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Wii :: What Is Wii? :: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

About Wii Channels

What kind of Wii Channels are there?

On Wii, there is the Disc Channel that plays Wii and Nintendo GameCube games, and Channels like the Mii Channel, Photo Channel, Wii Shop Channel, Forecast Channel, News Channel and the Internet Channel, among others. (Internet connection required on some Channels.)

Content downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel, such as Virtual Console games, will also appear on the Wii Menu as one of the Channels.


Is there a fee for Wii Channels?

Out of the box, Wii comes with the Mii and Photo channels. Players with an Internet connection can also receive the Forecast and News channels at no additional cost.

Wii Points are used in the Wii Shop Channel to download certain content such as Virtual Console games. You can purchase Wii Points in the Wii Shop Channel, or redeem a Wii Points Card purchased at retail.


How many Channels can I add on the Wii Menu?

Including those channels that come with the system (such as the Mii and Photo Channels), Wii can hold up to 48 channels.

When all the empty Channel spaces get filled with Channels, you can simply delete Channels you're not using as often as you'd like to make more room. Some Channels, like the Disc Channel, cannot be deleted. Once you delete a Channel, you can always download it again for no extra charge.


About the Internet Channel

What are the differences between the Trial Version and the Full Version of the Internet Channel?

Here are some of the changes that were made on the Full Version.

  • Shorter startup time.
  • Improved controls, like scrolling through the web page with the +Control Pad.
  • You can now hide the tool bar.
  • The number of Favorites that can be registered increased from 21 to 48. (Favorites will be carried over from Trial Version to the Full Version.)
  • The tool bar now has a search button.
  • An option to manually delete cookies has been added.

Making your own website for the Internet Channel

What are the User Agents of the Internet Channel?

Here are the Internet Channel's user agents:*

- Japan

Opera/9.10 (Wii; U; ; 1621; ja)

- English

Opera/9.10 (Wii; U; ; 1621; en)

- German

Opera/9.10 (Wii; U; ; 1621; de)

- Spanish

Opera/9.10 (Wii; U; ; 1621; es-ES)

- French

Opera/9.10 (Wii; U; ; 1621; fr)

- Italian

Opera/9.10 (Wii; U; ; 1621; it)

- Dutch

Opera/9.10 (Wii; U; ; 1621; nl)

*These user agents are subject to change without notice.


How do I obtain the window size in JavaScript?

Window width is always fixed at 800px. Window height can be obtained using window.innerHeight, and will be the size shown below according to Internet Channel settings.

Window Height (px)
Screen Aspect Ratio Tool Bar Screen Width Settings
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
4:3 Always Display 560 556 548 544 536 528 524 520 512 508 500
Auto/Manual 660 656 648 644 636 628 624 620 612 608 600
16:9 Always Display 420 416 412 408 400 396 392 388 384 380 376
Auto/Manual 496 492 488 484 476 472 468 464 460 456 452

How do I make my website stop displaying the links in blue text?

You can change the design so it will not display the links in blue by specifying outline: none; in the style sheet.

a:hover {
	outline: 2px solid #34BEED;
a:hover img, a:hover object, a:hover area, a:hover map, a:hover embed {
	outline: 8px solid #34BEED;
input:hover, select:hover, option:hover, map:hover, area:hover {
	outline: 2px solid #34BEED;

What are the JavaScript key codes of the Wii Remote?

Here are the key codes for each of the buttons on the Wii Remote:

Button Key code
(+) Control Pad - Up 175
(+) Control Pad - Down 176
(+) Control Pad - Left 178
(+) Control Pad - Right 177
A Button 13
B Button 171
(-) Button 170
(+) Button 174
1 Button 172
2 Button 173
Home Button Unavailable

Tell me about the advanced features of the Internet Channel

Using special JavaScript, the Wii Internet Channel can detect the Wii Remote's twist, its distance to the TV, and the conditions of other controllers connected to Wii.
These features cannot be used on the Trial Version of the Internet Channel.

window.opera.wiiremote Object
Method Description
update(num) Numbers 0~3 goes in num. 0 is 1P controller.
This obtains the current status of the corresponding Wii Remote, and returns the object with that information.
The properties are as follows.
Wii Remote Status Object
Property Description
isEnabled When a Wii Remote is connected, the value will be 1.
isDataValid If the data is valid, the value will be 1.
isBrowsing If the Wii Remote has browsing rights, the value will be 1.
dpdX Shows pointing location.
Front is zero, and bottom right is plus direction.
hold The button's flag will come up during button press.
The value of the Wii Remote that has a [isBrowsing] of 1 cannot be obtained.
dpdRollX Shows the DPD parallel direction vector.
The vector length is 1, and bottom right is plus direction.
dpdDistance Shows the distance between the sensor bar on the TV and the Wii Remote.
The further the distance, the larger the number returned.
dpdValidity Displays the number of objects that could be provided to recognize the pointing location.
Normally, the value is 1 or 2, and 0 would mean invalid.
If a minus number is displayed, this means that the recognition results are unreliable.
Button Flag Chart
(+) Control Pad - Up 8
(+) Control Pad - Down 4
(+) Control Pad - Left 1
(+) Control Pad - Right 2
A Button 2048
B Button 1024
(-) Button 4096
(+) Button 16
1 Button 512
2 Button 256
Home Button Unavailable

About the News Channel

I can't get the News Channel to start.

