The Monkey Island Movie

Jun 24, 2006 twenty to nine pm

So, I'm looking through my neighbor's window with a pair of binoculars, trying to see the TV to figure out if they have HBO that I can steal when the latest trailer for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie comes on and I'm thinking to myself, "Hey, I've seen this before... no... I've played this before... no... I've designed this before!"  I'm thinking "This is the Monkey Island Movie!"  Yeah, they kind of screwed up his beard, but that's LeChuck, and let's be honest, if I'd thought of the squid tentacles for a beard, I would have done that.

So I rush out to my mailbox like an six-year old hopped up on Pixy Sticks with a Pop Rocks chaser figuring there must be a big fat royalty check waiting for me.  No such luck.  Two overdue credit card bills and a flier from some guy offering to Trim My Hedges, which I'm sure is just an innuendo for Wash My Cars, and I think we all know what that means.  I tuck the flier away so I'll know where to find it later and head back to the house.

I'm not worried.  Disney will do the right thing.

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Posted by antiKk on Jun 24, 2006 twenty five past nine pm

I wish someone would offer to wash my car :(

Posted by melody on Jul 20, 2006 five past eight am

I'll do it!!

Posted by Mxy on Jun 24, 2006 quarter to ten pm

You should watch the first movie. In the scene that introduces the hero (a brush looking guy), he's standing in a mansion looking at a candle or something, and the thing falls when he touches it. Then the owner-type-person of the mansion (or maybe his Jarvis) walks in, and he has to hide the thing in his hand. Hilarity ensues.

On second thought, don't watch it. It will make you cry.

Posted by Renier on Jul 17, 2006 twenty five past ten pm

I saw Dead Man's Chest and immediately saw some references to the Curse of Monkey Island.  Depp is running with that stick on his back and he runs by platters of food just like in the part of the game near the volcano with the cannibals.  Then, when they introduced the lady with the Jamaican accent, I was like dam this is just like my game except that she is a bit slimmer in the movie.  Anyway, I really enjoy playing the game...great job Ron.

Posted by . on Jul 20, 2006 eleven am

The brilliance of "Curse Of Monkey Island" was such without Gilbert's influence ... and has no place on this blog

Posted by Diego Beltrami on Jun 24, 2006 five to eleven pm

In the first Movie there were lots of Monkey Island's moments.
I remember telling my gamers firends the same thing about being a Monkey Island movie the first time I saw something from the first movie.
With this one I believe it should be called Pirates of the Caribbean: Call of the Cthulhu.
Didn't anyone else think that the first time you saw the villain?

Posted by James MacAdams on Aug 10, 2006 quarter past three pm

I know! I sure did. I was wondering actually if anyone else got that particular 'subtext'. Black Pearl was more Monkey Island I think but Dead Man's Chest really made me think Cthulhu, with Davy Jones and his 'beastie'.


Posted by spaceship789 on Jun 24, 2006 half past eleven pm

I must thank the person, two topics ago, who alerted us to the fact that "On Stranger Tides" by Tim Powers is back in print for the first time since 1988. I immediately ordered a copy, and its a fantastic read!

Personally Ron, I think they should have ripped you off more directly , and gone for the flaming beard - its a much more spectacular visual!

Posted by David Thomsen on Jun 25, 2006 twenty past eight am

Actually, the flaming beard wasn't until the third game, and come to think of it, I don't even think Elaine Marley was a "governor's daughter" before the third game. It's like we're forgetting where the Ron Gilbert Monkey Island ends and the Not Ron Gilbert Monkey Island begins.

Posted by TheTurnipKing on Jul 19, 2006 five to nine pm

Was Elaine Marley EVER "the daughter of the Governor"?  I was under the impression she was the governor?  Of the whole Tri-Island Area, no less.

Okay, so technically she was the daughter of a governor, but it was Elaine who was actually the Governor of Melee, Booty and Plunder, I think it was.

Posted by Genghis on Jul 20, 2006 twenty to two pm

Well, the flaming beard is actually Black Beard's schtick, not Ron's. It's pirate mythos, people, everyone borrows from everyone.

Posted by The Shy on Jun 24, 2006 midnight

Wtf is this???? ???
The official website of the game?????

Posted by Edmundo on Jun 26, 2006 five to four pm

Don't blame the shit on 3d. Just say "another shitty game."

Posted by Min-o-Tse on Jun 25, 2006 twenty past midnight

No doubt that whoever wrote the screenplay of PoTC had played MI at list once. In the first movie, the similarities between the two are sooooo evident. There's also a scene where I'm SURE there is a cursor on the screen:
Look at Mule
Look at Cogwheel
Look at Blacksmith's Tool
Pick Up Blacksmith's Tool
Use Blacksmith's Tool on Forge
Use Blacksmith's Red-hot Tool on Mule
Use Chains on Moving Cogwheel

Posted by Rodi on Jun 25, 2006 quarter past three am

What! On Stranger Tides is back in print? Ron, why didn't you post this in big enormous letters on the blog? I've been wanting to read this thing for a while :) Currently I'm reading Moby Dick, so it'll fit snugly in the whole sea-adventures mood I'm in.

Pirates of the Carribean is a nice spectacle movie. It's way too long and some of the things are just horrible, but on the overall it's really quite enjoyable and I think the second movie will be nice as well.

Posted by Fuzz on Jun 25, 2006 half past nine am

I mentioned this a few topics back.

I'm working on a book with a Pirate character, so I wanted to track down the book that Ron said inspired monkey island... you know, as a character study.

With the help of some of the posters here, I found the title, and then I found that they JUST re-released it this year.

I picked a lucky time to look.

It actually appears that every book Powers ever wrote is available now.

Posted by Stewart Martin on Jun 25, 2006 twenty to ten pm

Anyone ever read Billy Budd?  I hated that book.

Posted by Chris McDougall on Jun 26, 2006 ten past two pm

Yes. I read Billy Budd. And even with all of the cool metaphors it was pretty boring.

The first Pirates had an undead pirate captain that really reminded me of Le Chuck. He was like part Undead Le Chuck, and part Ghost Le Chuck.

Posted by TheTurnipKing on Jul 19, 2006 five to nine pm

The zombie pirate Barbossa :)

Posted by Zelix on Jun 25, 2006 four am

Typically USA style to try to imburse nonexistant royalty-money. :D
Seeking treasure, x marks the spot arrr.....

Posted by Luke on Jun 25, 2006 twenty five to five am

Um... wasn't much of Monkey Island's visual style and overall feel (as well as the anachronistic theme park framing device) derived from the orginal Pirates of the Carribean ride, anyway?

I hate to defend such a shitty company as Disney (especially against the author of my favorite computer games bar-none), but maybe you'll get your royalty check from them as soon as they get theirs from you.

And incidentally, the first movie skews much, much closer to MI, since it's deal is all about zombie pirates (with a zombie pirate captain!), and not sea monsters.

Posted by yooooo on Jul 22, 2006 ten past eleven pm

Thats stupid. The only things grabbed from the ride in MI games are inspiration to make a pirates game and some scenes. And that ride is simply a pirate based attraction. In the other hand movie copies all kind of things, story, characters, scenes, dialogs, etc... Replay the games before speak next time.

Posted by Ivan on Jun 25, 2006 ten to seven am

Hey, when I watched the first PotC movie, both me and my brother said "dude, this IS monkey island"
They only made the young boy (Will Turner) hate pirates instead of being one (he ends up being one anyway, I think), but everything else is almost carbon-copied. Going through hardshps to find a boat, the rebellious crew, locating a legendary island which is only found via a unique method. (strange soup in the game, unique compass in the movie), the cursed bad guy pirates, not to mention that Keira Knightley's character is the governor's daughter, much like Elaine Marley was of Melee island. Sue them to death.

Posted by Robert 'Groby' Blum on Jun 28, 2006 twenty five to ten am

Right. Except MI was pretty close to the original ride at Disney. And they took a page or two from a lot of other pirate movies. Heck, they all stole from Stephenson. Now let's all do a collective boohoo about the evil IP stealers...

That's how creativity works - you borrow from the people before you.

Posted by Mickey Bitsko on Aug 15, 2006 noon

It ain't who you steal it from, it's where you take it.

Posted by MC Kingzley on Jun 25, 2006 seven am

Man, I was in Disneyland last year and there was this neat ride that ripped off your game totally and outright! If I were you I wouldn't have taken it sitting down!

Posted by Fuzz on Jun 25, 2006 ten to ten am

They've totally wussed that ride out.

The cannons used to be soo much louder. Now they're afraid of kids getting scared. That was half the fun of the ride.

Soon they're adding the movie characters, which might be good.

I'm still mad at them for turning Mr. Toad's Wild Ride into a Winnie the Poo ride.

Posted by MC Kingzley on Jun 25, 2006 twenty past eight pm

Well, I'll make sure I go there again when Pixney (Disnar?) people fix the place up.

Posted by CJ on Jun 28, 2006 nine am

You'll be happy to know that the rehab not only includes new characters, but a totally upgraded digital sound system that features intensely loud cannons.

Posted by Ratatosk on Jul 20, 2006 quarter past noon

Mr. Toad's is still there, the same as always.  They took out the Country Bear Jamboree to put in the Winnie the Pooh ride (which is VERY trippy, and just as crazy as any of the classic disney rides).

Posted by Chelsea on Jul 24, 2006 quarter to nine am

The original Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is still standing in Disneyland. However, "It was once an attraction at the Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World, but after a long protest against its closure, Mr. Toad's journeys to nowhere in particular were put to an end in 1998 and the ride was replaced the following year with The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh." Stupid Florida Disney. I hate us. ::sob::

Posted by Pag on Jun 25, 2006 ten past seven am

I love both Monkey Island and PotC, but the main reason they're so similar is that they both play on pirate movie clichés. A rebellious crew, locating a legendary island, finding a boat, walking the plank, the pretty governor's daughter, an evil pirate captain, etc. They're old staples of the genre. It's just that pirates aren't really fashionable these days, so the old feels new again...

I mean, old Errol Flynn movies like Captain Blood and The Sea Hawk featured plenty of those clichés and they were released in the '40s!

Posted by David Thomsen on Jun 25, 2006 twenty five past seven am

When I watched the PotC movie I appreciated it in its own right. I was aware that it was related in some way to the MI series, but at no point in the movie did I go "whoa, that is so Monkey Island!" In fact until now I had entirely forgotten about the link between MI and PotC.

