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From its dramatic intro, "Release Date," to the thundering West Coast march "Enemies," Xzibit's fourth album, Man vs. Machine, is a cinematic affair. Dr. Dre again plays director, creating the proper amount of pomp and brimstone for X's lyrical barnstorming. Xzibit takes an athletic, John Henry-style approach to lyricism, pounding through rhymes like he were swinging sledgehammers on a train gang. His machismo contrasts nicely against Snoop Dogg's sanctified pimping on "Losin' Your Mind" and reaches a crescendo on the up-in-ya-face duel "BK to LA." The last holdover from Xzibit's underground days is also his sole weakness: cartoonish hooks that sometimes spiral solid material off in an awkward direction. Otherwise, Man vs. Machine is state-of-the-art.

(RS 908 - October 31, 2002)


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