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The alchemist enters a new dimension. This ability to enter a new continuum that is more inclusive will be the eventual achievement of science
This is the true aim

ARC exists both in past, future, actual and parallax dimensions


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Time Travel Device

(based on original post-Sumerian plans)

Time Travel is dangerous and should not be attempted without experienced supervision Altering time continuums may cause anomalies in perceptual reality

I clicked on the link and went back to Eudora.. but rows of blue bubbles were obscuring the screen and the cursor grew a bar code. I went back to I-explore, and the bubbles were overflowing the window and obscuring the navigation buttons on the toolbar.. pressing the back button did not remove them all. When I closed I-explore, my background was covered in wavy blue lines. At that point I shut the computer down and restarted.

Mystress Angelique Serpent <serpent@domin8rex.com>

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Run your car on water or air 25 ingredients 'they' did not, new technology now entering this continuum

Running your car on air or water is done by many people with increasing success

further info on the New search engines for future broadcast

The memes of ET

Exploration of the mysterious reappearing tower of Paris

Alien Abduction techniques

Methods for attracting and capturing extraterrestrial intelligence's

Spiritual Enlightenment Techniques that work

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Making Gold the easy way.

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The Ultimate Martial Art

Techniques of combat considered unworkable and untenable but used effectively with this knowledge

information withdrawn at this time

Free Energy Devices

Utilizing a variety of techniques including anti-gravity to provide a limitless energy source

Growing your own clone

With standard kitchen equipment. Easier than one would imagine. Success rate is high.

Invisibility device

As used and developed in Philadelphia US and elsewhere. We have photographic evidence of invisibility

CDC Software

The Cross Dimensional Communicator is Windows Software designed to communicate with the dead, alien intelligence's, beings from other space/time continuums. Due to time restrictions and for reasons of patent by those developing this technique only the earliest prototype is available here. The latest software has been used to communicate with Angels.

Press here to download. Just type in your communication and press enter

(No longer available - dematerialised)

In a time when life and death are as meaningless as their opposites, we find a truth that lies. For the truth says I am unknowable and the unknowable says I am the truth. The hermetic sciences move towards apparent ignorance not wisdom. It is this movement towards the opposite that elevates. Wisdom knows to be ignorance, only the ignorant appear wise. In that time a garden grows containing mystery and the essence of bleeding trees. A bee dances with an apple and a rose inhales its own fragrance. In that garden even Adam is a play on words. For Paradise is a garden of pain and suffering, and hell is pleasure. For no one knows where the lake begins and the Mercury settles.

Imagine a world where all possibilities occurred; where the chaotic dissolving and breakdown occurred as easily as the move towards coherence. Nobody lives in that world but some believe it is the nature of reality. The hermeticist believes in a world beyond yet in, above and beyond this mere indication of reality. This supersensoreal world is the thought and sense that the mystic would call the mind of god, the partial scientist ignores and the hermeticist explores and understands.


1. To know oneself and where one is going

2. To know others as oneself

3. To know no self

4. To know deity

5. To be deity

6. To go beyond being

7. Unknowable Wisdom

The Hermetic Art starts from the seventh degree of wisdom. It is a fact that the truly wise rarely court publicity. To do so would cause attention and interfere with their capacity to help and improve. It is not efficient or advisable to suggest you are involved in the evolution of the person. It may therefore be necessary to engage in interaction on a mundane level. People who imagine themselves spiritually advanced never are. People of real standing can apply their knowledge to be of real service.

If we assume that alchemists wish to make gold or achieve immortality we are missing the point. The alchemist wishes to enter a fourth dimension. This ability to enter a new continuum that is more inclusive will be the eventual achievement of science. This is the true aim.

In the name of the darkness be it known that all mystics speak with one voice through diversity. They are understood by each other primarily. Thus they pass through the three colours of negation, purification and glorification under other names. We who travel the path of the stone must sacrifice much to achieve little. Prayer is our hope, study our mortification and contemplation our service to nature. We move forward for the sake of others. When the essences are prepared they will be tried. In this way is Our Work proved. Those who would learn our secret must learn to keep it. This is not an Art that is given but revealed when worthy. Of the methods, the harder has more chance of success. Do not add but remove, here lies success. Of the white work only effort and will whitens and cleanses the prime matter. In this as the black stone is heated so does it rise and collect. From here it is dissolved and coagulated. In here is a white star and silver moon. For Saturn must be separated into the thousand people. The nature of the thousand must be like one. As they come before the Queen of the Moon she judges with an iron sword and separates their limbs from their body and their body from their head. All the thousand reside in the one vessel. Thus is their essence separated and collected to form the new being. The white stone contains the fruit of the black and the seed of the red. The sun and moon do not come together but are drawn together through will. In their merging is a new substance born. The old and dead is the seed of the new. Our Stone was born with Adam and revealed by Hermes. It was built by Solomon and hidden by Hiram. It was the capstone inside the pyramid and the foundation stone of Temple, Church and Kaaba. Our Stone is unknown by science, not made by craft but grown through Art under will. Ours is a living stone. It is without substance but has form. It can be released from nature but not through nature. It grows without increasing in stature and grows outward towards the centre. Our Stone changes in character but not in essence.

