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Glacier Ride by magnatone [Contact Artist]
Genre: Pop Classical

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Hits: 386
Comments: 44
Votes: 14
Plays: 83
Last Played: Mar 12, 2008 - 07:35:02 PM
Downloads: 18
Fans: 41
Uploaded: Mar 09, 2008 - 06:14:17 PM
Last Updated: Mar 09, 2008 - 06:14:17 PM

Song Writing/Content:
Overall rating in Genre:

Composite Rating: 9.5179
** click criteria for info **
've been a motorcyclist for 35 years, and have been on lots of great
trips through the western part of the US and southwest Canada. A
couple of years ago I and my riding partner were dropping back down
into the US from Alberta after having weathered some ferocious winds
and weather the day before. But THIS day was shaping up to be
beautiful as we crossed the border and headed south.

We hadn't planned to go through Glacier National Park because we
generally avoid such places due to the traffic that can be hard to get
around. Nevertheless, we stopped in at the north entrance because it
was right there, and talked to the ranger about weather conditions up
in the park and to get a lay of the land. He said it would be a
beautiful 3-4 hour ride and that we'd have very little traffic because
of the direction we'd be riding and our entrance location. So we went
for it. That afternoon was so spectacular it's hard to put in words.
As I rode through (what's left of) the majestic glaciers, rode by
gorgeous waterfalls and saw lots of wildlife, this tune started to
come to me. This was before garageband (for me), so I was conceiving
it as a piano piece, which I began to work with when we got home a few
days later.

So here's "Glacier Ride", now orchestrated using the Symphony
Orchestra, World Music and Voices jampacks (in other words, another
Magnatone mishmash!) I've tried to incorporate the very helpful
feedback I've received from previous posts, and look forward to
hearing whatever thoughts you may have about this one. Enjoy the

M-Audio Keystation 61ES (used to play in the piano track)

Jam Packs:
Symphony Orchestra
World Music
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good grief woman!! — 03/09/08 - 06:23:51 PM
this is amazing - and i love the story that goes with it - thank you

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Noble — 03/09/08 - 06:26:03 PM
This is beautiful and grand, befitting the vistas you encountered. Well arranged, captivating, exciting. Very beautifully done... Such grandeur...

Congratulations on this fine achievement, Karen. Just lovely...

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majestic beauty — 03/09/08 - 06:26:33 PM
love the choir bits, and the almost-ragtime break, beautiful piano work. The only thing that I noticed this time was sometimes the xylophone (?) when playing with the piano tends to lose its pitch, and all you hear is some odd "chuffing" instead... a little re-orchestration or EQ to get it more clearly out front would help. But overall this is beautiful, like crisp Montana air... my wife and I vow to get up there soon!

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Glacier Ride — 03/09/08 - 06:29:14 PM
How awesome ...I loved that palce yet all I saw
were pics from my friends who lived near it ..
your music refleting that beauty of the mountain
and greeny resort.the inao flow so so wonderful
the orchestration so easy so peaceful ..thnx alot
for the gem my dear friend !!

[ Reply to This ]
Lovely .... — 03/09/08 - 06:33:28 PM
.. a smooth flowing ride right up to the hills and swells and then back again - nice

[ Reply to This ]
Glacier Ride — 03/09/08 - 06:45:55 PM
I like the keyboard percussion and ethnic percussion in general in the beginning. A very pretty music idea, and I like how you develop it. I like how you open up near the end. I also liked the ending.

Overall, I thought the opening few minutes were by far the best--kind of like David Foster in temperment. The chords and progressions in the beginning reminded me of him--a compliment! Also, I hear shades of Elton John in the beginning!

I felt the middle of the piece kind of meandered a bit. I think perhaps it's the constant piano arpgeggiation? Texture wise, it's pretty constant for the last few minutes. Varying the texture might add to the overall impact. Sonically, the rendering is quite good. The strings are synthy, but we can't really control the output of our samples. I thought the classical chord progressions were a little out of place with the ethnic percussion.

However, there are lots and lots of good things to say about this piece. I really like the overall positivity and sense of wonder you have created here. Although there may be a few things that could be be improved, this piece really nails it from the 'gestalt' perspective for me. Somethmes we as composers get all wound up in the nitty gritty--navel gazing about singing bowls!

Great piece, Karen with lots of impact. Memorable indeed!

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right then magna — 03/09/08 - 06:51:09 PM
wow i have been to glacier park and this captures the wonder i felt there ... am grinning ... big!!! thank you for rekindling a very fond memory.... a motorcyclist eh ... me too! too cool!

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Simply — 03/09/08 - 06:52:05 PM
beautiful melody and the story was lovely also
thank you. I will be giving this work of art a few more listens when I download it onto my ipod too. I simply love your Magnotone mishmash
keep em coming.


[ Reply to This ]
so me again — 03/09/08 - 07:21:28 PM
sent u email ... wow x2 magna!!!

