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Clinton aide: Obama unqualified for VP

by Mike Dorning

After several days of Bill and Hillary Clinton floating the idea of a joint ticket with rival Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton chief spokesman Howard Wolfson declared Monday that Clinton does not consider Obama qualified to be vice president.


Still, Wolfson said Clinton would not “rule out” Obama as a potential vice president, in the event the Illinois senator is somehow able to prove he meets the test to be commander-in-chief in the five months between now and the August Democratic National Convention.

The Clinton campaign had been pressing the idea of a Clinton-Obama “dream ticket” as a way to win over Democrats torn between the two candidates at the same time it has been aggressively questioning Obama’s readiness to be commander-in-chief. That has led to questions seeking to resolve an apparent inconsistency in the possibility someone would be considered suitable to stand a heartbeat away from the presidency and yet be unprepared for the post.

Clinton Communications Director Wolfson was pressed on the point during a press conference call a few moments ago in which military advisers to the Clinton campaign again questioned Obama’s readiness to be commander-in-chief.

(Photo of Howard Wolfson provided to AP by CBS News' Face the Nation.)

Wolfson reaffirmed Clinton’s position that Obama has not demonstrated his suitability to guide the nation in an international crisis.

“We do not believe at this point that Sen. Obama has passed that key commander in chief test,” Wolfson said. Later, Wolfson added that what Clinton views as Obama's failure to pass that test would disqualify him as a vice presidential pick, since a vice president must be prepared to step into the presidency at a moment’s notice.

“Sen. Clinton will not choose any candidate who has not at the time of choosing passed the national security threshold, period,” Wolfson said.

But in an unusual logical twist, Wolfson said Clinton considered it possible that Obama might be able to demonstrate his readiness for commander-in-chief between now and August, when the Democratic National Convention meets in Denver and the party’s nominee must choose a running mate.

“We have a long way to go between now and Denver. And it’s not something she’s prepared to rule out at this point. But certainly anyone who is chosen as a vice presidential candidate needs to be prepared to be commander-in-chief,” Wolfson said.


very bold for a candidate BEHIND in the race.

Nice. So Clinton thinks Obama isn't qualified to be VP, but wants him on the ticket if he "meets the test" by August (IOW, if she needs him to win the big prize). More two-faced talk from the Clinton campaign.

Finally they realized that saying that he'd be a good vice president makes no sense if you're saying he's not qualified to be president.

And also it makes no sense, when you're losing, to suggest that the person in the lead would make a great #2.

Good gracious, Hillary is just too much. She's LOSING, and yet is willing to dole out the VP award to the guy in first. How on earth does that make ANY sense? And is this kind of wacky revisionistic approach the way she'd run the presidency if she were in fact to win? How would THAT go over in the world? This woman is nuts - why can't people figure this out? Unreal...

Where does Hillary's "braintrust" come off being so presumptious to even think this? Last time anyone checked, she is not ahead, equal or even that close to make self-important statements like this. So typical of the Clinton people to fail to accept the fact that America just doesn't want this creep as president.

Aren't they getting the cart before the horse? We haven't selected a Democrat veep nominee yet.

Nothing I've read has surprised me until now...

This one completely and utterly takes the cake.

If we include personal qualities like tact and likeability that are required for the job (in my mind, one of the reasons W has failed so miserably), Ms. Clinton is not qualified to be a White House receptionist.

One more reason to vote Obama. Is it not clear to people that Obama's campaign only gets negative when this wench does or says something like this? And she isn't in favor of mudslinging? What is this statement called?


A female voter

First off, I should say I am a woman, lest anyone get the wrong idea about what I am about to say. And Hillary Clinton personifies the reason I believe most women in this country would make our worst president ever.

She is scheming and nasty in a very female way. Float the idea that he is vice presidential material and then turn around and stab him in the back saying he isn't qualified for the job? Unless he proves himself between now and December? How is he supposed to do that? Does she have a sorority style hazing ritual planned? This is typical junior high school girl behavior that some women never give up.

I'm convinced if we had a female president we might have a smaller military, but we would have a huge CIA engaging in covert operations all over the globe under the radar. It's typical female behavior. Snaky and backhanded.