I just think some of y'all are too eager to make connections between the game and the movie.

I mean if I was entirely unfamiliar with both the game and the movie, and I were to brainstorm a story based on the theme park ride, chances are half of my ideas would appear in both MI and PotC. There would definitely be a governor's daughter of some sort. Probably also a magic compass, a rebellious crew, a legendary island, a ship with some interesting features, a non-piratey person who learns to be a pirate... there would very likely be a scene where a ship is sailed by less than the optimal number of crew. There would be an interesting back-story for several of the characters.

Actually, I like this story... I think I'm going to go and write it now.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Jun 25, 2006 quarter to eight am

Don't forget to send me my royalty check.

Posted by Fuzz on Jun 25, 2006 twenty five past nine am

And don't forget to write one to Tim Power's as well!


Posted by Tim Byrd on Aug 8, 2006 twenty five past seven pm

Not to mention Rafael Sabatini.

Posted by Chris McDougall on Jun 26, 2006 quarter past two pm

Since Disney's pirates wear eyeshadow and your pirates don't, I think there's a clause somewhere in that allows them to weasel out of royalties.

Posted by quin on Jul 23, 2006 twenty five past eight am

while we're at it, send me a check too.

Posted by xslogic on Jun 26, 2006 quarter to noon

Bear in mind LeChu...  Errr... Barbosa is an undead pirate in the first one and is listed as appearing in the second and third ones, despite appearing to die.

Posted by eloj on Jun 26, 2006 ten to one pm

That's the undead for you. Always with the reappearing.

Posted by blah on Jun 25, 2006 quarter to eight am

If this movie is so similar to MI, I think you should send them a script of Monkey Island 3 for the next movie, so we finally know what the hell is the secret of Monkey Island! (And besides, you could get a juicy income from the royalties)

Posted by Mepnomon on Jun 25, 2006 ten past nine am

I know you deserve the royaltie check. And it's not even difficult to prove that your game was there first and that characters have been taken out of it and yadda yadda yadda.

Anyway, you could drive down to Burbank and smash up their offices, in a Godzilla like rampage... or you could grow a beard and be King Kong.
You could take CalTrain up here to SF, go to the mall and set the disney store afire, frantically screaming "DON'T FORGET TO SEND ME MY ROYALTY CHECK!!!"

You could also hire a lawyer.

But the best solution to all of this:
It's 9.28 A.M.  I WANT ICE CREAM!

Posted by Corey Atad on Jun 25, 2006 ten past nine am

Okay guys. I have a friend of a friend who used to work with a guy who works at the Disney Store. Anyway. He says that the title of the third pirates movie will be Pirates of the Caribbean: The Secret of Monkey Island. Notice the similarity with our favourite game? Just wait and see. Pirates = Monkey Island.

Posted by Mepnomon on Jun 26, 2006 half past nine am

You have a friend who works at the Disney store?! I'm baffled.
Get him out of there before Ron begins his stompicide.

Posted by Waser on Jun 25, 2006 ten past two pm

I remember hearing that some people were working on a Monkey Island script, and later that got scrapped, but many ideas got transferred over to the Pirates movies.  Actually, now that I've typed that out of my head, that sounds really stupid and not true....

Posted by Whup on Jun 25, 2006 four pm

Its been said that Curse of Monkey Island started life as a movie.  I remember seeing concept art of the crew - I think Guybrush had a simian sidekick as well.

Not too hard to believe, really.  The quality of the cut-scene animations were every bit as high as cartoons of the time.

Posted by Joshi on Jun 25, 2006 four pm

Well by gum, isn't that just a kick in the nadgers. A Movie based on a ride that you got the idea of your game from and no royalty cheque. The horror of it all. I guess Hollywood is really about screwing the little guy.

But all joking aside (I was joking?), undead pirates, a plucky governess in trouble, an island no one else could go to, the whole dog/key/bone thing (okak, so both film and game lifted... um, I mean paid homage to, the actual ride). If I were a naiive person, I'd say someone on the writing staff had played the game... or come across some kind of cliff notes on a fan made website.

Either or really.

Next we'll hear about a new character in the movies called Willy and he "has great knowledge about maps".

Posted by Stewart Martin on Jun 25, 2006 ten past ten pm

I was looking for Dancing Santa Hacks after look up info on singing fish hacks and I stumbled upon a site about one hacked to look like a pirate skeleton and about 45 seconds into the video I started to hear something incredibly familiar.  Ironically, there is now a manufactured dancing pirate skeleton from the same people that manufactured the dancing santa, Gemmy, as well as almost every other annoying animatronic  waste of resources.

Posted by Linda on Jun 26, 2006 twenty past midnight

Hey I have seen it's trailor and they are amazing!

I just wish if I can watch this movie on time as the trailors are very impressive. The quality of the cut-scene animations were every bit as high as cartoons of the time.

Posted by space ace on Jun 26, 2006 twenty five past one am

so no one saw roman polanski's pirates, which feels like a geniune no-apologies pirate story as opposed to the marketing creation that is pirates of the caribbean?

Posted by notafan on Jul 24, 2006 ten to seven pm

I make a point not to see polanski movies after he drugged and raped a young girl.

Posted by DasJan on Jun 26, 2006 quarter past nine am

I watched "Powerpuff Girls" yesterday (don't ask) and it was directed by Craig McCracken. What a cool name!

Posted by MC Kingzley on Jun 26, 2006 quarter past ten am

A little known fact: Craig McCracken is actually a pirate.

Another little known fact: the Powerpuff Girls movie is actually pretty awesome.

Posted by Jamiekin on Jun 26, 2006 twenty to nine pm

Does he have a brother called Zak?

Posted by Oskar Sylte on Jun 26, 2006 quarter past noon

Then bring us another game from the profits...

Posted by tom| on Jun 26, 2006 twenty five past noon

I thought exactly the same (ok, not the "design"-thingy) when I first saw the movie :)

Posted by Edmundo on Jun 26, 2006 five to four pm

Dude, I was just wondering if you ever got royalties... voodoo lady, young swashbuckler who becomes pirate, governor's daughter, a treasure hunt on the second chapter of the series... it's all been done! Now, I wonder what the ending will be like.... I sense a ferris wheel.

All you were missin gwas some Johnny Depp goodness and some Jerry Bruckheimer Explosions.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Jun 26, 2006 five to five pm

Just for the record...

I have seen and loved the first Monkey Island...I mean Pirates of the Caribbean movie and if you drop by the theater on opening day for the second one, I'll be the guy at the front of the line dressed as a Pirate asking people if they want to touch my wooden leg.

Posted by Corey Atad on Jun 26, 2006 twenty five to eight pm

What kind of wood?

Posted by xslogic on Jun 28, 2006 quarter to four pm

Does it matter?

I'm guessing (If it really is wood) it'll be driftwood...

Posted by steve on Jun 29, 2006 twenty to one pm

say you must feal a little more than anoyed  about them making a movie on your whole story, well they may as well of put the first and 2nd one together. Think of the first movie a ghost pirate kidknaps a female governor on a caribbean island and then he goes to save her. Well there is a whole whack right away. Kinda seems familiar to a game i remember form 1990 by ron gilbert. \m/(^^)_\m/

Posted by Mr Pumblechook on Jun 26, 2006 twenty past five pm

I too am a major fan of the original Monkey Island games and the PotC film.

But another funny irony is that in the UK. Disney had a commercial, maybe for Disneyland Paris. And for about 10 seconds of it it plays the LeChuck theme and at the bottom had 'licenced from LucasArts.' Or something similar.

P.S. Mr Gilbert. Have you thought of licencing M.I. from LucasArts to give us another game? Would you want to? would they let you?

Posted by Carl S on Jun 26, 2006 five to eleven pm

As far as I'm concerned it seems a lot more fun to have a movie based on your game rather than making the gajillionth game based on a movie. As far as Disney is concerned though (I've done a movie game for them too) I doubt they'd pay you any money even if the lead was named guybrush, the villain lechuck and the title secret of monkey island. In a Norweigian edition of Donald Duck magazine one comic strip's punchline was that scrooge was investing in an industrial acid so powerful it melted all known materials to man but was finally blocked by a Disney contract. Fun times :)

Posted by BiscuitMan on Jun 27, 2006 ten to five am

You've made a Eurogamer news story.... you must be so proud.

Posted by David Thomsen on Jun 27, 2006 half past five am

I'm surprised more people aren't reading Mr. Gilbert with more of a pinch of salt. I mean to accept unquestioningly that Mr. Gilbert seriously expects royalties and believes PotC is a direct rip-off of Monkey Island is to accept unquestioningly that Mr. Gilbert regularly watches his neighbour's television without binocular, which so far no one has questioned or apparently even noticed. I think he may be teasing slightly, and/or playing with his fans (and 'news' pages like Eurogamer) to see how they react.

"PotC is Monkey Island rip-off" indeed. Y'all are weird.

Posted by xslogic on Jun 28, 2006 twenty past five pm

Here was me imagining Ron fully ninja-ed up and hanging upside down from a tree ready to take out the neighbours cat if it gets too close and tries to do anything that may reveal his presence.

Except I have no proof that Ron's neighbour even has a cat.  Never mind.  :-/  

Seriously, though, people get there influences from all over the place.  Some mirror things closer than other things.  They're both about supernatural pirates, but hey, so is the book that Ron mentions as an influence on Monkey Island.

People get influenced by all sorts of things and (usually) add their own little twists and ideas when creating stories.

Posted by Edmundo on Jun 27, 2006 quarter past eleven pm

It's reminds of that time (two weeks ago) when they took that Tim Schafer statement seriously when he said to send an e-mail to microsoft about being a dying boy and wanting to see psychonauts on the 360 before death.

Posted by Bashar Abdullah on Jun 27, 2006 quarter past five am

I am crazy about pirates since I got crazy about MI, same as all of you I assume. I went to the movie the first night it was shown in our country (kuwait) I remember, and when I got back home late, I couldnt sleep without browsing the net for people sharing my similarity thoughts.

The naive new mighty pirate Guybrush.. err, William. The governor's daughter Elain (Elizabeth), and the ghost undead pirate and his crew of the damn Lechuck. The curse thing. The dog with the jail keys. The sword fighting with insults going back and forth. Even the entrance to the palace is so muck like the entrance to the big fat governor at Phatt Island... did you notice? Clearly it is inspired by MI, and which is something natural, and I think they did a good job in it.

