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Boycott Jodha Akbar
Boycott Jodha Akbar !new!Boycott movie 'Jodhaa Akbar'...
Hussain Credit Card !new!Naked 'Ganga-Jamuna' painting on sale (20 Mar)...
Save Ram Setu
Temple in danger Congress government is going to break Sree Ram Setu...
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Article Image Why should one chant Name Rama as compared to Shrirama?

Chant the Names Rama and Shrirama each for two minutes and record your spiritual experiences, that is note with which Name you feel pleasant or distressed.

Article Image Why did Bharat install padukas of Lord Rama on the throne instead of His idol?

With one boon Kaikeyi got Rama banished to the forest for fourteen years and with the other, she asked that Bharat be made the crown prince.

Article Image What is the real meaning of Ramarajya?

During His times, that is in the Tretayug Rama alone was not wise, His subjects too were prudent.

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