So sad and pathetic that the only way Hil thinks she can win is to tear down other people. That says more about her than anything.

I nearly fell out of my seat from laughter... the things that come out of the Clinton camp is unbelievable. A man that leads in popular vote and by nearly 150 pledged delegates is NOT qualified to be vice president. President/Commander-in-Chief is more fitting.

So, will the Clintonites come up with a test for Obama to take before the convention? Will it be multiple choice or essay? Or are we assuming that Obama's going to get a call at 3 AM with some hypothetical world crisis that he will have to resolve, and will the Clinton campaign be grading him on this? This has been the most irritating Presidential campaign in my lifetime, and just think - it's only March...

That's right Wolfson, keep it up. In the 90s we loved the fight in the Clintons because that was the best way to combat the "vast right wing conspiracy" that had it out for you. Now, all you're doing is making sure that if you beat the so-called unqualified candidate (who's leading you, by the way) that I will stay home instead of voting for you. I'd rather have McCain in office than vote for you if this is the way you choose to campaign. This scorched earth philosophy may win the primary, but risks losing the election. But you've definitely lost my vote.

Qualifications are entirely up to the voters to decide. If her issue is with experience, let me remind her that Rumsfeld, McCain, Cheney,etc all have arguably the most impressive resumes in Washington.

However, we all have seen that they gave experience a bad name.


LOL! Oh the flip-flops from Clinton's hacks!

After trying to steal & sway some of the Independents by allowing that they would put Obama on the ticket, then realizing by doing that they implicitly endorse the idea that he is after all "qualified" to be President, now they'll back away from this.

It might not seem like a big thing but my opinion (humble as it is) is that Clinton just made the mistake of again looking disorganized & contradictory and I'm thinking this latest debacle combined with the attempt to steal the Florida & Michigan delegates after signing off on the earlier agreement will expose her for what she is...someone who is willing to do and say ANYTHING as long as it gets her back into the White House, so she can steal more china, linen & furnishings.

Like Obama needs to take 2nd when he's in 1st.

Just let the DNC knuckle under to Clinton and John McCain will get to be President because I and many other Obama supporters would rather vote for him, & volunteer for his election rather than Hillary after this blatant display of no morals & politics as usual.

Considering that Sen. Clinton has only a hair more experience in the Senate, what makes her qualified to be CinC? The fact that she was there when Bill was in charge? Hardly. If the goal is to just win the nom but lose the general, she's doing a fine job of it. But, if she loses the nom, then she's not only lost, but given fire to their collective enemies. Use your heads, people!

“We do not believe at this point that Sen. Obama has passed that key commander in chief test,” Wolfson

And Hillary has????? Please let us know.

Why would Barack Obama want to play second to Bill/Hillary? They are pathetic to even float that idea. The only exerience Hillary has that he doesn't, is being the first lady. Would Barbara Bush or Laura Bush be qualified to lead this country? Hell no! Hillary has one more term as a senator than Obama. She doesn't stand a chance in hell!

All Obama has done is run for an election every 2 years. He has NOT accomplished anything worthwhile. Check his record and past history. While in the senate he has just waffled the 2 years, not making any key decisons, or even attend committee meeting. He thinks the Senate is a big club and he is using it to be President. Also Howard Dean should be fired about the decisions in MI and FL.

So who gave Hillary the right the judge who is qualified and who is not? Being married to Slick Willy?

Although I can't stand her and Bill, I have to give credit to the Clinton camp for implying that it takes "Presidential material" to know one. Very shrewd indeed.

Attack Obama! Attack! The punches from the Clinton Camp have been pretty impressive.

Who would WANT to be Hillary & Bill's VP? At least with Obama as Pres and Hillary VP, then Bill would have less freedom to screw with anything, politically speaking.

Does she realize she's losing!??? I mean seriously? I know she can do math. This isn't the type of thing you say when you are losing. She continues to destroy the party a little bit every day. Does she really want to run on her experience? We all know it's full of exaggerations.

Typical Clinton campaign tactic they say one thing then when it is unpopular or they are caught doing political double talk, they change their statement. Seems to be a pattern...she voted for something she hoped wouldn't pass, she voted to give the president the power to use force but said it wasn't to go to war, and she signed on that FL and MI wouldn't count and now she is the "fighter" trying to get the people's votes counted.
Same old politics as usual.