Pirates Of Caribbean Part 2 official wallpaper has the vodoo image already as well. So for me, this is the unofficial MI movie. but still, this means we still qualify for 100% official movie of the game right :), specially that that one made good money.

And yes, why doesnt anyone snap the copyright of MI from Lucas and have Ron work on the new game. Lucas are abandoning even the old game from their stores

Posted by Fuzz on Jun 27, 2006 quarter to nine am

Technically wasn't the dog with the key in the ride?

Posted by Nao on Jul 9, 2006 ten to midnight

Yes, indeed it was. I didn't actually ride the attraction so I'm relying on a picture of it!

Posted by Nigu on Jun 27, 2006 twenty five past seven am

well Ron, u you should really wait till a "Game of the Movie" comes out...that should pretty much sum up the blatent copying right there.

Posted by Kokichi on Jun 27, 2006 five to eight am

Yes, there definitely are parallels between our beloved MI and the PotC movies, but that's because they're common pirate themes. If you've ever read pirate books, you'll see that these similarities (governor's daughter, dorky hero, ghost pirate, etc.) are common. I'm sure that's why Mr. Gilbert put them into MI in the first place; most likely he was a fan of pirate books, and when he was designing MI that's just what seemed right. It'd be synonamous to the whole Kimba / Simba thing, if we're to believe that Disney didn't blatently copy Kimba the White Lion, but instead believe that the creators had seen Kimba before and it influenced them later on without them really knowing it (like the admitted to).

Anyways, we should enjoy the PotC movies while we can - they're the closest to an MI movie as we'll ever get :)

Posted by David Thomsen on Jun 27, 2006 quarter to eleven am

I wrote a badly written article thing that doesn't really prove much. But I like what I did with the texture tool from PhotoShop and the skull and crossbones and stuff.

Posted by David Thomsen on Jul 5, 2006 half past seven pm

Incidentally, in my badly written article thing I mentioned that my copies of the Monkey Island games were pirated... I've been feeling guilty about this so I thought I'd clarify a bit...

When I was about ten or eleven, long before I knew that piracy was a problem, my OLDER BROTHER used to copy computer games from somewhere for our Amiga.

A decade or so later, when they released the Monkey Island Madness pack with all four games, I purchased that, even thought it was for the PC and I have a Mac. This was as a sort of belated payment for the games I unknowingly illegally played as a kid...

Another of my favourite games was Lemmings, and I've been debating buying the PSP version of Lemmings for the same reason. Eventually, I hope to have (vicariosly) legitimately purchased all of my favourite childhood games...

Posted by j.m.ratkos on Jun 27, 2006 twenty five past one pm

I'm confused. I don't remember seeing any pirates at all in that last mission impossible movie.

Posted by edgar on Jun 27, 2006 half past three pm

It's the same look and feel...but it's not the same. I don't doubt that it may be inspired in the MI games, but let's be honest... I bet my life and the lives of my relatives and friends (and my friends' relatives) that EVEN the god-like creator of Monkey Island (i think it was ron gilbert) was "inspired" by movies/books/other games when making MI.

Let's face it, anything we create is always based on something previous...and well, PotC may be based on MI, but it's still a great movie...thanks to Johnny Depp, mostly.

Posted by Your Neighbor on Jun 27, 2006 ten to midnight

Mr. Gilbert,
I'd appreciate if you could quit gazing into my apartment and consequently violating my privacy with your sunglasses. My paranoia is already bad enough, without you contributing to it. I am already undergoing treatment, but I am afraid that my committment will be fruitless if you don't cease this particular demeanor.

I am afraid that I'll have to cancel my HBO subscription and move out of state.

Posted by Gulmer on Jun 28, 2006 half past three am

Hey Ron, just before you sue them, make sure IMDB deletes trivia items from their MI pages:
"The game contains a large number of visual references to the "Pirates Of The Carribean" ride at Disneyland, as well as at least one puzzle inspired by part of the ride. "Pirates Of The Carribean" was a huge inspiration for Ron Gilbert, who wrote the story for the first two Monkey Island games"
And just to make you feel good, MI scored better then potc in IMDB: 9.7 (95 votes) compared with 8.0 (88,700 votes). Actually, I think that 9.7 is the highest score for

Posted by vhea on Jun 28, 2006 twenty past four am

LOL!!! Ron gilbert saying the same I said when I watched the first "pirates of caribbean"  movie XDDDDDDDDD I can't believe this xDDD

When I was watching the movie I was thinking things like " Omg, this will turner seems like Guybrush.... OMg!!! And this guy, Jack sparrow, has a crazy personality very similar  to guybrush!!!

hmmmm.... three head monkey will appear? nobody knows XD

Posted by Jessica on Jun 28, 2006 five past six am

It'i true!! There're some similar things... Are you going to press charges against Disney?

Posted by Guybrush Threepwood on Jun 28, 2006 twenty past ten am

You are right, Ron. I am a monkey island fan since I was a kid (who can forget those insult duels with Le Chuck?), and this movie is something more than inspired by that mithical videogame. I am sure your check will arrive sooner or later. Kind regards from Spain.

Posted by Elaine Threepwood on Jun 29, 2006 five to four am

Roarrrrrr pirate!!! You've stolen my name!!!
Just kidding!!
I was reading this fabulous blog and just seen your comment. I'm from Spain too and I love MI too since I was a child. So... POTC is a good film instead the "copy". I'm waiting Dead Man's Chest very very very impatiently.
Read you pirates!!!

Oh!! And thank you Ron for a happy childhood!!!

Posted by Lestat on Jun 29, 2006 quarter to two am

I can only say to you,
Thanks, lot of thanks, Huge Thanks
for design the best pc-game I've never played.

And yes, after see the first film, I went out the cinema speaking
about your game, not the film.

Posted by marbella lawyers on Jun 29, 2006 ten past four am

I hope it is not late: Thanks for MI


Posted by PanchoX on Jun 29, 2006 twenty to one pm

Haven't you tried to sell the Money Island Concept to make a movie? I always think that will be a great one. Just imagine the two pipes joke on a scene makes me laugh

Posted by David Thomsen on Jun 29, 2006 twenty to three pm

The problem is that by now it'd be impossible to make a Monkey Island movie because everyone would say that they're just jumping on the PotC bandwagon. I think Monkey Island fans would say "but the game clearly existed long before the movie", but everyone else would say "oh, yeah, but only now do they make a movie of the game. You know, after a different pirate movie has proven to be so popular. Bit of a coincidence, eh?"

I love PotC and I watched it again last night, but I'm a bit concerned it's killed the Pirate movie genre. One of the important aspects of the success of PotC is that the genre had been dead before they came along, so attempting a Pirate movie was a bold move. They weren't trying to emulate anyone else's success. But now any pirate film being made would be compared (unfavourably) with this one.

I'm not denouncing PotC, because I'm glad that the first Pirate films of the 21st century are these ones, but all the Pirate movie script ideas I've had are worthless now... Pirate script? Sure... and close the door on your way out.

Posted by Jeff on Jun 29, 2006 quarter past one pm

This makes me want to edit the trailer...swap in some Monkey Island music, add subtitles at the bottom ("I want to be a pirate!"  "IT'S THE GHOST OF LECHUCK!" etc.)

Posted by D-Painted on Jun 29, 2006 twenty five past two pm

Let me guess.. if I mix Snow White's lips with Johnny Depp's hair and some Donald Duck' s plumes I will be able to get to monkey island?!!

Posted by Me2 on Jun 29, 2006 twenty five past five pm

I read in someplace one interview with Mr Gilbert telling about the inspiration for MI in a certain "Disney Pirates of the Caribean" ride, so... they take the inspiration back :)

About Disney, they are pretty descent people, expect if your newborn child dies (a non-potential consumer) and you wanna put a Winnie the Pooh (a caracter partially stolen from A. A. Milne agent) encarved in his headstone - in that case they will sue you...

Posted by craigthomas on Jun 29, 2006 ten pm

I just wanna thank you for the MI, most interesting of the ones i had on my PC. Its really fun playing this game. THE BEST.

Posted by Agus on Jun 29, 2006 five past ten pm

Your games give me the best years of my life.

Thank you very much!!

Posted by Waser on Jul 1, 2006 quarter past five pm

I think it's funny, if you Google News "Ron Gilbert", you'll see numerous articles describing how "furious" he is about PoTc.  pretty funny.

Posted by Chris on Jul 2, 2006 half past four pm

I recall watching the first Pirates of the Caribean movie I recall thinking and discussing with my friends how it was such a rip of Monkey Island. Now seeing the previews of the new one I was blown away. There was Lechuck and again a quest for a hidden island.
At the begining of the first movie, the main charicter (Jack or Guybrush) is introduced standing on the top of the mast on  sinking ship. This had a hugly Monkey Island feel and the rest of the movie kept that feel alive. I would like to at least see a homage to monkey island in the credits of the movie.

Posted by ronen on Jul 2, 2006 ten past five pm

When i showed a friend a monkey island-related forum post, he immediately linked me to this video:


Posted by Nobu on Jul 3, 2006 twenty five past four am

The Monkey Island games are my reasons for eagerly awaiting the sequal to Pirates of The Caribbean. I just wish there was some part of me that could believe it will reach the shores of Japan even at snail speed after the US/European opening.

I feel bad for Sir Gilbert. :(

Oh by the way, I don't reckon this will be read, noticed let alone, but my MI-fanatic-friend (Google goblin monkey island and you'll see his efforts) once suggested Topher Grace from That 70's Show as a potential Guybrush if there was ever a MI-movie made.. That might be too late to consider now, but still, his voice and his looks would make him quite the nervous and geeky Guybrush we've all come to love.

Posted by Kroms on Jul 3, 2006 ten to five am

"Monkey Island" film.

If it's animated, I would kill for it.

Posted by J Johnson on Jul 3, 2006 twenty five to six pm

If I remember correctly I fell asleep during the first film...

More lotus-eater than pirate it seems.


Posted by stevensieragreg on Jul 3, 2006 twenty to ten pm

My life has some fun simply because of your games..............thanx a lot to you!

Posted by Andrew Gates on Jul 3, 2006 quarter to midnight

Oh I have played some of your games and really found them interesting. It's really a fun and I really enjoyed them.  Thnx you have been doing a great job.

