First of all, welcome to the worklog, thanks for showing interest in my Mod and i hope you enjoy the evoluation of it. Second i like to point you to the fact that when the Mod doesn't get updates every week, nothing is wrong. Due to a familie, work and most of the time an empty wallet i can't give you an update every week. This doesn't mean that the mod is dead or forgotten, far from! As this is my 'masterpiece' i try to give it all the time i got left just to do the job right. As stated before i want a case with style. Enough with the yappin' and lets show you what we got...


Introduction post

Since this is the first post and the mod has progressed a bit already i will bring you up to speed a bit.

The Thermaltake Armor is a very well build case but not good enough for me... First thing that had to change was the ugly HDD rack. This was a big iron piece (as seen on the picture right) with a big hole in the front where the fan was mounted on. As this had to go, i had to find a sollution for the fan. Like we where told at home: recycle, recycle, recycle! So i did... I took the ugly rack and cut off the front plate. The one with the hole in for the fan. Can it get any easier then that? I just had to sand it a bit and i had me a nice mounting plate for the fan. This one would come all the way down the bottom-front of the case. Later on in the progress the radiator will be mounted behind it aswell.

The second thing i didn't like about the Armor is the possition of the front (or rather top)USB-Firewire and audio ports. Why you ask? Because when the case is gonna be on top of my desk (where it will be at the end) i gotta stand up for every device i wanne plug-in. And believe it or not, the wires that are attached to the USB etc are so short that they have to run almost strait down trough the case... So after a bit of thinking I desided that the best place would be in the right panel. At the lower left corner to be exact. I had the room, the only thing i had to do was to cut out a little piece of the metal so the wires could get trough as that was the only thing that couldn't fit. As the wires run nice down the side of the front fan (its right beside it) you don't even see them when you look in the case. Thats about it for now. Tomorrow i will improve this page a bit with proper titles etc aswell as post some pictures of the progress...

Update 13/07/2006: Cutting the metal

Today i went to the local shop and got me more of the cutting wheels for the Dremel. These things go faster then that mouse called Gonzales! I was able to cut out the second part for the stealth and it looks good so far. Now i gotta get a hold of the guy thats gonna bend it for me as i don't have that big machines :)
Tomorrow im off with my 2 girls to an amusementpark so no progress will be made and sunday is working day. That means next update will be for monday folks! Still, some pictures as promissed and a good weekend!

A nice look on the Hiper PSU and Corsair memory

The fake bottom plate in place.
With room for the future Radiator offcourse.

View of the hard drives in there passive Zalman coolers.
Floppy will go as soon as the power button is relocated.

Update 14/07/2006: Cleaning and drawing.

Third in a row...I must be going mad! Ah well, to bored to play lately so next best thing is modding :) Today i haven't done that much either as we went to a kidspark with the family.
Cleaned up the metal to stealth the remaining IDE cables visible. Looks nice and clean, now it still needs bending. My guy isn't showing up for now so it will have to wait till i bump in to him seeing i don't have is number or anything... Still, here the picture with the nice fingerprints :) as its all getting sprayed blue those doesn't matter for now.

Small thing i did aswell was draw the cut-out for the character LCD coming in the left panel. As mentioned before, this will show PSU info mostly aswell as some fast cpu spec screen etc. More on this when i got it installed and working. Probably won't be before monday though...

n[U]t$ out!

Update 18/07/2006: Bending the metal.

After waiting the entire weekend for my guy to bend me the second piece of the stealth i desided to give it a go with the equipement i got. If the result wasen't good, i would just have to cut me a new piece. Not that much work afterall... As i don't have a photographer the pics are from the finished or mid-state of the objects. Maybe this will change when i find somebody to shoot at a regular base.

The end result isn't a professional bend piece of metal but it will do the job for now. As it had to be done in several pieces you see a bit of a wave on the side. nothing much though, and looking at that the bright way: atleast i can say i did it 100% myself with a minimum of tools! As sayd before, all of the interior parts will be spraypainted blue, not metal this time (as you can see on the bottomplate, a nice remainder of my previous case) but probably a solid blue like the Zalman color. Here a pic of the plate after bending and when cleaned up and in place.

As you can see, on the pictures in the first post you could still see the IDE cables go against the back of the case. This is now hidden with the plate. It will be secured from the right side of the case so no screws are visible either. The space on top is there for the next plate. That one will cover the power, reset, LED and Fan wires comig from the top. The LED's will come in 2 series, one blue and one UV. This way i will be able to choose weither i want to enlight the entire case or only the main components. For the time being a couple of ccfl's will do the job. Fans will be set to 2 speeds, 7V and 12V seeing there will only be 2 i dont see the moment i will be shutting down either one of them. Next update estimated for Thursday. Then we will be making a model in foam for the backpiece. That way i will be able to get to put it on my desk as that works a bit nicer then that tile floor.

Update 22/07/2006: Windows in progress.

Big changes comming up. I have bin brainstoming about my Hard Disks... I bought these nice passive Zalman coolers but they are hidden behind the drive-bays. This we had to change. After looking at my case for an hour and planning a couple of more hours i started my mini-project with one thing in mind: no screws to hold the plexi!

Some things had to change though, like the possition of the HD's. These would be located in the center from now on. This making the future tubings run nicer and still keep the remaining metal strong and stable enough. One thing i am still not sure of is wheither i am going to remove the horizontal supportbeam or not. Seeing only one screw holds the bays at the top, removing the support i think will be lethal. This will be tested at a later stadium though.

The way i made the plexi stick in place was by making a slot at the top, bottom and backside of the plexi so i could slide it in place. I did the first 2 mm with a dremel disk. As you will see on the pics, the slot isn't equal but this will be done with the end piece. I will be doing this with a hand-saw. The blade of it actualy... putting this in the slot and sawing will give it a nice and equal slot. On with the job! I cut out the drive bays metal and cleaned it up a bit. This didn't need to much cleaning as it will be covered nicely anyways. Then i went and cut myself a try-out piece. The pictures you will see are all of that piece as i missed a counter sinking bit to finish it nicely... Offcourse the ccfl that was hiding behind the drive bays had to move as it was to visible now. We will find a good location for it once the new plexi is cut. One of the final stages will be changing these to led's. Enough talking, here are some (amateur) pics.

The next update will be with the final piece in place and the start of the backpiece...
A forum will be added shortly so that people can give feedback, ask questions or just comment on the mod. More on this monday!

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