I agree with the Clinton camp that Mr Obama is not qualified enough to be VP

Of course he isn't qualified to be VP, he is only qualified to be PRESIDENT! How can a second place loser have the nerve to say the peoples choice isn't qualified. Tough lady get divorced and move on with your life and stay away from the White House you are the unqualified one!

Sounds like something George Bush would say. We're winning the war for hearts and minds. They have WMD. Barack would make a great VP, except he isnt' qualified to be VP you know compared to me, but since he has the majority of support from the people I need him on my ticket.

The test for being CinC must be voting for wars on flimsy, cherry-picked evidence against countries that haven't attacked us. Clinton is only begging the question about exactly why SHE is qualified to be CinC. And that would be...?????

If Obama wins the primary, it is over for the Democrats this time. Too many are scared to death of what will become of America under Obama's reign. I know I will become a staunch Republican if this happens...and have others say the same thing

Mr Obama is definitely not qualified to be VP. He hasnt earned that right in my opinion.

I have yet to figure out what 'test' Hillary has passed to make her more 'qualified' than Obama, or how she has so much more 'experience' than he does. Her campaign gurus finally figured out that she cannot continue to say he is a good VP candidate but rip him apart because he has no experience or hasn't been tested. It..just..doesn't..make..sense!

This tactic is pretty amazing. I'm still trying to figure out what makes Hillary qualified to be president. I don't think her many years of following Bill around qualify her to do anything.

I can't imagine that Barack Obama would even consider being her vice-presidential running mate. What sane politician would agree to run for what amounts to 2nd vice-president?

I'm a McCain supporter, and I have to say I'm loving this. By the time Hillary is done she will have wrecked Obama's chances and destroyed her own credibility at the same time.

You go, girl.

OK Folks that's it. I can't vote for Barack Obama due to his inability to maintain a state of composure during moment of national crisis and that I in turn should vote for the Miss-us Clinton becauses she likes to wail a bit when things get tight. I am just sooooooo impressed. Get a life girl or a press spokesman with more brains than bowels... YUCK!

I find it hard to believe that while Hillary was in the White House with Bill that they shared many discussions on national security issues and foreign policy considering the fact that Bill spent his intimate times with other women. Do you think Genifer Flowers and Paula Jones can run for govenor of Arkansas? Monica Lewinsky spent time with Bill in the Capitol. Vice presidential material?

What the heck are they talking about when they say "commander-in-chief test" and "national security threshold?" Is there a written part of it? Do they go to the oval office danger room and simulate a nuclear attack?

I'm still waiting for how being First Lady allows you to pass that test, too.

McCain trounces either of them in the military knowledge and readiness category.

You're kidding right? And her test was, what? Being married to the President? Whatever! You cannot prove you're ready for it without doing it... as many have said, the two most qualified people in Washington are Cheney and Rumsfeld and who the heck wants them running anything! I'll take Obama over the overly optimistic Clinton anyday! How dare she act as though she's in a position to pick a VP just because she pulled 3 of 4 out last week... lots of delegates left to get, Hill, lots!

The bar room brawling within the Democratic party succeeds in keeping them on the front page, even though it has become more than tiresome.

Unfortunately for the Republicans, they seem to have chosen a cocktail party. More civilized, but what's to report? Lots of free publicity lost.

"(Photo of Howard Wilson provided to AP by CBS News' Face the Nation.)

Posted by Mike Dorning on March 10, 2008 12:41 PM |"

"Howard Wilson"? Surely Howard Wolfson.

Can't the Swamp get anything right?