Posted by Dan on Jul 4, 2006 quarter past four am

I've seen that trailer about 10 times now. And still every single time it reminded me of MI.

Posted by Floris Klapwijk on Jul 4, 2006 five to five am

if i was ron i would press charges against disney though..

i am not ron..

Posted by Carlos Rubio on Jul 4, 2006 twenty five past one pm

Hello there!

I'm from Spain (just at your right, yeah [we are not in Mexico! xDD]) and since I was, ermm.. well, a little-bit younger I have been playing Monkey Island games. I have learned lots of things and have had lots of fun. Imagine my surprise when I go to see the Monkey Island... erm.. I mean, the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and I see lots of relations between the MI game and the PotC film. I hope this second part sucks, and don't worry Ron, I'll also go dressed as a pirate to the opening day (of course in Madrid, Spain; In Kinepolis [the biggest cinema on my country :P])

Well, hope Disney pays you!

See ya!!

PS: Sorry for my bad English :__D

Posted by Waser on Jul 5, 2006 ten past six pm

Ron should also sue disney for Cars.  Putt-Putt anyone!>!!!?!?<!M!>R ?

Posted by Madison on Jul 5, 2006 five to midnight

Thanks a lot for MI, you are making history.

Great movie indeed.Congratulations to the team!!!!

Posted by Benjamin G. G. on Jul 6, 2006 twenty five to nine am

Ron.... MI movie much? O_O please make it, heck I'm an actor so yeah give me work while your at it haha, I have long hair and a beard (yes, "a really cool one too!" :P).

But yeah in all seriousness [give me acting work so I can buy rum], please try to work something out for another installment of Monkey Island. I realise that the make a Monkey Island movie you would really be walking the line in terms of copywright and it would be an absolute nightmare to negotiate it, and then what is to come of it if the comedy of MI isn't tranferable to the big screen as a result of it being an more ironic humor at times? Well these are things to consider, but hey if you make a new Monkey Island game (suck it in and fold in for ye fans ;) ) then I'm sure you could even convince all of us to do street marketing for free. Having said that Escape from Monkey Island is terrible, I know it, you know and pretty much every one but the most dire fanboy can admit it. So please do not do your series a diservice by allowing it to finish on such an average game. Don't get me wrong, its not a bad game, but when juxtaposing it with MI2 or with a special mention Curse of Monkey Island. Sure, 3 turned out great without you, but the 4th really could have been better under your direction.

Any way, I'm rambling now, so I will just say give [me acting work] your best,  trying to get rich [making monkey island 5/movie] or die frying [dutchman]. ;D  

-Benjamin G. G.


how did you feel when you heard MI1-2 was emulated via SCUMM on Dreamcast? Pretty random question, but yeah I would like to know what your thoughts as a developer are on it. Are you proud that people still want to play it so badly that they port it or do you feel a little bit wrong done by as you miss out on any action? yeah, candy bars.

Posted by toothrot on Jul 6, 2006 ten to four pm

Just saw the second movie. Theres some stuff in common. I thought the
window in Davy Jone's cabin looked a bit MI2. Theres other moments


such as when he steals the key from the cabin which is MI1, there's a
swamp lady too, Jack uses a coffin as a boat, and thats about it. No
screaming chair. Maybe in the next movie.

Posted by spaceship789 on Jul 7, 2006 ten past three am

Just watched the movie too, and I agree with your assessment. The voodoo lady is the strongest 'lift' and atleast proves that someone has played the game.

Ron, I think you should feel priviledged to have been even an inspiration to one of the best movie trilogies of all time. I am making that call a bit early, but Terry and Ted are the best in the biz already - giving them an entire middle movie to set up the third? no brainer.

Posted by TurgoN on Jul 6, 2006 ten past five pm

I think i missed Captain Sparrow in the Secret of Monkey Island.
Was he a guest in the ScummBar? :P

Posted by LucasJodokast on Jul 7, 2006 twenty to noon

first one bootstrap reminded me of guybrush (but not till i played MI for the first time in ages again a few months later), but that pirate with the wriggling beard in the preview of second movie, first thing i thought was Lechuck, glad to see im not just crazy :D lol how dare they

PS come on Ron when is Monkey Island 5 coming out dam it, you must know how much we love your games... anyway thanx for the Monkey Island games that are out already will never forget the first time i played The Secret Of Monkey Island, is still my Favourate game of all time

Posted by Jim on Jul 7, 2006 twenty five past ten pm

That voodoo lady was shameless. The exterior and interior of her house in the swamp was prettymuch identical to the setup of the MI2 voodoo lady, down to the raised-on-stiltsness and the little jars of knick knacks...

Guybrush, Elaine, and LeChuck are all there...I'm glad I didn't write Monkey Island, because watching that movie would make me feel rather sick if I had.

Posted by Jim on Jul 7, 2006 half past ten pm

And the cannibals! God damn it.

Posted by Tim Byrd on Aug 8, 2006 twenty to eight pm

And they had ships! Damn their thievin' hides!

You people crack me up.

Posted by mkultra on Jul 8, 2006 ten to seven am

Does Ron Gilbert actually own Monkey Island anymore? Methinks it belongs to Lucasarts and they would have to do the suing.

The coffin as boat and the vodoo lady were clearly from MI 2.

No one has mentioned Jack Sparrow meditating in the sand exactly like Toothrot in MI 1.

Posted by toothrot on Jul 9, 2006 ten to two am

What about the jar of dirt. It reminded me about the joke of a whole bucket of mud.

Maybe the writers of pirates of the carribean put that stuff in to give us
something to do. How about next sequel - Pirates of the Carribean, revenge of the
rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle?

Posted by Josh on Jul 9, 2006 five past four pm

The next one is something like 'unchartered waters'.

Watched the movie yesterday-the kraken, the coffin/boat, voodoo lady in the swamp, meditating on sand, the chest reminded me of big whoop. Great movie still. One of my favourites actually but since getting into MI i have had a huge pirate obsession.

Posted by Aulbath on Jul 10, 2006 eleven am

Yo-ho, Yo-ho... a pirate's life for me!!

Posted by cogknack on Jul 10, 2006 two pm

I'd like to see an MI animated film. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. PoTC and the sequel were both excellent, but it doesn't shut out MI. People love pirate lore. It may be possible to get the license somehow. I'd say it's worth a shot. Lucasarts probably would dismiss any plans to use it now.

Posted by TucoR on Jul 11, 2006 half past four am

People wouldn't get all of the jokes, though.  Like the "Extra discs in the forest stump" joke...I guess it wouldn't matter considering alot of people didn't get the joke the first time 8-)

Posted by Walter on Jul 12, 2006 twenty five past three am

Hi to all! Just watch another time last Pirates 2's trailer and it's hard to not notice the similar with monkey 2...
I start with list (if other saying it before me sorry for bothering :))
1) The simil LeChuck but it's too evident :D
2) Will in some scene wear a blue jacket and he remember Guybrush in Monkey 2 like hell! :D
3) The might dead men chest... don't remember to you something like Big Whoop?? ;)
4) The scene with all the boats in a swamp.. Why it remember me the swamp from Scabb Island?
5) All the voodoo... on website with the logo there's a voodoo doll of Jack Sparrow...
6) Lady voodoo! :D
7) Look at will in the first film! He is to muck like Guyb in First Monkey island...

Or the director had read "On Stranger Tides" (and we can understand how Ron was ispirated by that book... finally my copy of that book arrived and i've to start reading..) or he is a big fan of the 2 best games of the story of computer gaming!! :)

Sorry if i repeat the same things but i wanted to say the mine!


Ps Ron what you wait?? We need to know how The series finish... Don't believe that Monkey island become a Luna park... -.- Send me your address i produce u're next Monkey game!! PLEASE!! :D YOU RULE

Posted by Kirk on Jul 13, 2006 quarter to two pm

Will: You fight like a dairy farmer
Jack: How appropriate, you fight like a cow.

Posted by cogknack on Jul 13, 2006 five past two pm

yeah, the voodoo priestess in the swamp was a bit much.

Posted by MonkeyIslandFan on Jul 13, 2006 ten past three pm

I think a new Monkey Island by Mr. Gilbert would be the ONLY game I'd purchase. Seriously, I don't know how those new 3D-paranoied designers get rich with engines and shit.... FUCKKKKK THEM ALL! long live to SCUMM.

Posted by Petter on Jul 16, 2006 ten to three pm

Arr! in the beginning, Jack Sparrow's even using a coffin for a boat! and to use a leg as a oar is kinda Monkey Island-ish too. there's also a Captain Dread-copy in Tortuga.
but didn't you think the scurvy sea-dog Barbossa in the first Monkey Island-movie looked more like LeChuck (except that he didn't have a wigglin' beard)?

Posted by francis Hearn on Jul 18, 2006 twenty past ten pm

There&#8217;s no question that the film has broken box office numbers and immerse all fans back to that fantasy world of comics that we&#8217;re use to seeing him in.

The special effects are stunning and very much an integral part of the story.

Posted by Noah on Jul 19, 2006 five am

I think you all are off your rockers.

Someone made some games based on pirate cliches and humor.

Someone else made some movies based on pirate cliches and humor.

Get real.  Everything out of PotC or the MI games was lifted straight out of the pool of Caribean an Pirate mythology/lore.  Unless your claiming that you invented pirates, voodoo, cannibals, zombies, strange beards, govener's daughters, chests of gold, and all of the other elements.  Which you simply didn't.

Posted by Traitorfish on Jul 19, 2006 five am

It should be fairly obvious to everyone that Ron Gilbert is in fact a Time Lord, and travelled forward in time to see PotC, then travelled back to the 90s to make Monkey Island. PotC was then, shall we say, "partly inspired" by MI, creating a bizarre time-loop, which, if disrupted, could destroy the world. So, my plan is to wait until PotC3, and ambush and kill time-travelling Ron Gilbert as he enters the movie theatre, thus destroying reality. Why do I want to destroy reality? I'm just a jerk that way.

Posted by Kal on Jul 19, 2006 quarter to seven am

Y'know, I have no idea what the hell is actually going on between the two items in question here.
So now that I'm here, lemme say this:
Thank you, Ron Gilbert, for Monkey Island.  I am and will forever be a rabid fangirl of the series.

