition Ill Nino poster.
* Posters will be distributed on a leg of Ill Nino’s 2008 tour.
Winner will also receive 25 copies of the poster, including one signed by the entire band.

2nd Place
2nd place winner will have their design incorporated into a limited edition run of Ill Nino stickers to be handed out on their 2008 tour.
* Winner will receive 10 stickers.

Additional Details (PLEASE READ)
When emailing your photo/art/graphic art submission, the file must not exceed (1-meg)
-All email submissions must be in JPG format
-Should you need to mail in your artwork to our offices, please ship to the following address**:
Cement Shoes Records
Attention: Promotions/Contest Department
5540 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

*Any individual or group, professional or student and over 13 years of age, from any design field, from anywhere in the world except where prohibited by local laws, may enter the competition. All winning submissions become the sole property of Cement Shoes Records, which includes all commercial usage, personal property rights, moral rights and intellectual property rights.
** Should you wish your art to be returned, please make sure you include return address and postage. All submissions will be returned after final submission deadline. Cement Shoes Records is not responsible for lost or damaged artwork.

may the best man/woman win!

Switchpin working together with Ahrue Luster!

Posted by Yoeri on 10.22.07
Comments (0)

This news was posted on blabbermouth:

SWITCHPIN Working With ILL NINO Guitarist - Oct. 16, 2007
Denver, Colorado's SWITCHPIN is currently in pre-production for its new album with Ahrue Luster (ILL NINO, ex-MACHINE HEAD, MANMADEGOD) at the helm. "We're set for the studio at the end of the year," says the band. "Trust us, we are more than stoked to get some new music out to you! Ahrue is a great guy to have on board, and actually can put up with us!"

SWITCHPIN's upcoming CD will be the follow-up to 2004's "The Truest Form of Flattery", which was produced by SWITCHPIN and Dave Otero (CEPHALIC CARNAGE, THROCULT, SYNTHETIC DELUSION).

SWITCHPIN wll play a headlining hometown show at the Gothic Theatre on October 26. Also scheduled to appear are THE MANDRAKE, SILENCER, IDENTITY PUSHER and PLATTE RIVER KILLERS.

For more information, visit

New Ill Nino wallpapers, buddy icons and banners!

Posted by Yoeri on 10.16.07
Comments (0)

CSR released a bunch of wallpapers, buddy icons and banners for Ill Niño's upcoming record 'Enigma' :

Click here for link

Ill Nino Fans, show us your love and we show you ours!

Posted by Yoeri on 10.13.07
Comments (0)

If you own a myspace, you might get a chance to be one of ill nino's top friends. What do you need to do?
Change your default picture that shows your love and dedication to Ill Nino and who knows, you might end up at the top.

Contact Cement Shoes Records on myspace and send your mailadress that is connected to your myspace and you might end up on top.

Good luck!

Interview with Dave Chavarri

Posted by Yoeri on 10.12.07
Comments (1)

Caustic Truths has interviewed Ill Niño's drummer, Dave Chavarri. He answers a few questions about recording and studios. Interview can be found here:

Art related answers from Ill Niño

Blog from Laz

Posted by Yoni on 10.11.07
Comments (0)

Laz has updated the band's blog at the official Ill Nino site:

Ok, Dave has been getting on my ass for several weeks now. Write a blog for the site! So, I figured why not now? The home life is pretty chill, the family is maintaining, the New York Yankees have tragically been eliminated from the baseball playoffs (breaking my heart in pieces), and it's raining. NYC must be weeping over the loss. I have no more excuses left.

All aside, the Niño fans deserve to hear from us.

Well, let me start by tellin' ya'll I am very happy with the way “Enigma” came out. Of all our records this is the one dearest to my heart. When I think back of the writing, recording process of “Enigma” I have nothing but the best of memories.