Wow! there's just no limit whatsoever just how ridiculous Hillary Clinton is capable of acting. I'm actually surprised at the Tribune for even publishing such an arrogantly STUPID notion. OK smart guys, answer me this: What military service have Hilly or her draft dodgin', Didn't inhalin' "Former" president husband ever serve in? And just exactly WHAT military expertise does Hilly supposedly have? As I recall she couldn't even get the security clearance necessary to even be peripherally included in any national defense or security discussions EVER! So just WHO are we BS'n here. EVEN I had a secret clearance when I served as a Cavalry Scout on the East/West German border back in 76-80. The Clintons are about as much use to the military as bicycle is to a fish. ANYBODY would make a better commander in chief of the military than that empty headed woman, and I'm pretty sure that most Veterans and current duty soldiers will agree wholeheartedly with me. They're neither of them any friend to the fighting men of this country and to even suggest that she should be in charge of them is a disgrace and an insult. Hillary better lay off this line of nonsense, because if she doesn't she's gonna create a lot of bad will with the Veterans. Maybe Obama doesn't have the most military experience compared to John McCain, but he has every bit as much as Hillary Clinton if not MORE, and she'd do well to remember that.

omigod....i am so incredibly upset with Hillary Clinton. I actually voted for her and was a strong supporter. but after all this negative campaigning and back-handed comments, I no longer support Hillary at all. She is going to RUIN the Democratic Party and pave the way for yet another Republican to win this election. I don't understand what she is trying to do by saying that she wants Obama as her VP but he's not qualified to even run as VP; by insinuating he's not a Christian; he's less qualified to be president than even McCain. Who the hell is running her campaign? Get rid of Penn and Wolfson. All they've done is dig Hillary and the whole Democratic Party into a big ditch, and they're trying to push Obama into that hole, too. Well I for one will not stand for it and will wholeheartedly support OBAMA because he is the one and only person who can truly bring change to our future politics. (I am very disappointed in Hillary Clinton).

Hillary, you are losing.

Let me repeat this so you get it.

YOU ARE LOSING...and you're so far behind in the delegate count that you basically have no chance of winning.

Obama needs to just ignore Hillary and her henchmen from here on out, let her scream and moan all she want's because she's only showing how desperate and pathetic that she really is.

Its just continued Bizzaro World campaigning from the Clinton Camp. Keep arguing that your chief competitor for the nomination is "unqualified" to lead and just hope enough people believe you to win. Its is just the sort of "me-first" self-absorbed attitude that makes for terrible leaders. I am disappointed with the arrogance of Senator Clinton.

What an irrational arguement. He's not qualified to be VP now, but he could be in 5 months. That makes as much sense as those who say that Obama needs 8 yrs. as VP. before he is qualified to be president while Hillary is "ready on day one" with 8 yrs. as First Lady.

NuNu, let me say as a woman, you don't deserve the title of woman saying that most women would make our worst President ever. Have you checked everyting recently, to make sure you qualify as a woman?

Incredible!! They are just trying to mess with the Obama camp; trying to force them to say something that can count against them. I foresee another 11-0 run for Barack (including MI and FL).This time, Hillaryland has overstepped its manipulation and fantasy!

So Hillary has 35 years of experience?

She's 60 now, which means she had to start in politics when she was 25.

Wasn't she a Republican then??

I'm so sick of everyone talking about experience, what experience did Ronald Reagan, Aronld Schwarzenegger and that WWF Wrestler had before they became governors? Or George W. Bush, Bill Clinton have before they became Governors? Sometime the only thing you really need is a good head on your shoulders, Common sense and good intentions to try to turn something negative into something positive. How many time have we lacked experience for a job we didn't qualify for and made it through? I'm not saying Obama isn't qualified, I understand that the is the a job to become the President of the United States. People we need to think, it's not about experience, race, religion sex or words, it's about who can turn this country around. Now take your pick Obama or Clinton.

Nothing surprises me about the Clinton campaign. This is the type of person so many voters in America want as the Dem nominee. Clinton's base loves this type of politics. Sad but true. She really doesn't deserve to lead this country. It time for american voters to see the real candidate and finally do what's good for this country. The Clintons are worse than monters, they're liers.

Come on folks, figure it out..Clinton wants Obama as her V.P. to make sure she doesn't lose the Black vote. I think she is probably misguided in her thought pattern that: just because Obama is Black, then Black voters will vote for her just to get Obama as V.P. Hillary, please give more credit to the Black voters. They are more than able to decide who they will vote for.

Hey Wolfson, show us Hillary's Credentials that she is qualified to be President!! Uh huh, thought so!

This would be hilarious (no pun intended) if it were not so grave for our country. First the Clintons suggest they want Obama to be on "their" ticket. Then, when Obama says clearly that he is not interested because he is running for President, they turn around and call him unqualified! Excuse us while we chucle! Hillary's campaign is dirty (which makes it scary), but it's also pathetic in a way. BARACK NOW, MORE THAN EVER!