To start the News Channel, you first need to setup the WiiConnect24 setting in Wii Options.


  • Select Will Options from the Wii Menu
  • Select Wii Settings
  • Go to page 2, select WiiConnect24
  • Select WiiConnect24, select On, and then select Confirm
  • Select Standby Connection, select On, and then select Confirm

After selecting the News Channel, why does it take so long sometimes for the News articles to show up?

Using WiiConnect24, the News Channel periodically downloads news articles*. When WiiConnect24 is turned off, the News Channel may take longer to start because it must download all the news articles after pressing the Start button. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

When Wii is connected to the Internet using a USB connector, don't forget to check to see if your computer is turned on along with checking to see if your Wii console is on Standby mode.

*Depending on wireless conditions, automatic data acquisition may experience difficulties.


When are the news articles updated?

The News Channel displays the latest news articles at the time when the channel starts. However, since the news articles will not update once inside the News Channel, you must first return to the Wii Menu and go back into the News Channel at a later time to obtain more recent news articles.*

*News articles are updated approximately once every hour.


On the Globe, some of the news articles are being displayed on the wrong parts of the world. This can't be right.

The location of some of the news articles are determined by the name of the location that appears in the news articles, and may not necessarily reflect the actual locations the news articles took place.


Can I look at older news articles?

You're able to see news articles received within the past 24 hours. (These are news articles that have been distributed within the past 24 hours, and does not necessarily display news that had occurred within the past 24 hours.)


About the Photo Channel

What are the supported file formats?

The Photo Channel can display or play files in the following formats and sizes:

* Image Files:

Format: JPEG, baseline only

Size: Up to 8192x8192

* Video Files:

File format: Quicktime (motion JPEG) format (MOV)

AVI (Motion JPEG) format (AVI)

* Audio Files:

on Photo Channel 1.0 MP3 format

on Photo Channel 1.1 AAC format (extension .MP4, .m4a audio files) - more info

Please Note the Following:

o Some files in the above formats may not work with the Photo Channel.

o The audio components of some video files may not be playable.

o Using an SD Card with slow transfer speed may result in longer load times or irregular video playback.


About the Wii Shop Channel / Virtual Console

What can I buy in the Wii Shop Channel?

In the Wii Shop Channel, you can purchase Wii Points, and use these to download Virtual Console software and new Channels. (Internet connection required.)


What is the payment method in the Wii Shop Channel?

In the Wii Shop Channel, you use Wii Points to download Virtual Console games or software (when available). You can purchase a Wii Points Card at many retailers that carry Nintendo products. You can also purchase Wii Points through the Wii Shop Channel using Visa or MasterCard.


What is a Virtual Console?

The Virtual Console is a feature of Wii that consists of virtual console games. Download Virtual Console games from the Wii Shop Channel and play games from the NES, Super NES, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, TurboGraphx 16 and more (subject to availability). (An Internet connection is required to download Virtual Console games. A Classic Controller is required to play some Virtual Console games.)


Does it cost money to re-download Virtual Console games?

If you decide to delete a game or Channel, you can always re-download it at no additional cost. (You must re-download on the same console where you originally downloaded the content.)


Where can I get a manual for Virtual Console?

An electronic instruction manual will be included with each game downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel. You can view them by pressing the HOME Button during gameplay.


Where are Virtual Console game data saved?

Content downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel is saved within your Wii system memory.

You can also back up the data to an SD card. However, you can only use that data on the console onto which you originally downloaded the Virtual Console game.


About the Everybody Votes Channel

What countries are participating in the Worldwide Polls?

The following 29 countries are participating in the Worldwide Polls:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Guatemala
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • Venezuela

What happens if I don't vote?

If you don't vote, you won't be able to see the poll results of the polls you didn't place your votes for.


What are the results for the places (states, prefectures) in gray on the map in the National Results?

Regions with the color gray instead of pink or green means that the votes on those areas were so close, it was an even split.


It says "No results available" when I look at my Voter Data...

The "How Tuned In Are You?" and "Distance From Popular Opinion" will display "No results available" until a certain number of votes have been placed.


If I erase Miis that I registered, will the Mii also be erased from the Mii Channel?

If you erase your registered Miis from the Everybody Votes Channel, that Mii will NOT be erased from the Mii Channel. The Mii will stay in the Mii Channel until you erase them within the Mii Channel.

Also, keep in mind that you are not able to erase Miis that have votes pending. Once the results for those placed votes are in, you will be able to erase those Miis.


When I erased the Mii in the Mii Channel, an unknown Mii appeared.