It was our first time recording a full length album away from home. We all took up residence in Los Angeles, California. Even though Cristian and I were roommates, our place quickly became the chill spot for the rest of the band. But what's new? This occurs often when we tour and have a day off in a hotel room. Somehow the band and crew will always find themselves kickin' it in our room. It's either because we're the type of people others want to be around or the guys just don't wanna mess up their own rooms. I think it's because we didn't have a "NO SMOKING" rule at our place. So, our place also doubled as the pre-production, writing & arranging spot.

To get to the studio we would cram into a Chevy rental which Dave usually drove. Even Chico, my new chihuahua would go with us the to studio. Chico would really brighten up the place. After going through Hollywood traffic, we would usually arrive at the studio around noon. Korn were recording their latest at their studio which happened to be next door to the one we were using. It was nice to see those guys in the shared parking lot. We loved looking at their beautiful cars. I can only imagine what they thought of us, seeing us do a circus act out of our Chevy rental. What kind of crazy rock star spics are these guys? Being greeted at the parking lot by our manager and long time dear friend, Benjie. Benjie likes doing business in the parking lot. He also has this aura about him that makes people want to get closer to him. From pimps to "rock stars" everybody loves Benjie. Anyway, Korn were super cool. It kind of made you feel good to do a record next door to giants of the genre. At the end of the day, we share one goal in common. To make great music and share it with the world.

Our days in the studio where long but, we didn't care, we were too excited to make this record. The hours of the day didn't even matter to us. We'd work till the engineers and the guys at the studio couldn't take it anymore.

At the end of the night we'd cram back into our Chevy rental, Chico and all, and head back to our apartments. And, as usual, shortly after getting back home, the boys in the band would start showing up at Cris' and I furnished rented digs. We'd break out the acoustic guitars and jam ideas for the next day in the studio. Some of the greatest moments of Enigma were born during these late night jams at the apartment. Perhaps one day I'll get into more details but, you get what I'm talkin' about. We didn't just work and then go our separate ways, we lived and hung out together throughout the entire process. The vibe was at its best!

To all our fans waiting for this one, I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed pouring our hearts into. Sometimes things take a little longer than you anticipate. And, we apologize for the delay but, we do hope that you will feel it was worth the wait.

Till next time,


Ill Niño goes LIVE on Rockline

Posted by Yoeri on 10.10.07
Comments (3)

One day prior to the album release, Ill Niño will perform a full 90 minute LIVE set on Rockline and includes a in-studio performance

New Song 'Guerilla Carnival' is ONLINE!

Posted by Yoeri on 10.08.07
Comments (15)

Just as they promised, they brought their 3th song online from their new album, go have a listen and i'll have a link up soon for you all.

you can listen at:

Ill Nino Myspace
Cement Shoes Records

Blog from Danny

Posted by Yoeri on 10.03.07
Comments (0)

Danny has updated the band's blog at the official Ill Nino site:

Hey Everyone!!
Before I start, I want to thank all of our fans for waiting for the release of our new CD Enigma, it will be worth the wait!!! I've been home in NJ, for a quiet while since our last European tour. I'm currently enjoying my family and friends, bbq's, birthday parties, and small get togethers with family. Soon it will be time to represent, and get on top of that stage and do what I love to do most. Specially play some of the new songs from our upcoming record Enigma wich will be out worldwide on January 8, 2008.

Thank you and I will see you all on tour,

Daniel couto

New Interview

Posted by Yoni on 09.30.07
Comments (0) has put online an interview with Ill Nino. In this interview the band talks about the new album, the Undercover Sessions, the new label and more. You can read it here.

Blog from Diego

Posted by Yoni on 09.24.07
Comments (0)

A 'band blog' of Diego was posted on the official Ill Nino site:

What's Up Familia?

We've been home for about 4 weeks now, after having an amazing European run. The first half saw us doing a 3 week co-headlining U.K. tour with our bros Drowning Pool, Panic Cell, and Civilian,l much love and respect to all of you U.K. and Irish fans for coming out. Then we came back to NY and did a nice intimate show for some familiar faces at the Crazy Donkey in Long Island, before we jetted off to Puerto Rico to fuck shit up with Ankla and Non Point, what a brutal show! Thats what you get when you mix 100% humidity, 100 degree heat, and 1,200 crazy Puerto Rican Ill Nino fans.