Posted by Not even close To a Ripoff on Jul 19, 2006 five past seven am

Hardly a ripoff.  I played the entire span of Monkey Island games and only saw slight direct similairities.  It seems to me the Grumpy Gamer hasn't even seen the movie yet.  What a silly child you must be to base that rant on a preview.  I saw both movies and would say that Monkey Island is way more silly and irreverent than Pirates of The Carabian.  Are you trying to tell me that Cptn. Jack Sparrow is EXACTLY like the main character from Monkey Island.  I think NOT!  Get your head out of your ass, go see the movie and enjoy it for what it is, a pirate flick that shares many of the fun things enjoyed in an action filled romp with pirates.  Though I was astonnished, ASTONISHED when the movie suddenly poped up a text box and said "The oderiferous smell of the berries...."

Posted by Tanuki on Jul 19, 2006 ten to nine am

I don't know if I would call PotC2 "Monkey Island: the Movie", but damn if there wasn't a reference every other scene!  I mean, Voodoo Lady!  I was almost disappointed when they didn't have an insult sword fighting match.
So far I've been the only person I know who's seen a connection, but then again, I only know three other people who've played Monkey Island, and I haven't asked them yet.  I personally thought it was pretty awesome, as it seems there are some fans of the game writing the movies.

I'd also like to repeat Kal's sentiments further up: thank you, Ron Gilbert, for the greatest game series I know of.  Here's hoping you get your check.

Posted by Chris aka Blitz on Jul 19, 2006 half past nine am

if u listin to the way the two main charters in the movie talk act like there Guybrush split in two people

Posted by Shining on Jul 19, 2006 twenty five past ten am

Disney do the right thing?
Fat chance, don't forget about Prince of Persia/Aladdin or Kimba.

Posted by Sieg Reyu on Jul 19, 2006 quarter past eleven am

I have one thing to say.  They are both based on the same legends, tales, myths, and stereotypes of pirates.  That is why they are so similar.  One is not based on the other.

Posted by Shiyo on Jul 19, 2006 twenty past eleven am

Me thinks you guys are more angry about this than Ron is. He's already told us that he's excited about the movie, it's not like he's boycotting the thing.

Posted by MP on Jul 19, 2006 twenty five to three pm

Myself and a friend of mine, both avid Monkey Island fans, love to sit and point out the similarities in the movies.  Here's one from the first movie I haven't seen mentioned;

In PotC, they named the monkey Jack.

In Monkey Island, Elaine named her dog Guybrush.

Posted by Josh on Jul 19, 2006 twenty to three pm

I have to agree with noah. I have only played MI:3 and seen PotC:1 but I have yet to see really make to many connections you couldn't make to any other pirate story.

1) sword fighting with insults: ya. you tend to sword fight as a pirate AND if your planning on killing someone or steal from them you obviously dont like them and would probably try to demean them
2) LeChuck, Barbrossa, and Davey Jones: pirate curses are not uncommon in pirate stories, plus, Just because your beard is made of tentacles doesnt mean your a LeCuck ripoff, it might mean you gasp live underwater and your body reflects that fact.
3) the likeness in appearence: umm hate to break it to you buuuut both of those stories are in the same time period and therefore they have the same styles of hair and clothes that were fashionable or useful
4) the likeness of guy brush to jack+will: the thing is Guybrush is witty and doesnt like to die that's basically him in a nutshell. he's a funny pirate so basically to be unlike guybrush you would have to be unfunny and maybe even be a girl.
5) huge legendary treasure: umm it wouldnt really be very interesting to search for a regular treasure now would it. "o lets go on a 5-day adventure to get that regular treasure chest on that regular island over there. I'm oh so glad I have no evil rival." mmmm I smell a blockbuster!
if thats a ripoff think of these stories; Treasure Island, One Piece,etc..

the only things in PotC i saw which remotely reminded me of MI was the fort and even then that's nothing unusual for an island in the carribean at that time.

but I gotta admit the voodoo lady does raise an eyebrow or two

I really think people are digging waaaaaaaayyy to deep into this. i could make starwars seem like it was ripping off indiana Jones if one tried as hard as you guys

Posted by Tane on Jul 19, 2006 five past four pm

Did anyone notice how Commador Norrington (hope I spelled that right) in PotC2 looked exactly like Guybrush from Monkey Island 2?

And I think someone said that there was no insult sword fighting in PotC?  If I remember correctly, there were a few insults in the first movie, when Will was fighting Jack in the Blacksmith's shop; insulting Will about how he practices using a sword 3 hours a day because he is uncappable of 'woo-ing' women. :P

I can understand if alot of the places look similar, but I still cant get over the fact that Norrington looks like Guybrush; beard and all that, and the appearence of the voodo lady.

Posted by Someone on Jul 19, 2006 half past four pm

Too bad they don't yet have a Stan character, but there's still a chance he'll show up in the third one!

Posted by Phil on Jul 19, 2006 five to five pm

When I first saw the traier I just thought that's LeChuck! Wanted to blog it away but forgot about it. If I was you, I would be pissed - there's even a Voodoo-Lady in it. And ain't Orlando Bloom even looking like Guybrush. It's so crazy that I must watch. That's the way the Disney-Empire will survive i guess ;)

Posted by Susana on Jul 19, 2006 ten to ten pm

first of all sorry about my english, is not my original language.
second well pirates of the caribean is preety closer to monkey islando but  is not the same, so I will really enjoy if Monkey Island arrive to the theathers.

Please monkey island fans want a movie!!!!

Posted by Kroms on Aug 24, 2006 twenty past nine am

Monkey Island fans want new Monkey Island game. With Ron Gilbert.

Maybe even Tim Schafer.



...Happy birthday to me...

Posted by Avis on Jul 19, 2006 twenty five past eleven pm

What alot of people aren't getting in the whole conversation is that if Monkey Island is a play on pirates it counts as parody. Due to the parody act, which was enacted in 1776 i believe i could be wrong, Monkey Island couldn't be touched. HOWEVER. Because disney blatantly ripped off monkey island, the creators could sue disney(maybe get a settlment out of court for a high amount of bills) without dealing with a counter suit due to this parody act. They ripped off a parody, which was it's own story altogether, to make a film to make millions of dollars and choose not to pay those who came up with the story that made them these millions.

Of course, if you go this route and mention the parody act in court and get the cash, throw a million my way. ;) You got the email address.

Posted by Traitorfish on Jul 20, 2006 twenty to six am

It would be pretty much impossible to prvoe that PotC was ripped off MI, not leas becasue MI's status as a parody means that PotC would in fact be ripped off whatever it was parodying, albeit in a second-hand sort of way.
Besides, only some, pretty superficial elemnts of PotC are ripped of MI in particular- most similarities are simply pirate cliches.

Posted by Nate on Jul 20, 2006 half past one am

I think the movies are more like a tribute to the old Monkey Islands. When I saw the Guybr char in the first movie he was so much like the Guybr we all know.

And at the governors mansion when he snapped the candleholder off the wall I almost jumped up on my seat with my buddy and we were silently screaming in the theatre "PUT IT INTO YOUR POCKET!!!". But he just hid it behind his back and eventually dropped it. That one single move would just have made the movie experience complete.

Whatever you can pick up, put it into your pocket (and that IS the soul of Monkey Island).

Posted by fraxyl on Jul 20, 2006 five am

I prefer Monkey Island over Pirates for the simple reason that MI is funny and has a demonic talking skull called Murray. Well, 3 & 4 did anyway.

Also the swordfighting from MI.

You fight like a dairy farmer!

Posted by Did you invent pirates? on Jul 20, 2006 five past seven am

Did you invent treasure, pirates, adventure, comedy, crazy old hags, ect.?  The thing is, I could more than likely go and find something somewhat similar to Monkey Island and make the same silly claim that MI is ripping off such and such pirate themed product.  MI didn't do anything revolutionairy to the point where I could point at somthing and say "MI did that first!"  MI is simply a play on all the pirate jokes and myths.  You're not the first to do that theme nor will you be the last.  Suck it up and don't be so full of yourself.

PS the last instalment of MI sucked major balls.  I love adventure games to death and some how that one managed to be the least fun I had ever had.  I stoped just a bit before the end.

Cpt'n Jack

Posted by Fuzz on Jul 20, 2006 five past eight am


1. Ron was being humorously sarcastic. He's probably been getting asked about the similarities by fan-boys since PoC 1, and he decided to have his joke.

2. The Ron had nothing to do with the last installment of MI, and hasn't since  MI II.

You missed the joke.

Posted by Cap'n Jack on Jul 20, 2006 twenty past eight am

(blush) It appears I didn't quite catch the sarcasm. (slinks back into a dark corner) I really should learn to use this brain I have for that “critical thinking” stuff. =P

I was aware Ron had nothing to do with the last couple installments.  His flare for adventure/comedy with a high fun factor was sorely missing from 3 and 4 for certain.  I suppose I should have elaborated on that point.

Cap'n Jack

Posted by Zero Ice on Jul 20, 2006 five past one pm

Having slight experience in Law, Both canadian and American. I would like to say that:

1: For Fan-Boy's, there is a small little thing called the real world. It's quite interesting and infact very fun. You may not enjoy the real world if you have your head stuck in the F**king clouds.

2: I feel bad for Ron because his little joke'a'blog revealed how bias and partizan his own fans are.

3: I like the Pirates series, and I have not played the MI series but from what I have heard it's very good. Why? Because everyone loves Pirates.

4: Ron has no legal right over MI if he sold his rights to another company. Creators rarley have rights over their work (Example: Lucas arts). There for he cannot sue Disney for royalties because royalties are a legal nod to the creating company. Ron would be sueing for copywrite infringment.

5: Ron Cannot sue for Copywrite infringment because the plot laments from both Mi and POTC are concept. Concept, like many on this comment log have said before, is not grounds to sue.

6: Fanboys suck, get an open mind you nuggets.

7: Tee hee =^.^= Kitty...

Posted by John on Jul 20, 2006 two pm

Stop your whining :P

Posted by Christopher on Jul 20, 2006 ten past two pm

I wouldn't say it was EXACTLY like Monkey Island, but that was DEFINITELY the International House of Mojo.

Posted by TheTurnipKing on Jul 21, 2006 twenty five past two am

Also:  The Jar of Dirt is quite clearly a slightly disguised Bucket O' Mud.

Posted by Joe Ruemping on Jul 20, 2006 five to six pm

You helped design the Monkey Island series?