When a Mii is erased from the Mii Channel, the records of that Mii in the Everybody Votes Channel will be taken over by another (guest) Mii.

You can then change that guest Mii to another Mii of your choice at a later time.



What game software platforms are compatible with Wii?

The following game software platforms can be played on Wii:
Games made for the Wii

Games for the Nintendo GameCube*

Virtual Console games and WiiWare downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel

*GameCube software requiring modem adapters and broadband adapters cannot be played on the Wii console.


What is Wii Message Board?

Just as you would post notes on a refrigerator in your home, you can place messages for your family right on the Wii Message Board.

You can place pictures taken from an SD memory card, and if your Wii is connected to the Internet, you can even send and receive messages with other Wii consoles, PCs, and cell phones.


What controllers can I use for Nintendo GameCube games?

You can play Nintendo GameCube games on Wii by connecting a GameCube controller to the GameCube Controller Socket on the Wii console. The Wii Remote and the Classic Controller are not compatible with Nintendo GameCube games.


How do I save Nintendo GameCube games on Wii?

The Nintendo GameCube Memory Card (59, 251 or 1019) is required to save Nintendo GameCube save files. Nintendo GameCube save files cannot be saved on the Wii console or an SD memory card.


What can the Wii console's Parental Controls settings do?

Parental Controls allow you to control access to each of these options:

Wii software and Virtual Console software

You can adjust the "Highest Game Rating Allowed" to be played on the Wii console. This setting is based on the Entertainment Software Rating Board ("ESRB") game rating categories. Note that this setting control does NOT control access to Nintendo GameCube games.

Internet Channel*

If you have downloaded the Internet Channel via the Wii Shop Channel, you can control access to the Internet Channel.

Wii Points*

Control access of the use of Wii Points. Note that this will control the use of Wii Points, but will not prevent the purchase of Wii Points.

News Channel*

Controls access to the News Channel

Wii Messages*

Controls sending and receiving of messages via the Wii console.

Please note that the Parental Controls settings are set to OFF by default. To enable these settings, either the Parent or Guardian must activate Parental Controls and set each of these options.

*These options will not be displayed unless your console is connected to the Internet.


Can the Wii console playback music CDs and DVDs?

The Wii console released in the end of 2006 does not have the feature to playback music CDs or DVDs.


How do I update my Wii console? What changes will occur when I perform these updates?

Wii System Updates will add new features to upgrade your Wii console, and allow you to download updated channels. To update your Wii Menu from version 1, 2, or 3 to the latest version (3.1), simply connect your console to the Internet and manually select "Wii System Update" from the Wii System Settings.

You can check the version of your Wii Menu by looking at the numbers on the top right corner on page 1 of the Wii System Settings.

New feature available on your Wii after updating to Version 3.1:

USB Keyboard Compatibility

Available for download on October 10, 2007, Wii Menu Version 3.1 provides USB keyboard compatibility for some of the system features of Wii. A keyboard inserted into a USB port on the console can be used for text input and specific button controls. For instance, this can make typing Message Board messages easier. For instructions on downloading the latest version of the Wii Menu, click here.

In addition, on October 10, the Internet Channel was updated to also allow the use of a USB keyboard while surfing the net (see below), and the Everybody Votes Channel was updated to provide improved efficiency and an improved display for the National Results by Region.


Are updates ever made to any of the Wii Channels?

From time to time, updates to a Wii Channel can be made available to provide additional features or improve efficiency.

For example, updates are currently available for the Internet Channel and Everybody Votes Channel. Both of these updates can be obtained from the WiiWare section of the Wii Shop Channel.

The Everybody Votes Channel is free of charge. The update to the Internet Channel is free for those who already have the Internet Channel on their Wii consoles. New users can get the updated Internet Channel for 500 Wii points. See below for more information.


How do I get the updated version of the Internet Channel? What new features does the updated version of the Internet Channel have?

The updated version of the Internet Channel is available in the WiiWare section of the Wii Shop Channel. The update is free for those who already have the Internet Channel on their Wii consoles. New users can get the updated Internet Channel for 500 Wii points.

New features available in the updated Internet Channel:

You can now use a USB keyboard to enter text such as writing emails or entering URLs.

The B Button can be used as a “Shift” key when entering text with the Wii Remote.

You can highlight text on a page and click the “Search” button to enter that text in the search field.

Web addresses (URLs) can be edited instead of having to retype an entire URL from the beginning.

The “Page Information” icon will stay visible. Clicking the icon will display the page's security level, and offer the ability to send the page to a friend.

The way pages are displayed has been enhanced with the ability to ignore white space, notification when zoomed images are at their native size, and other graphical enhancements.

You can now save up to 56 sites to your “Favorites,” and you have the ability to send favorites to other Wii friends.

The stability, speed, and security of the Internet Channel have all been improved.

For more information about the Internet Channel, click here.

For step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting, and frequently asked questions about the Internet Channel, please click here.