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Version 1.1.0 Relased (11/16/2002)
Posted 11/18/2002 6:25 AM
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Forum Administrator

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Version 1.1.0 (11/16/2002)

Download the program from:

Changes in the new version

• The program can now execute SQL statements against an Outlook folder using Run SQL tool.
• Added support for searching through Outlook folders.
• Setup wizard now automatically imports databases from our other products; PostCast and PostCast Server.
• Fixed the copying process between tables. The program did not properly duplicate the length of the columns from the source table.
• Search/Replace tool now correctly finds all values in a table when the “All Fields” option is selected.
• Optimized search algorithm and faster searching through the records.
• Fixed the problem that caused incorrect results after two or more searches in a table. The program did not find correct results after deleting any of the records in a table.
• Fixed the problem in the Run SQL tool that in certain situations caused the error after submitting the SQL statement.
• Fixed several smaller problems with the user interface.
• Fixed the bug that prevented text boxes in the Records Editor window to receive focus after pressing the Tab key.
• All changes in the numeric columns in the Records Editor now are properly submitted to the database.
• It is now possible to edit records in the Records Editor after executing a Select SQL statement.
• Fixed the crashing of the program that occurs if the data from text files are copied into a table that does not have the same columns as the source table.
• Fixed the Automation error in the BaseNow Agent properties dialog on Windows NT/2000/XP.
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