God does not gift those that wait nor those that strive but those whom God would grace. Be worthy and always search to the uttermost but expect nothing. By this is our work not ours but anothers. The final attaining is not of gold nor of immortality but of the understanding of a scheme or structure. This flows between two points and is there at both. For this is the eating worm, without an end to its beginning. This is of nature non-existent. This accumulates but is not collected. With enough all is possible. Without it nothing has its being. This separation or splitting into component elements makes the Work solvable. That which is one is many. That which is divided is brought together. That which comes together is together. The point becomes a line on the surface of three. To enter the four that which is inside becomes outside. The egg of inside and out is of one surface. This surface is of the beginning of infinity. Infinity is the movement between absolutes in one plane of existence. Therefore there is an infinite infinities. All stones must undergo a period of allowing. This is the process of waiting. We can not progress by our wish but through patience. Waiting is as needful as the goal of the stage. In this is our symbol the eating worm. If you consume yourself, you become a greater self. In this is time of the essence. Do not wait for the result but await the process. Now it can be said of all ingredients to add, this provides the greatest results. The two have moved but always were one. The understanding of this veil will allow the creation of Our Stone without the process. Not wet nor dry or the five stages but of the concentration of the first fire. It is constant and enters where it is already. It is not absence or presence but degree. In this is the miraculous born.

From the four are the three made; salt, mercury and sulphur. The four comes from the five that is one. The four attain to the one and this is the quintessence. When the crow loses its wings it is no longer a vapour but becomes a water. The water becomes a stone and on this is our work born. the stone must become fluid without stirring. From this dark water all heat is absorbed so that its spirit may be freed. That at the top of the four is the quintessence. It is made of the four and yet has its being before nature and is not in nature. There is but one vessel having the nature to contain what is beyond nature. Empty the vessel, seal the vessel and await the silent raven; coagulate and dissolve. Wash away all impurities. All nature comes from polarity. These are the opposite extremes of the One. The two-headed eagle looks in two directions but is of one body. That which separates and fixes is of the one vessel. Our Stone is of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed and contains no duality. To arrive at the quintessence find the unnamed substance. To this must be added and removed the four qualities. When the four is one the three are in balance. The sacred fire draws up the three to the higher three. When the three that were are no more the One that is above is below. This, our knowledge, comes as a gift. Only a still may procure the first essence. At the base of the still is an ordinary fire but it is the second fire that absorbs the first. This fire must be like water. For all elements contain the seeds of all others. In one is born many. The earth flows and burns up into the air. Our air is consumed by the fire and flows into our stone. So is our work repeated in type but is the same in essence. For our science evolves, we become part of the experiment. That which is highest is drawn down. The lowest is ennobled. Perception beyond comprehension comes into being to coagulate and dissolve. The expectation is perfection without indulgence.

The facility to focus concentrates the essence. First comes the crow or nigredo; the black stage of the work. This ingression needs attentive awareness of the two. These two, one of firmament chaos and one of black substance. The chaos is removed by careful use of the bellows and the crow is formed into substance without wings. The nature of the crow is absorption. All is swallowed by the crow. The smaller crow eats not the larger but is absorbed into the darker. Light will kill the crow and so must be avoided. The constituency must be like that of a dark oil or tar. All mysteries start on this first step and all are born of the first step. To concentrate this substance is not art or science but the removal of will. Light will not escape this form unless it be a lesser crow. The vessel must be sealed hermetically. What was there before must die. What arises be it King or Queen must die for there time is not now. Do you think you can find the crow? Blink and the crow has flown. The tongue of the crow has been removed so as not to speak the Kings secret. Do not be deceived by any colour but black. From the first work all others have their arising and settling. The black substance is a cloud that must settle, the concentration comes through patience. The first stage is to seal the light. From this understanding comes the beginning of the next stage. Concentrate on achieving the best of the substance of the stage. This stage is death, Saturn, lead. From it can grow all that is after the abyss. This is the closing of ignorance and the beginning of the work. No progress arrives without effort and influence of the Angelic forces. Focus and concentrate that which is of the nature of the Work. All else is removed. That which was much becomes less. That which is less becomes more.