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If you would like to use a different nickname: type in your new nickname in the textbox above and press 'change nickname'
To ignore an abusive member: click the member nickname and click 'ignore user'
Register your name: click the above button and type in your password in the box that pops up.
Sound: Turn user created sounds on or off.  Joins: choose if you want to see when a member joins or parts the room.  DND: when on you will not receive p2ps
Clicking 'Log off' will end your chat session
Please Read
To begin chatting: Please allow time for the chat applet to load, it could take a few minutes depending on your connection. Once the chat applet is loaded, type in your nickname and press connect. If a password screen pops up, and you do not know the password, this nickname is most likely registered to someone else so please use a different nickname. Using the Guest nickname will always allow you to logon without being asked for a password. We recommend that you register your nickname and keep the password in a safe place.

Important Notice:Please do not give out personal information such as your real name, home address, phone number or any passwords when chatting online.  We ask that you are kind and courteous to other chatroom members.

Help:  If you need further help please email us or visit our help chatroom.

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