[ Reply to This ]
Wow — 03/09/08 - 08:01:11 PM
This is so pretty Karen. I just loved it. This was a grand ride and I enjoyed every bit of it. I could almost see what you saw because of the feelings you portray with this piece. Just wonderful! Thank you for sharing this with us!!

[ Reply to This ]
VEry nice — 03/09/08 - 08:04:43 PM
Love the piano, .. Your description is so good to read while this is playing.. some crazy bells and percussion. Would nice algorithm be a word? I like the part where it has its crescendo then it goes into the soft but fast piano almost seems to fast for a human to play. very beautiful.. must have been even more beautiful to be there to be inspired to write such a great piece of music! Thanks for sharing!

[ Reply to This ]
This tune — 03/09/08 - 09:29:54 PM
fits perfectly with the theme you described. You are a towering musical figure. I can imagine it, all the trees and rock blurring by, the wind blowing through whats left of my hair. the road turning , turning. This soo good. Ever read zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, you might like it. I just love this piece.

[ Reply to This ]
Love how you — 03/09/08 - 11:10:06 PM
push this along to the open piano sound. It really has a free floating feel to this. And as it goes along it really has keeps gathering momentum.
You really play some of the most beautiful piano I have heard here. And this piece is one of em! Like how you import the bells into the tune, I like the pic as well The flute and choir is is a great lead in to the dynamic , dramatic ending. I enjoy your fast playing, you are superb playing fast, not just notes but well placed thought out notes.

To me your right up there with the very best.
Way to Go !
Masterfully done !

[ Reply to This ]
What an uplifting... — 03/09/08 - 11:48:48 PM
... beautiful piece of music. Your chime/keyboard song has me smiling. So well composed and so flawlessly produced. Really a pleasure to listen to this.

Kudos, Magna...

[ Reply to This ]
Glacier Ride — 03/10/08 - 12:42:43 AM
Most lovely and amazing track. What a ride - so light and easy (great piano!), most enjoyable - a treat!

[ Reply to This ]
This is really something! — 03/10/08 - 07:51:36 AM
I think you did a great job in capturing the excitement of seeing this beautiful part of the country. Every time I've been there I have had a feeling of wonder, awe, and adventure.......just as your music expresses.
I really like the build up that tapers down with a slight western hint.
At the end I could almost see you putting the kickstand down.
The last time I was there I was straddled something also....a mule.
Makes me sore to think about it Ha!

Great work Karen

[ Reply to This ]
A wonderful piece..... — 03/10/08 - 10:58:53 AM
This is, to me, a wonderful, uplifting piece of music.

Your description and the tune both made me want to go and be there now. Maybe one day I will.

Thanks everso for sharing this with everyone.

Take care.


[ Reply to This ]
Amazing — 03/10/08 - 01:32:57 PM
I can feel the nice ride it's like I'm free in a beautiful world riding on my bike..Hm! I don't have a bike :-) But I can understand hove you guys felted true this beautifully music. KUDOS

[ Reply to This ]
Intensely Dynamic and SPARKLING!!! — 03/10/08 - 02:18:21 PM

[ Reply to This ]
and i did enjoy — 03/10/08 - 05:45:43 PM
this ride...love your play and great feel to music Karen...this is very, very beautiful...Just wonderful.

[ Reply to This ]
This is — 03/10/08 - 08:06:12 PM
Wonderful. Great musicianship and dexterity in those fingers.... it's just like your description ... I hear tinkling rivers and snowscapes with beautiful mountainous grandeur..... you've described it all hear along with the movement. Love it, regards M

[ Reply to This ]
upbeat with good energy! — 03/10/08 - 08:21:04 PM
Your pieces always have such a pleasant, upbeat energy which pulls the listener forward.

This piece is very well-named for this reason; I can easily imagine myself riding through gorgeous scenery, wondering what's around the next bend.

The piano is the driving force in this piece, with continuously cascading eighth notes.

You have a very good sense of pacing; the piece builds gradually and reaches a satisfying culmination after the four minute mark, then ramps down to a more restful conclusion.

My only suggestions: Perhaps "shape" the string track a bit more, with subtle crescendos and diminuendos, and more reverb to smooth it out. It sounded just slightly stiff and choppy.

Overall I would also bring the string volume down; it was a little relentless at times; my ears wanted more variety, more of a break.

I would treat the voices in pretty much the same way as the strings, in all respects. Sustained sounds are tricky to blend into the overall texture.

I liked the xylophone sound as is; it was a nice percussive effect.

I haven't experimented with GB 4's capability to change the tempo, but intend to soon. I suggest that you slow the piece down after the climax, just a tad.

The repetitive rhythmic nature of this piece with the running eighth notes also begs for slight variations in tempo, which would make the piece sound more "natural" and flowing; less mechanical.

Very nice work overall! I always look forward to hearing your wonderful pieces, and am VERY glad that you have joined us here at MacJams.

[ Reply to This ]
magnatone — 03/11/08 - 09:26:51 AM
Nice work. You can really play.