Much, MUCH love.

Posted by vlasvlasvlas on Jul 20, 2006 twenty past ten pm

PotC is YOURS!

the 1st one is MORE near to your ideas than the 2nd one, but then, is yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

long live ron

thank you for all that great games that make me that days so magic.

thank you for ever, ron

from argentina
vladimir bellin.

Posted by TheTurnipKing on Jul 21, 2006 half past two am

I'd pay to see Guybrush Threepwood & Co. officially incorporated into the Pirates of the Carribean world.

They'd fit so well.

Posted by Dante on Jul 21, 2006 twenty five past five am

Well duh. Disney made the company on ripping off other peoples works. You think it was Disney who came up with Cinderella, Snow White, Winnie the Pooh and the Jungle Book? Hell nah. We've all seen what happens when they "think for themselves": Beauty & the Beast 2, Bambi 2, Tarzan 2, and so on and so forth.

If you ask me the movies would be much better off if they where based on Monkey Island instead of a stupid ride. If they DID rip off Mr. Gilberts work they did a really shitty job at it. I find MI to be a timeless work of art while the movies are just. Well. Johnny Depp actually. Let's be honest.

Posted by dudeyo on Jul 21, 2006 twenty to eight am

dude you copyed someone else, maybe not disney but still, you copyed somone they copyed you... thats how it works. kinda sucks but still.

Posted by Will on Jul 22, 2006 ten past seven am

I don't understand why everyone is blaming disney for "ripping off" MI. Now, I'm not entirely certain how the process works, but I'm sure a disney executive didn't call up a scriptwriter and say "we're going to make a pirate movie, please rip all the concepts from the Monkey Island video games and alter it slightly so we don't get sued." I imagine it was more like "we're going to make a pirate movie," and someone on the crew decided that it would be nice to pay some homage to MI, the games that were inspired from one of disney's own rides among other things.

I enjoyed both of the PotC movies, and there is certainly some heavy allusions to both MI 1&2, but the connections are there for MI fans to enjoy. Congratulations, Mr. Gilbert, on helping create two games that have such a dedicated fanbase that they are being referenced in blockbuster movies.

Posted by eyes-see-what-the-mind-wants-to-see on Jul 22, 2006 ten to two pm

as much as i love the game - after watching the movie i did not see as many similarities - besides a part of your insparation to making the game came from visiting the atraction at disney was it not? Were the profits of M1 & M2 shared with disney - i fail to belive so :P

Posted by Daelock on Jul 22, 2006 half past two pm

Insults while fighting? That's NEVER been done outside of Monkey Island. It's not like movie characters banter back and forth constantly while engaged in battle. Hell Spiderman does it and he was created in the 70s, so I guess Monkey Island ripped of Spiderman.
LeChuck had a beard? So does Davey Jones? My did Blackbeard the LEGENDARY PIRATE?! Wow, Blackbeard must be a ripoff of LeChuck too!
This is getting ridiculous, MI did not invent the pirate legend, history did. Monkey Island and Pirates of the Carribien are both heavily based on actual history with several doses of humorous exhaggeration thrown in. So yeah, they're gonna look similar.

Posted by Michael on Jul 22, 2006 ten to ten pm

Dude, they are making 6 pirates of the carribean movies, the third movie was filmed at the same time as the second.

Posted by Magnus on Jul 23, 2006 ten past seven am

As I remember there were several rumors about a MI movie after MI 2. Honestly I was quite disappointed for that these were just rumors. However, both PoTC movies has really fullfilled my pictorial view of a MI movie. Making a movie from computer games have NEVER been a success.
It's a shame Ron doesn't get a penny from Disney. Sometimes the movies are really predictable, as when they float through the stream with those fireflies, who did not awaited to see a smiling voodoo-witch in the cottage?

Posted by Laura on Jul 23, 2006 ten to five pm

Ron: the only thing that my sister and I were thinking yesterday while we were seeing this movie was YOU and, perhaps, the secret presence of Murray. I hope i'll see him in the third part!! Maybe with your starring voice? :P

Yes! there is a third movie next year! Space enough to steal (sorry, "be inspired by"...) the three-headed-monkey, the Fettucini brothers, and the rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle (of course, only if they are  smart enough to notice the importance of a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle to ANY good story).

Posted by Lord on Jul 24, 2006 five past three am

Swamp inhabiting voodoo ladies date back to the 19th century as a literary device, to my knowledge.
Weird satires of pirates go back to the Golden Age of pirates in the 17th century.
While playing MI i could see many similarities between the games and many literary works. Is the estate of H. Rider Haggard going to sue over similarities between his adventure novels and the games? I think not.
Claiming grounds to sue Disney over this is a bit like White Wolf suing those other movie chaps about the Underworld movies with vampires and whatnot. Unless you invented pirate satire, you are just indulging in egocentric nonsense.

Posted by Someone on Jul 24, 2006 ten past nine am

Gosh, or he's just being sarcastic. It's sad how that doesn't come across in typical Internet discourse. It must clog the tubes or something.

Posted by Daelock on Jul 25, 2006 half past two am

You sure? Cause I'm pretty sure he's serious. Sure you're not just reading too much into it and trying to sound clever?
Seriously dude, voodoo women in swamps? It's not THAT much of a stretch. Monkey Island didn't invent the wheel, nor did Pirates of the Carribien.

Posted by Someone on Jul 25, 2006 nine am

Yeah. He's kidding. Fun to see everyone whipped into a frenzy, though.

Posted by Tim Byrd on Aug 8, 2006 five to eight pm

Mr Gilbert seems too intelligent to actually believe any of this nonsense.

I encourage those of you who do to rent every pirate flick you can find (especially Fairbanks, Flynn, and Power), read Treasure Island and every pirate-related novel by Rafael Sabatini (whose books inspired several of those classic pirate flicks), read Robert E. Howard's America-based horror/adventure tales, read On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers, look up Marie Laveau on Wikepedia...

God, I could go on and on. None of the elements you jackasses are referencing are original to Monkey Island. You're just too unschooled in the genre to realize it.

Posted by pablo damato on Jul 24, 2006 ten past nine pm

ron sos lo mas grande que existe. gracias por hacerme la persona mas feliz de la tierra con el monkey.
estas peliculas te deben todo, pero n ote preocupes, los fans , sabemos quien es el creador de todo esto.

Posted by Chemota on Jul 25, 2006 twenty to eight am

looking forward for your next MI´re the best.

btw i love your comincs!

Posted by Gozza on Jul 25, 2006 five past one pm

The Monkey Island series is the best man!! You rule! Pirates was an homage to it!

Posted by sanquiii on Jul 25, 2006 ten past one pm

Hey ron XD
im playing the series of mki right now^^ im on mki 2 :) que masa
Tnks for doing such a great game
we are watining for the five
i ask for too much?
rock! desde argentina^^

Posted by Filipe Melo on Jul 26, 2006 quarter to noon

Ok... PIRATES is a rip off. - Monkey island was great, and if Pirates was an hommage, Mr. Gilbert should have gotten that check.

Disney is like the gestapo. Assholes! Long live MI!

Posted by Fox on Jul 27, 2006 twenty past eleven am

Hey Ron! Just wanted to drop by to tell you that you have an extremely strong case! I have the evidence right here!

They actually dressed Norrington up to look exactly like Guybrush in Monkey Island 2 as any Monkey Island fan can clearly see! During the 3-way duel I kept waiting for him to go "Look! A 3-headed monkey!" and run off...

Posted by Pia on Jul 27, 2006 twenty five past eight pm

I've seen that movie today and I can't say I didn't like it, but...
hell, I've played monkey island when I was six and realized many similarities.

and one more thing to mention:
the german title of pirates of the caribbean is
"Fluch der Karibik". (litterally translated "curse of the caribbean"). Hm. what was the title of the third game again?

I like both movies, but it's really sad that the writers couldn't get the ideas of thier own.

Posted by Neo on Jul 27, 2006 ten pm

I watched the first one again yesterday and tried the audio-comments....
I impatiently waited for gore verbinski or one of the authors at least to mention the name "monkey island".....

No one did..

I assume,theres a copyright-reason,since Ron really deserves a fat check ;)

Posted by Someone on Jul 27, 2006 ten pm

Oh and about the dresses.....
I think I think the progression of will turners outfit from part 1 to 2 is obvious,if you compare it with MI 1 and 2

Posted by Roby From Italy on Jul 28, 2006 quarter past one am

I'have the honor to be in the site of the man who made the best videogame of the History.


Posted by Petruza on Jul 28, 2006 twenty past nine am

I also think it's based a lot on MI.
But think this, The effects were made by Industrial Light & Magic, which is a part of LucasFilm, which is the owner of Monkey Island, so technically, it's not a theft, right?
( Setting aside the big fat royalty check issue )

Posted by Matias HDPs on Jul 29, 2006 twenty past ten pm

Will Turner learn n train how to fight with sword using a wierd machine, just like guybrush (and talking n insulting a lot to sparrow... who make me renember a little to carla)... and the POTC2 he have his bear n blue coat like MI2.

Then when will (POTC2) arrive the tropical island with cannibals the first who recive him n talk him is a parrot (like hernan parrot on MI2)

and there is more n more... i just feels so monkey island...

anway... REALLY FUNNY MOVIE, enjoy it a lot... like the MI Series.. they rocks.. can wait to see POTC3 (sure will feel a lot like MI again... but who cares.. they both rocks ^^ )

Posted by Shadee Wolf on Aug 1, 2006 seven am

I adored Monkey island. Especially the first two.
And I did indeed see many references to MI in Pirates 2.
The coffin rowboat, the voodoo lady, Will Turner looking exactly like Guybrush in MI1. the clothes, the ponytail..

It kinda made me sad. I didn't enjoy the movie half as much as I hoped. And all the MI references did was reminded me how much I've always wished there'd be a Monkey Island movie some day :(

Posted by PATRICK FROM ARGENTINA on Aug 2, 2006 twenty five to nine am

Man im writting in spanish, sorry, I hope you Understand:
No lo puedo creer lo que te hicieron, yo jugue todos los Monkey Island desde el 1 hasta el 4, soy fanatico, pero no puede ser que te dejes hacer esto, cuando vi Piratas de caribe 1 ya no lo podia creer y ayer cuando vi la 2 directamente me queria matar!!!!!!
Espero que saques la pelicula de monkey island !!!!!!
todos vamos a entender la verdad y nadie va a reclamarte nada porque tu idea, es muuuucho mas original...