The Clintons must do anything to win because now they've started to alienate the other democrats. They must win in order to stay relevant with the Dems. If they don't win, they will no longer have any influence in their Party and they will be out for good.

She will stop at nothing....even when she's shown up as an empty fraud. Barack - please finish the Clinton's off once and for all so we can get on with the 21st century.

That's the final straw. This Democrat will NEVER vote for Hillary.

She's run an arrogant, unethical, dishonest campaign and shown that all she cares about is winning at all costs--even if she destroys her party in the process and trashes the Democratic FRONT RUNNER who (earth to Hillary) is NOT her.

Who gave the Clinton camp the moral authority to judge qualifications? As a woman I am embarassed by her and her campaign's behavior. If running a campaign is the first test to the presidency and an economic steward test, then she's failed miserably and already put her campaign in debt. Plus she should learn some math skills and note that he cannot overcome Obama's pledged delegate lead. Then she should lookup the word democracy. Her last quote was saying that pledge delegates do not have to in fact vote for who they are pledged to. Why would a nominee acting this way think that she would have the support of the American people?

After Bush I was ready to vote democrat this year. But this party, and these two candidates, are so screwy, I'm voting for John McCain.

I can't even stand to read about what these two campaigns are saying with each new day.

I'm an Obama supporter. But up until now, I've been saying that if Hillary gets the nomination, that I would vote for her, because their policies are similar enough.
But now with this, this is too much and I'm sick of mud slinging in desperation. If Clinton is the nominee, McCain has my vote.

I can't be alone in this thinking.

Obama hasn't held a committee hearing for Senate Foreign Relation Committee since he became chairman for it. Obama became chairman in January 2007. His excuse was he was too busy with the campaign. Typical for an inexperienced irresponsible politician if you ask me. If you don't have the time, resign so someone else can do the job. Don't ride it for over a year and use campaign as excuse. Is this the type of president you want? lol

What's sad is that this brainwashing works.

I don't think a lot of people see through these sort of reverse psychology tricks.

The Clintons are shrewd and clever - look what they've overcome in American politics?

They are shrewd and will do anything - anything! - to win.

Obama isn't qualified to lead anything! Hasn't lead anything yet in his life in public office. All he does is talk a good game.

Ok, all you Obama backers, need to back off!! I am from Illinois and will not vote for Obama, he is a right wing liberal who dreams too big (frighteningly Hitlerish) and as far as I am concerned I am not thrilled with the people surrounding him aka Farakhan etc. Great he is appealing to the younger people, but honestly what has he won? he got beat badly in Ohio, and the only reason he is not supporting a re vote in Michigan or Florida is because he will get beat handily in both of those states!!! So come on, where is this dream of "everyones" vote counts? Obama has dirt on in him too, and its beginning to come to life. Two years in the senate doese not qualify anyone to be a PRESIDENT especially someone who didnt even have a vote on the war, and why would he vote for it? .... and if this doesnt get posted then I question the freedom of speech on this blog! QUIT FOLLOWING THE DAMN MEDIA PEOPLE!! AND DO SOME REAL RESEARCH ON THIS GUY AND YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED WHAT YOU DIG UP....AND POSSIBLY DISTURBED!!!

Uh, somebody needs to tell Wolfson that Obama has already won. It's obvious that his only goal now is to make certain McCain wins in fall so Hillary can try again in 2012.

If Clinton-Obama is a dream ticket and Obama is not qualified to be a VP, then, by a simple logic, the only possibility is Obama as the presidential nominee (he leads the count) and Hillary as the VP (if Obama feels that she is qualified). I rest my case.

Quick summary: Yes, I mean No, I guess I really mean maybe.

This is not the leadership we need in the white house.

Vote for a winner in November, vote Obama.