[ Reply to This ]
What a fine composition... — 03/11/08 - 10:09:49 AM
...and so well played/orchestrated...really sweet...I like that percussive line you've got, following the piano. Very subtle weave in and out.

[ Reply to This ]
Stellar sound — 03/11/08 - 02:46:22 PM
Masterful sound and quality. I very impressed, especially with your piano work and general composing.
Glad you visited me the other day. Thanks for sharing.


[ Reply to This ]
Great — 03/11/08 - 03:23:16 PM
Your music is so beautiful... The piano your play, sounds great.... Both the playing, and also the sound.... And nice with the strings... Peaceful music..

[ Reply to This ]
Again wow... — 03/11/08 - 03:24:28 PM
I finally had a chance to let this play through. It is simply amazing! Beautiful piece of work. Deep, rich and full of intertwining melodies.

How long did this take you? I mean this is a serious piece of work!!! Very very phenomenally done!

[ Reply to This ]
had to see what the fuss is about... — 03/11/08 - 03:43:20 PM
And now I understand! Wow, really fabulous production. I love the "toy-train-like" whimsical percussive element. This is full of gorgeous dynamics. Never a dull moment. Wonderful symphonic "summit". I'm just simply blown away.

[ Reply to This ]
Majestic — 03/11/08 - 03:49:22 PM
Thank you for translation the awesome majesty of God's creation to us through the instruments. What a gorgeous piece of music!

[ Reply to This ]
A very — 03/11/08 - 04:01:23 PM
beautiful composition and played and produced beautifully too.

[ Reply to This ]
WOW!!! — 03/11/08 - 05:12:03 PM

[ Reply to This ]
karen — 03/11/08 - 05:55:55 PM
this is amazing. sorry i'm so late on this one. especially loved the beginning. you play so well, and the melodies are just fantastic on this one. what are you playing piano on? is that the steinberg piano? sounds so nice. everything is here, rhythms, melody, feeling and style. love it.

[ Reply to This ]
amazing — 03/11/08 - 07:19:13 PM
The piano just dances over the beautiful orchestration. Light and hopeful like the fine day you took your ride. I was particularly blown away by the changes in the composition. Skillfully done and a real delight to listen to. I am now off to listen to more of your music.

[ Reply to This ]
Very nice! — 03/11/08 - 08:15:38 PM
It's so easy to imagine watching beautiful scenery as you zoom down the highway listening to this.


[ Reply to This ]
Definitely — 03/11/08 - 10:14:35 PM
makes me want to visit Glacier National Park. Extremely fine piano playing.Very creative!

[ Reply to This ]
What a Wonderful World... — 03/12/08 - 12:37:38 AM
and what a beautiful musical capture of your experience witnessing it in all its splendor on that particular day.

Truly a lovely composition and an inspiring performance.

I'm going to download this and save it for an eventual trip to Glacier National Park. ;)

--- Joe

[ Reply to This ]
May I say — 03/12/08 - 10:40:30 AM
you underrated this dong by calling it "Pop Classical"? To me it's a spectacular Ambient track (capital A), so soft and delicate, yet beautifully orchestrated and well developed. With your picture in mind, I really felt I was taking that ride with you.

[ Reply to This ]
Flowing and majestic — 03/12/08 - 11:50:12 AM
Now this is a composition! Wonderfully performed and put together. Such a happy peice of music that takes the listener by the hand down the path of your choice.

I liked how the xylophone became almost a percussive piece. Sounded like pixies dancing on a tiny set of high-pitched tom-toms!

[ Reply to This ]
whooooopie!!!! — 03/12/08 - 12:04:44 PM
not only are you the nicest of people, you are a fantastic composer and player as well!!!

Isnt this the nicest music??? totally floored....it totally fits a cross country trip....actually, if someone wanted to make a documentary about backroads america, this would be a sublime sound track

wow...very very impressive!!

deepest bows to you, karen


[ Reply to This ]
Beautiful — 03/12/08 - 12:32:57 PM
So relaxing to listen to, but at the same time intently trying to pick
out every instrument as it comes in, and the key changes, major
to minor, voices and strings harmonizing along the way. Superb!

[ Reply to This ]
Love the feeling to the song — 03/12/08 - 12:47:59 PM
I love the feeling to this song, it puts a smile on my face and it reminds me of something but im not sure what : )

The piano and violin are great!

[ Reply to This ]
wonderful stuff Karen — 03/12/08 - 12:48:09 PM
you have wonderful heartfelt compositions... intricate & constantly evolving through the whole piece... makes for a very nice journey... which brings us back to the title I guess... you have seasoned ears and chops...


[ Reply to This ]
Lush .. — 03/12/08 - 04:36:51 PM

.. rolling, big soundscape .. big open spaces and flowing melt water ... flies getting squashed on the visor of your helmet .. as you bomb along at 100mph ... where was I? Oh yeah - class, quality music Karen ..top notch.. love your flowing style on those keys.

[ Reply to This ]
*** — 03/12/08 - 04:59:48 PM
Awesome tune. I could chill to this all day!!!

[ Reply to This ]
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