Sorry, Im really angry, I cant believe,,,,, YOUR HISTORY ITS MUCH BETTER MAN, PLEASE ANSWER ME.

Posted by Zerushin on Aug 2, 2006 quarter past eight pm

Posted by barber dominique on Aug 3, 2006 twenty past eleven pm

hey did you notice that dog carrying a bunch of keys in his mouth in POTC 2???
remember the phatt island jail dog??
nobody noticed or what? maybe its just some pirate myth or something...

(it looks like they splitted guybrush in 2...sparrow - turner maybe?)

ohh and when i saw the swamp and the voodoo lady i shocked really haha

greetings from Argentina.
thanks for so much rOn!

Posted by Tankko on Aug 4, 2006 twenty five to nine am

The dog with keys in it's mouth is in the PotC ride and not a MI thing.  Sounds like Ron owes Disney some money.

Posted by Mantis on Aug 4, 2006 eight am

check out the parody "la isla de lo mono" (island of the monkeys) from . It appears in the "episodios" or "capítulos" seccion.

It's in spanish, and I think you´ll love it. The web master is a MI saga fan.

BTW, I´m writing form argentina, where the game became a classic.

Posted by Neo on Aug 5, 2006 twenty five past one am

Since it is that obvious,that PotC is a Wanna-Be Monkey Island-Movie,
its not all that good anymore.
The Original Story and humor of the games would make a way better movie.
it simply got more concept.


lets finally get them damn MI-Rights back,do the real Monkey Island 3,as well as a real Monkey Island Movie.

I know a famous german director named Nico Hofmann,who could start such a Hollywood thing like Emmerich or Peterson.

But you could ask Spielberg,either,if you like him better.
All i want of that big Chest of Gold is the Role of Guybrush Threepwood.


Posted by Jorge on Aug 6, 2006 half past nine pm

someone should make a page of screen shots from both the game and the film to show exactly how similar some of this stuff is.

Posted by Neo on Aug 7, 2006 two am

We should make a Monkey Island Movie

Posted by Neo on Aug 7, 2006 two am

But your idea is not bad either,jorge

Posted by anarkimedes on Aug 11, 2006 five past two pm

i´ve just finished Monkey Island 2.
why aren´t games like those today?

Posted by Pedorcho on Aug 12, 2006 twenty five to noon

Hey, I'm think about that, now I'm sure Orlando Bloom is really charactering to Guybrush... :P Just kidding
Aguante el agujerito !!!

Posted by AstaR on Aug 14, 2006 quarter to eleven am

Desde todos los rincones del mundo tienes legiones de fans de Monkey Island ávidos de nuevas historias como las de MI 1 y MI 2, sería un gran acierto tanto plantear una pelicula basada fielmente en los hechos de aquellos miticos videojuegos como que, bajo tu dirección Ron, se creara una nueva saga de videojuegos MI con las mismas características que las primeras versiones, es decir, un gran argumento, gráficos 2D que recuerden a MI 1 y 2, mismo interfaz, etc... Creo que intentar adaptar al maximo este tipo de juegos a las nuevas tecnologias informaticas es un error, con MI 2 pienso que se tocó techo a nivel gráfico, a partir de ese momento lo que cuenta es la historia. Te aseguro Ron que si surgiera una nueva saga de MI basada en las primeras versiones sería un auténtico éxito a nivel mundial.

Un saludo desde España.

Posted by casacarranza on Aug 14, 2006 twenty past three pm

Masa vieja. sos un grosos. aguante el ron gilbert de la gente, sos mas grande que maradona y pele juntos, y sabe que no seriamos piratas si no fuera por vos.

pd: mira es mi homenaje ( es una libreria de argentina)

los pibes de casacarranza.

Posted by Daniel Raviv. on Aug 15, 2006 twenty five past noon

You're All Wrong, Really, for one thing,  Pirates Of The Caribbean is Great, And Monkey Island may never have been here without pirates of The Caribbean, without Disney. Disney's not rip-offing, and is very original, and is one of the greatest studios ever. You're All Idiots To think That Disney Is Bad And Unoriginal.

Posted by Daniel Abraham Raviv. on Aug 15, 2006 five to four pm

OH, And Disney would never deny anything, and if they do, It's just because Michael Eisner Left Some Scars On Disney. We Hope They'll Heal and stuff. Oh,  Gilbert [If It Really Is You?] , I'm Making My Own Pirate Series and stuff, They'll have elements similar to Both Monkey Island And Pirates Of The Caribbean, and others, If  IT makes you happy, it’s another story with similar elements, so you won't feel bad and alone, and if you want, You can License Parts of it, and the money I make from those, some of it will go to you too, and The Credits and success of the adventures will go to Disney.  There, so can that make you feel better, As now you’ll have something to own a bit, even though I believe you should still own the rights to Mi and some others  a bit, for you created it or something. Rockin.

Posted by Daniel Abraham Raviv. on Aug 15, 2006 five past four pm

Oh, And  Why Are You All Yelling at Disney with these Plagiarisms, but you're not yelling at JK Rowling, And The Author of The Da-vinci Code for their  stories which seem to Plagiarize other stories, [like Larry Potter, For instance], You Believed Them, BUT YOU DIDN"T BELIEVE DISNEY, WHY, HU?
P.S. Please, Don't go wrong with monkey island, leave it at Lucas Arts and just go to Lucas arts to do something of it. Disney is doing the right thing, so should you, I’d be happy to give you advice, Cause  I also don't want to see monkey island ending up horrible and done the wrong way, I'll always do this and stuff on P.Ss  and others after this,  to Give You Suggestions  and other stuff in  future times, I do  Admire you and others.

Posted by Max on Aug 16, 2006 twenty five to two pm

After the first film, i finally was convinced that if there were so much similiraities it was just because the idea was both taken from the potc ride.
But now after the second movie, i think there is too much similarities to be just coïncidence. The lady voodoo is what convinced me (why a lady in a swamp, and not a old man in a forest or anything else? When movies or books talk about someone dooing voodoo stuff, there are all kind of style of people and place, not just lady and swamp).
Of course, i don't think it matters legaly if it's a (only partial) ripoff, but it's more interresting on the "curiosity side". ;)

On another way, it look like a lot with star wars with Luke/Will, Leia/Elizabeth, Han/Jack and the Falcon Millenium/Blackpearl. I think we will learn that Will is Keyra brothers lol (and we will see a sort of Chewbacca).

I think that these guys at Lucasfilm must have had their ears whistling during the making of these two movies lol.

Posted by Inês on Aug 17, 2006 ten past five pm

I have the game of Pirates of Caribbean for PSP, and I don't know how to pass the second part(level) ... I have tryed but i can't pass it, there are colors and a kind of people in the wall, if someone know how to pass it please tell me!

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on Aug 20, 2006 two am


Posted by Carlos Sisi on Aug 20, 2006 five past six am

I'm with you 100%. When I saw the first POTC I thought... THIS IS MONKEY ISLAND! Even the girl in the second part is Marley Governor... and even the music at a certain parts reminded me of MI, let alone Lechuck with tentacles, and the voodoo girl in the swamp.

Sue them for copyright breach!

Posted by Daniel Abraham Raviv. on Aug 20, 2006 twenty past noon

You're ALL WRONG, REALLLLLYYYYYYYY. For one thing,  IF You Bash Disney, you have to bash Rowling, and Dreamworks too, [because their shrek has alot of similarities to Little Blue Riding Hood, [An Old Radio Timey thing, from my parents days] And Another story, written by someone [i forgot] but it's also about an ogre and a talking donkey rescuing a princess, and fighting an evil tyrant. Their Stories Are also very similar, but you don't bash rowling, or dreamworks, you just bash the suers, but with disney, you bash disney and write kind letters to the suers, WHY, WHY DO YOU BELIEVE THE OTHERS, BUT NOT DISNEY, WHY.  P.S=  Gilbert, is it really U? P.P.s= For The Next Monkey island or so, You should put a gollum like pirate or something, you know, Gollum Meets Davy Jones, Etc. Etc.U know,

Posted by Christian Devetak on Aug 20, 2006 twenty past eleven pm

Man.. im here cause i feeled exactly the same.. when i started lookin pirates of the caribbean 2 (the movie was so cool, so i went to buy Pirates of the caribbean 1 DVD cause i havent seen it till then), i saw Deep's protagonization and I was like.. what the hell!! hes Guybrush threepwood.. Ive played this!
Was so nice to remember Monkey Islad.. im sure they based (or at least Deep) in the game.
I wish that someday, a Monkey Island movie can be filmed.
Btw call Disney and tell them to design "Pirates of the caribian: The Monkey Island Treasure" game =)

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on Aug 21, 2006 ten past two am

Sue them for copyright breach!

Posted by Someone on Aug 21, 2006 ten past two am

Or at least,force them to admit,that they love Monkey Island

Posted by steve on Aug 21, 2006 five past four am

If they dont have the money to film a MI movie with real pple then i think an animated MI movie would also be quite good :P

Posted by Grizzlychicken on Aug 21, 2006 quarter past three pm

Why can't we all just let it go and agree that it was a good movie that was based on a good game that was based on a good ride that was based on some classic lore.

Besides, you can’t copyright ideas like an evil pirate captain or a voodoo lady anyhow.

Posted by Daniel Abraham Raviv. on Aug 21, 2006 half past ten pm

Look at You guys, you're all making a huge fuss over this little thing, I Wouldn't have mind that  you guys are  doing this,  had it been delt out equally to Jk Rowling And Dreamworks, But No, You guys sided with jk rowling and Dreamworks and stuff, you believed them that it's just a coincidence, but DIsney, Even Kingdom Hearts, which is very different from other  Disney stuff, and is much more like Final Fantasy Adventure [although many of you would deny that it's like final fantasy, even though it's made from the same company as well] you accuse them of ripping of star fox [the gummi ship part and others] and Marvel Vs Capcom [About Combining Characters from 2 different studios] If This was Warner Brothers combined with Square enix, i'm sure you'd side with them, right, Huh. WHY, AGAIN, WHY, AND Why aren't you answering me, come on guys, answer me on these important parts, like how you do on the others? Again You're All Wrong, Really, And Kingdom hearts Is Original stuf
P.S= Ron, Ron Gilbert, is it really you  who's writing on the boards,  or  is it just someone pretending to be Ron Gilbert, Can you Answer Me Please? P.P.S=  Again, Don't Buy Monkey Island from Lucas Arts, leave it there, please, and just go back to Lucas Arts to make More Things Of Monkey Is.

