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C-Tec - Darker

Label: Synthetic Symphony
Catalog#: SPV 085-61572 CD
Format: CD
Genre: Electronic
Notes:Ged Denton, Jean-Luc De Meyer, Marc Heal. An evolution of the outfit that began as The Cyber-Tec Project.
Rating:   4.3/5 (19 votesRate It
Submitted by:Solotech
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1   Random (4:53)
2   Flowing (8:40)
3   Foetal (5:46)
4   Silent Voices (3:39)
5   Being Nothing (5:07)
6   The Lost (4:59)
7   Stateless (5:09)
8   Shift IV (3:55)
9   Epitaph (6:23)

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