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Indiana Jones Junior Novelizations On the Way
February 19, 2008

Scholastic Inc. will soon be releasing the junior novelizations of all four cinematic Indy adventures, from Raiders of the Lost Ark to The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. These are a great way to introduce young readers to the thrill of the Indy adventures -- after seeing the movies, of course!

[ Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark ]Raiders of the Lost Ark
Follow Indy on the quest that started it all, as he races from the Himalayan Mountains to the Egyptian desert in a high-stakes chase to track down the Ark of the Covenant. He must recover it before the Nazis do -- or whole world could be in danger.

[ Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ]Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
When Indiana Jones finds himself in Shanghai on the wrong end of a deal gone bad, he barely escapes with his life. But he only makes it as far as India before trouble finds him once again. In a strange palace surrounded by dark rumors, Indy must uncover the truth -- not to mention a few priceless artifacts.

[ Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade ]Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
This time, Indy's on a rescue mission: his father has gone missing on a quest for the Holy Grail, and Indy must put the clues together to locate him. His exploits put him on his father's trail, but treachery isn't far behind. Soon, Indy finds himself walking right into a trap, and he'll have to team up with his father to make it out alive.

[ Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crys ]Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
This exciting, fast-paced retelling adapts all the action straight from the movie. Readers can relive the page-turning experience over and over again with an insert of full-color photos!

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