We didn't get too much time off before heading back to Europe for some amazing festival dates and a chance to make some more friends in Eastern Europe. This 2nd half of the tour was no joke. We hit 13 countries in 5 weeks!!!!! Not only was Ill Nino playing for 20 to 50 thousand people a night, but it also saw Ill Nino hit some territories we had never hit before. Much love to Hungry, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Romania for blowing us away, we can't wait to go back!

We're taking advantage of this break to hang out with our family and friends, which we have truly missed. So before we go out and tear things up for you all, we're relaxing at our homes and getting things ready for all of our upcoming tours. Lot's has been said and assumed about Enigma, but let me assure you all, that you will not be disappointed! Ill Nino gets better with every album and this one is no different. It was a labor of love and rushing it would of been unfair to this album, to us and our fans. Every band member is extremely proud of Enigma and we all can't wait to go out and play these songs for you live.

Enough of my jabbering. See you all very soon......

Peace, Diego

New Track Coming October 8th

Posted by Yoeri on 09.24.07
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The track, "Guerrilla Carnival", will be released october 8th on the official ill nino page and myspace.

Ill Nino YouTube contest

Posted by Yoni on 09.23.07
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Posted on the official message board:

Starting next week, we will be holding a contest in which our fans make a
60-90 second clip of you dancing, singing, or rocking out to your favorite
Ill Niño song!! The Funnier the BETTER chances you have of winning!

1. Create your 60-90 second video
2. Upload your Video to YouTube
3. Post the link in our forums under "Contest".
4. Ill Niño Members will select the Top 5 Semi-finalists
5. On Ill Niñ YOU will decide the TOP 3 Winners
out of the TOP 5 chosen by Ill Niño.

1st Place:
Winner gets 1 ESP Guitar! (over a $1000 value)
Ill Niño T-shirt
Copy of Ill Niño Limited Edition "Undercover Sessions EP "
Signed Ill Niño Enigma Poster
Ill Niño Guitar Picks
A Pair of Dave & Danny's Signature Sticks

2nd Place:
Ill Niño T-shirt
Copy of Ill Niño Limited Edition "Undercover Sessions EP "
Signed Ill Niño Enigma Poster
Ill Niño Guitar Picks
A Pair of Dave & Danny's Signature Sticks

3rd Place:
Copy of Ill Niño Limited Edition "Undercover Sessions EP "
Signed Ill Niño Enigma Poster
Ill Niño Guitar Picks
A Pair of Dave & Danny's Signature Sticks

Looking forward to your submissions - Ill Niño

Information for the Ill Niño Streetteam

Posted by Yoeri on 09.12.07
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New message posted on the official illnino forum:

This is open to any street teamer in the Los Angeles/So Cal area...

As you all know, Ill Nino's Enigma will be coming out January 8, 2008. Ill Nino will be selecting a single very soon, and are asking for YOUR HELP! For those of you interested in possibly meeting THIS FRIDAY, SEPT. 14TH (from 5pm-6:30pm), RESPOND TO ME ASAP at explaining why you think we should choose you to help select their next single!

A select few of you will get the opportunity to
1) Hear the Enigma album 4 months before it comes out,
2) Give your input on what you think their next single will be, and
3) Eat lunch on us and get to meet some of us at Cement Shoes Records!


New Newsposter AND New MP3 Download!

Posted by Yoeri on 09.08.07
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Hi everyone,

I'm serving as the new poster of the site. I will help Yoni with newsupdates and other interesting stuff regarding the band. Some of you will know me from the official illnino forums, those that don't know me, sign up at and get to know me.. ;)

Now, as my first act as newsposter, i got everyone a nice mirror to enjoy the song if you have any problems with listening it on the new website.

Ill Niño - Finger Painting(With The Enemy).

If you have any questions regarding my posts, you can always contact me on and through mail.

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