Posted by Chirp on Aug 22, 2006 six am

I Wouldn't have mind that  you guys are  doing this,  had it been delt out equally to Jk Rowling And Dreamworks,

If This was Warner Brothers combined with Square enix, i'm sure you'd side with them, right, Huh.

WHY, AGAIN, WHY, AND Why aren't you answering me, come on guys, answer me on these important parts, like how you do on the others?

Since you want an answer, I'll oblige.

I think the reason people are pointing out these things is

1) Some of these things in the movies are too obvious to be ignored.

Some could be overlooked, but the talking parrot, which was the first thing Will (guybrush) saw on the mysterious island? The floating coffin Jack rowed in? (hey, didn't he use a skeleton arm for that? OK, THAT's splitting hairs, I know) The governer's daughter? The voodoo lady IN A SWAMP? The undead skeleton pirates in the first movie (are THEY a common traditional part of pirate lore? I mean the skeleton zombie type, not just "ghost ships", that's more likely)  And the tentacled beard of Davy Jones? I mean come on! ALL of these things in PoTC? THAT is copying, legal or illegal

2) A lot of people here are very familiar with monkey island and some are kinda sensitive about that because there seem to be a lot of monkey island fans here (me included), and this is the right site for them to be on.

Also you can't pass the buck and say that people have no right to complain about this unless we also focus our energies on complaining about other copywrite issues, that's just another way to "win" an argument by distracting people from the real point (Did Disney copy MI?) and telling them to win an unwinnable argument against them for their other offences before we can proceed with this one.

This may come out rather blunt. I don't mean it to, I'm just trying to answer your question.

Posted by Chirp on Aug 22, 2006 five past six am

By the way, a gollum-like pirate?

Wasn't that Bootstrap in the second movie? ;)

Posted by Comominimo on Aug 23, 2006 twenty five to two am

I saw the movie with my kids, and after the movie ended one of them said "that's too bad!, now they will never do a Monkey Island Movie, it will be too similar!" (my kid has 10 years and I recently gave him the full Monkey Island saga as a birthday present)

Posted by Carlos Sisi on Aug 23, 2006 twenty five to six pm

I have made a comic strip about this on my site which can be seen here: Hope you will enjoy it :)

Posted by Mark on Aug 25, 2006 four am

As true as it is that there are obvious similarities between Pirates of the Caribbean and the Monkey Island games, it must be remembered that the game was, sin some way, based in the Disney World attraction (??) like the movie.

Posted by Someone on Aug 25, 2006 ten past eight am

how come,you figured that out?
Thats some kind of incredible news from an incredible smart guy!

Posted by Marco on Aug 25, 2006 twenty to ten am

Ok, just wanted to make a list of all the similarities I noticed so far in the first two movies (I'll start with the obvious ones that everyone knows). Please do add more if you notice them.

1. Barbossa - zombie pirate
2. Dog and key scene - yeah, yeah, alright, same ride in disneyworld
3. Elizabeth being the daughter of the governor (and having a name quite reminiscent of Elaine)
4. Black voodoo lady living in a swamp (doesn't get more obvious than this)
5. When the crew gets on the desert island to dig up the chest with Davy Jones' heart, while Norrington is digging Jack Sparrow randomly starts medidating in the lotus position, EXACTLY like Herman Toothrot on Dinky in MI2, where Guybrush was looking for again a treasure.
6. Second movie, cannibals and sacrifice with big spit and fruit, like in the volcano in MI3.
7. (this is a longshot) Second movie, Jack Sparrow falls into a grave that has no connection whatsoever with the rest of the movie. In that precise moment, an instrument that is not normally part of the soundtrack can be heard. Jack Sparrow makes a kind of deja-vu face. cf MI3.
8. Does lechuck ever play an organ? Because the organ in the theme is very recurring in MI2, and Davy Jones is seen playing a spooky looking organ.

That's all I could think of after seeing once the first and the second movie... anyone else?

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on Aug 26, 2006 quarter to one am

9.At the beginning of the first Movie,Jack Sparrow leaps down some kinda cable with his handcuffs,just like guybrush did in MI1 to get onto Hook Island with a Rubber Chicken

10. Will Turner strongly reminds to Guybrush,when he demolishes the candle-holder at the scene,where he hands over the sword to Elaines...ahm Elisabeths Father

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on Aug 26, 2006 ten to one am

11. Oh... and the evolution of guybrushs and Wills outfit from part one to two

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on Aug 26, 2006 ten to one am

12. Oh...i forgot.
When Will gets whipped by his Father,the expression of his Face and the athmosphere of the dark scenery is exactly the same like on the cover of
Monkey Island 2

Posted by cotaku on Aug 26, 2006 twenty five to seven am

Posted by TaTooKa on Aug 26, 2006 half past nine am

I got another one!! It just came to my mind.

Will Turner silently steals the key from Davy Jones tentacle beard. Isn't that very similar to Part 3 of MI, when guybrush HAS TO STEAL THE KEY FROM LECHUK'S ROOM WITHOUT HIM NOTICING ?!

Thanks for such a great game, Ron.

Posted by Chirp on Aug 27, 2006 five past four am

Don't forget

14. The parrot on the island as soon as Guyb..., er Will arrives there, quoting what crew members said.

15. Jones' tentacled beard resembling LeChuck's.

Posted by DuqueKarl on Aug 30, 2006 quarter to nine am

Oh Ron,

Damned luck. I write from Spain. Here a lot of people love MI. Your MI is the best game I have ever played, the most laughing and addicting. I pray, waiting for a new MI adventure designed by you, I hope one day you get it. If I could help you... I think you maybe could talk with Disney to work with them. You HAVE to go on with your original game. This MI4 sucked, we want you. Ron! Rum! :P

Disney guionists steal your ideas. Sure you could give them some really nice staff with your wonderful imagination, for films or videogames. They gain and you too. Back to work. With your funny pirats... Come back, Ron, we miss you. You have to try some, you have to make the real MI3, we want more adventures of Guybrush Threepwood. We love you,


Posted by Daniel Abraham Raviv. on Aug 30, 2006 twenty to nine pm

I'm Negative, I'm Negative! You guys are the negative ones. You guys are all wrong, really. And it is not fair that you bash Disney but not the others, they're the points too you know, Chirp, Dan,  And you other Disney Haters. You guys cannot bash disney without bashing JK Rowling And New Line Cinema (The Austin Powers series was said to be a rip off of An Old Radio series about a james bond like person in comedic situations, they have remarkable resemblances to each other. But why did you side with mike and new line rather than the owner of that radio program, huh. I'm sure if Austin Powers was Disney's [which i'm sure you guys would do anything for it to not be disney] you'd side with the author of the radio program and bash disney, and if pirates belonged to warner brothers, you'd  bombard Ron with hate-mail, Right, Huh, Right,) and for one thing, The Witch Doctor in The Swamp and beards have been used before you know, really in many stories including astec tales. (sarcastically) The similarities are too obvious to be ignored, well so are the similarities with Harry Potter And Larry Potter, but you just ignore that, and so are the similarities with Alien And It! The Terror From Beyond Space, but you ignored that too and sent hate-maiol and death threats to the owners of It! The terror From Beyond Space, Why do you side with them, but never with disney, answer me please, Why? And Monkey Islands Further sequels [the without ron ones] are still canon in the MI Series, but Ron, You can make better MIs, really I Love you. Oh, and Jack Sparrow Also Has Similarities to long john silver, oh no, so that means Long John's a rip-off of Guybrush too. Oh, And Will Turner Has similarities to Jim Hawkins, Robert Louis Stevenson's ripping off Guybrush, oh no. Sue the decendents of Robert  Louis Stevenson,  they ripped of monkey Island! YOU GUYS HAVE TO STOP, they're similar but different, and they don't harm each other, i'm making my own pirate series, it's inspired by both of the series, but also it's own, so stop. And this board is for everyone, but I'm also a Monkey Island Fan, You can't say i'm not, because i'm siding with disney, but that's wrong, monkey island fans can do many things, especially if there's an unfair hit, These All Fall into this. Tell Me, do you guys hate disney alot, because even when they do a slight wrong step, you bash and send hate-mail to them. Answer Me Please , Answer Me Please, Why do you guys Believe Rowling,  New Line Cinema [with Mike Myers]  and others that they did not heavilly borrow things from other stories but you don't [ever] believe disney, Why? Please Tell Me Why, Wh?P.S= Ron, Is it really you, Please Answer Me, IS It The Real Ron Gilbert, Please Answer me? I'll Leave if you want me too, but tell me if you're Ron.
P.P.S Try making A Multiverse in Monkey Island many parallell universes, And Even Anti -Mater Universes,  I'll Say more Next saying, Mi Rocks, LU RG

Posted by DuqueKarl on Aug 31, 2006 quarter to noon

I dont know the other guys... but I dont hate Disney. Its really the opposite. I love Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp is a great actor and the film is very funny. Many of us who love pirates adventures as the ones we lived in MI I think we too love the film. Disney has given us entertainment and a good film.

They used old ideas some of them inspired by "The Treasure Island", R.L. Stevenson (as the Black Spot, or the "Fifteen men on the Death's Man Chest" song), the Disneyland "Pirates of the Caribbean Ride" (the jail, dog, town fight in POTC1), it's hard to create new things. However I don't  think they sayed: "Let's copy Monkey Island!", but there are a lot of similarities... it's surely because MI and POTC were initially (and partially) inspired originally by the Ride of Disneyland.

Perhaps there is some people angry with Disney, I understand them. Surely they feel as if they had "kidnapped" or stolen us MI. We all want to see new Guybrush adventures, new Monkey Island videogames, designed by ROn. I don't lose the illusion, but this is a hard thing. We don't want to give up, and the idea of a world without Guybrush- the idea of changing him for other pirats is something we don't want to accept. Disney is not guilty if we cant see our Pirat Learner again in the pixels. I suggest Ron trying to work with them. It would be a dream to gain the lottery... as also Disney buying Monkey Island royalties, but it's better to try some than nothing.

I'm not going to talk about all the similarities, there is an interesting article here:

Sorry for the mistakes

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