February 25, 2008 - Fresh off Oscar night, we're all apt to pay a little more attention to the behind-the-scenes players in the movies... people like costume designer Lindy Hemming who came up with The Joker's new dudes in Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight.

Hemming tells how she came up with the outfit in an interview on WizardUniverse.com.  "The first place that I looked [for inspiration] was obviously pictures of the Joker in past graphic novels, comic books, films, whatever, and then after that, I started to think, 'Well, how could someone be like this?'" explains Hemming. "Then I wanted to contemporize it, so I started looking in fashion."

Hemming says another element of inspiration came from the world of punk rock.  "You say, 'What's the rationale for him being able to dress like this?' That's when I started looking at the pop world and I ended up looking at the Sex Pistols and Johnny Rotten," says Hemming. "I was just thinking, 'Well, there are plenty of guys out there who actually are as extreme as this, and there's nothing wrong with doing it.' You've got to make it look like someone really dresses like this. It can't just be, 'Hello, I'm putting on my costume.' It's got to be wherever he lives and whatever he's been doing, he's been wearing that."

- Warner Bros.

It's a great outfit. Will people still try to recreate it this year for Halloween given the passing of actor Heath Ledger? The Dark Knight hits theaters on July 18.