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Forthcoming Books

From Whence The Darkness

 Charles S. Viar

The following is an excerpt from Charles S. Viar's forthcoming book, entitled From Whence The Darkness. It is an autobiographical account of Mr. Viar's role in this long running counterintelligence operation, publicly known as FARETHEEWELL. The purpose of this operation was to first determine who broke the U.S.Navy fleet codes during the Viet Nam War; and later to determine which U.S. government officials actively impeeded the investigation at the behest of the offending foreign power.

Following a two and one half year debriefing that lasted from the fall of 1997 through the winter of 1999, Mr. Viar was authorized to publish an account of his experience as "dangle" in this complex and dramatic case which spanned three continents and two and a half decades