Publisher: Red Storm Entertainment Inc.

Developer: Red Storm Entertainment Inc.

Category: Action

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N Amer - 09/22/1999

Online - 09/22/1999

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear Review

The door swings quickly open. “What’s that?” yells a startled voice from within the room.

Pressed low to the wall outside the room, you don’t utter a sound. You don’t even dare breathe. You are as silent as death itself and with good reason - you are death, a locked-and-loaded destroyer of evil men and plans.

Silently you detach a flash-bang grenade. The pin is pulled and you toss it into the room. Look away! You need your sight. It’s the terrorists you want to blind. BAM! The nasty firecracker has done its work. You swing the Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun into position and hit the room. It’s time to kill or be killed.

And that is only a training mission. Just wait until called into your first action during a hostage situation in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It gets a lot more intense.

Rogue Spear, another installment in the Rainbow Six series, is about as subtle as an elephant on a chicken ranch. This program leaps from the screen in a blaze of tense, realistic scenarios coupled with nerve-wracking sound effects. Shallow breathing (hard to tell if it came from the game, or the game player) and heartbeats are obliterated in a flurry of machine-gun fire, the shock of grenades exploding and command units barking orders.

Red Storm Entertainment has only revved up the game engine a little, which requires a minimum Pentium 233 with 3D accelerator or Pentium 266 with MMX, but paying it back with great 3D graphics and polygonal figures that move true to life. Rogue Six does not take place on alien worlds, which are amazingly creative by a bevy of graphic artists. This game takes place in the year 2001 at locations that are too familiar. The settings are not flashy, but they are reality-based and hold true to that concept.

In keeping with master storyteller Tom Clancy’s novels - the game is derived from his Rainbow Six book - the program weaves seemingly separate missions into one grand plot. From the first assault by the elite Rainbow unit in a museum to boarding a hijacked 747 - which will make you stare around suspiciously next time you board an airplane - the game pulls all the elements together. Unrelated incidents? No way! But who is the responsible party? Or is that parties? This program tickles the mind and delights the adrenalin glands.

It begins with the crisis situation, then moves into the planning phase, which is meticulous. Those who crave instant action may find this portion of the program intrusive. But each member of the unit has a job and it is during this phase that their orders are programmed into the scenario. After the planning is completed, the unit moves into the operational theater. You’ve heard the cliche about the “best-laid plans of mice and men ...?” Well, it holds true. No matter how thoroughly the planning, something can and, most assuredly, will go wrong.

For those who have delighted in previous Rainbow Six adventures, the characters are familiar. Ten new faces and personalities join this endeavor, including a deadly female sniper named Kure Galanos. This woman is as cold as ice and as precise as the cut of a diamond. As always, there is a wide array of weaponry and assault uniforms ready for any mission.

Reflexes and intelligence are two key ingredients for anyone who wishes to challenge this program. Each mission gets progressively harder. You can replay missions for better results. Another nice feature allows the game player to watch the mission unfold rather than participate in it. It’s a great way to see how good the assault plan was.

The game also supports multiplayer action. In addition to modem play, the MSN Gaming Zone also supports the program. Multiplayer scenarios include Survival, Terrorist Hunt and Assassination. These are wild, no-holds-barred battles, not for the meek or unskilled.

Rogue Spear does not offer anything new or innovative to the genre. What it does do is add to a great series of games and mission packs with a standalone product that keeps the standard high for strategy-shooter games.

The program is rated T for teen 13+ due to animated blood and gore, and animated violence.

Installation: 5. Nothing special here. It does take a while, but this is an intense program. So start the install and walk away for a while.

Gameplay: 8. Well-rendered and seamless real-time play. Initially I depended on Rogue Spear’s set-up program to configure the game to my system. It didn’t happen. The game stated it would find the components and configure the game accordingly. All I got was a blank screen. After manually checking off the hardware components in the appropriate boxes, the game ran flawlessly.

Graphics: 8. The polygonal figures and three-dimensional settings are exceptionally done.

Sound: 8. The sound quality is amazing. Not only does the game come close to reality, but the sounds compliment that feeling.

Concept: 7. This is not a new format. The program suffers in this category simply because it is a sequel.

Difficulty: 9. Tough, tough, tough. Rogue Spear takes no prisoners, either within its cyber-world, or with the player who accepts the challenge of tackling this game. This program demands a sharp mind and sharper reflexes.

Value: 7. At $49.95 (suggested retail), this game is a bit spendy, but there is a lot packed on to this CD-ROM.

Overall: 7.4

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Adds to a great series of games and mission packs with a standalone product that keeps the standard high for strategy-shooter games.

Reviewer: Michael Lafferty

Review Date: 10/04/1999

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