Make a replica 1860s model zoo

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Image of paper zoo

Print out and assemble these animals and characters to populate your own miniature zoo.

You will need:

Image of things you need

stanley knife
paper glue
template printouts

Zoe's corner: Visiting the zoo with Mutti

Mathilde and Heinrich are here at the zoo
With their mother, Frau Spielberg, and friend Hamish too
A horse-drawn cab has brought them here
From Dusseldorf - that's not very near

The date's 1860 - that's quite long ago
Before cars and ipods and mobile phones
A great many things were different then
The fashions for children and women and men

No shorts, thongs or T-shirts, no sneakers and jeans
And think of the work - with no washing machines!
But the children, they don't think of chores
They want to get going, they want to explore

"Ouch!" cries Mathilde, "He pulled my plait!"
"I never, I never! I didnt do that!"
"Behave", says Mutti, "Or we just wont stay",
"And it wont turn out such a lovely day!"

Mathilde's petticoat makes a wide skirt
Heinrich and Hamish, in frocks** kick the dirt
"Stop that!" says Mutti, "For once and for all."
As she adjusts her fine woollen shawl.

Her parasol open against the sun
"Come on now, lets set off, everyone."
They start their tour there's so much to see
The bears and the foxes, the cassowary

From Africa there are many wild creatures
Some with special distinguishing features
The gorgeous giraffe with her long slender neck
With her view over treetops and over the deck

The zebra has stripes of white and of black
He wont let you ride on his back
The wolf, the aardvark, the monkeys, the deer
The rhino and hippo - dont go too near!

The lioness gives a low rumbling growl
It frightens the children, it makes them howl.
"You must settle", says Mutti, "if we're not to leave soon."
"OK", say the children, "let's see the baboon"

The elephant and calf, the leopard and cubs
Drink their water from large wooden tubs
The warthogs, with their large tusky heads
They're standing firm on thin spindly legs

American animals: from central and south,
The anteater's tongue flicks ants in its mouth.
A 'roo from Australia stands on the ground
Her small pouched joey is looking around.

There's birds of the water with long wading legs
And an ostrich that lays very large eggs
Look - beavers, seals, walrus, an otter
They're able on land - but most graceful in water.

Before they leave, Mutti has a surprise
She's bought them tickets for a camel ride
They've had a full and active day - very,
And are happy to end it on a dromedary.

* Mutti is a German word for Mum.
** Boys wore frocks in the 1860s in Europe until they were about 7 years old.

This zoological gardens game was made in Germany in around 1860. Such games were popular in Europe in the late nineteenth century. It is part of the collection of the Powerhouse Museum Take a closer look.

Step by step:

Image of step 1

1. Apply glue to the back of the template. Be sure to throughly cover the back of the zoo characters.

Image of step 2

2. Place the glue-covered template on a piece of cardboard and smooth all air bubbles out with your hands. Allow to dry.

Image of step 3

3. Cut out each zoo chacter individually, leaving the small white border.

Image of step 4

4. Lightly score the front of the fold line at the base of each character.

Image of step 5

5. Fold the tab back to create a stand for each zoo character.

Image of step 6

6. Print out the zoo box label and glue it onto the shoebox lid to make a storage box for your zoo characters.

Image of step 7

7. Instructions for making the zoo gates are included in templates 1 and 2.