I was a Bill Clinton fan upto the last few wks, i never understood why so many people hate them, now i do. Tricky, scheming,down right dirty,Then has the nerve to play the crying game.She will pull every trick in the book.Much worse than Bill C ever was.I will bet he has been blackmail all this time.Watchout American

Wolfson just blew it for me. We don't need snide arrogance in the White House, and if Hillary keeps these types of double-talking mumbo-humbo, she will lose even her staunchest supporters. While, I don't particularly care for the hot air and empty rhetoric coming out of the Obama camp, I certainly will not stand for "hair-brain" tactics that will turn off voters and make them DEFECT to the other side where at least "what you see is what you get."

Honesty is what we need, not Wolfson's "hair brain" schemes to put a negative spin on NOTHING.

Hillary, if you really want this, you need to do it with dignity and integrity just like that of Eleanor Roosevelt, your hero.

The illogical reasoning of Obama supporters:
- With Hillary this is about her personal ambition?
-- Ok, news to you..so is it with Obama! without the ambition or desire he wouldn't be contesting!

- Hillary will destroy democratic party
-- Wake up, this is an election and you are voting for a president not a cheer leader or a celebrity contest on people magazine

-Obama doesn't take any money from lobbyists or SIGs
-- Wake up call again, his campaign has taken money from health care industry and has been hobnobbing with execs with power lunches etc.

-Hillary or her campaign will not stop any thing..blah blah
--It is Obama campaign which has been stooping real low, crashing campaign conference calls, calling your opponent names and etc.

-Hillary and her husband and all the scandals
-- Don't forget your junior senator from Illinois already has 2 scandals to his name - Rezko and nuclear legislation

- Hillary and her husband..etc. etc.
-- Lest you forget Bill was your favorite president until Repubs. won white house.

-Hillary and Obama have same experience...
--Hillary has been a senator for 8 years, in which she took decisions, Obama was in senate for 3 years. Obama while in state senate, didn't vote but chose 'present' on 120 or os occasions and while being in the senate for 3 years and being on the senate foreign relations committee DIDN'T attend a single hearing on Afghanistan! so much for his national security record.!

-Hillary and Obama on foreign policy and relations
---Hillary voted for Iraq war based on what the president and secretary of state presented, you vote based on the knowledge present at the moment you just don't oppose blindly because it is a proposal from the other side of the aisle like Obama. Obama's foreign experience - growing up as a kid for a few years in Indonesia. Hillary, meanwhile not only visited 80+ countries but also was involved in having a say on issues.

-Obama has more popular vote.
-- Popular is split. Obama won more caucus states with much lower participation of electorate than primaries. Hillary won - CA, TX, OH, MA, NY, NJ etc. all big states with huge populations.

Boldly spoken for a representative of the second place candidate.

"Monica Lewinsky spent time with Bill in the Capitol. Vice presidential material?" -GP

No, not VP...Possibly Chief of Staff.

Anyone who is still a Hillary & Bill supporter following the madness of this issue needs to see a psychiatrist.

What test are they talking about? Has Hillary taken the test to be the commander in cheif? and if she did what score did she get?

What The Clintons mean is that they will say anything to get votes and if Obama were to concede the race to them, they _might_ consider him veep material. And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you - cheap. I wouldn't bet on anything The Clintons say except perhaps that whatever they say is likely to be a lie. We've had 8 years of lies. Do we want to continue this way?

Seeing this makes me remember with disbelief that I felt generally favorable toward Hillary when the campaign started. Although I preferred Barack, I would have supported either over a republican.

The more Hillary campaigns, the more negative she gets, and it's really a huge turnoff. I am now a huge Barack Obama supporter. But if he doesn't win the nomination, John McCain will be my back-up, NOT Hillary Clinton. I couldn't possibly pull the lever for her in November after watching her desperately try to destroy the best thing to happen to politics in the last 25 years (i.e., Barack Obama).

We agree that Obama is not qualified to be VP. In fact, we don't think he's even qualified to be a U.S. Senator from Illinois.
After the Rezko trial is over, we feel that Obama will be unelectable for ANYTHING!


Hillary has proven that she can win big in the big states that are the must wins for the Dems in November. It's that simple.

It's time for Obama to exit the race before he further divides and damages the Dem. party.

Love it Hilary, and you know, in doing my job the past four years my wife has gained enough experience, and met with enough of my peers that she can now count that on her resume. She has been there right next to me through it all, so I'm sure my contacts would feel comfortable reaching out to her at 3am.

At any level, how many elections has she won? More then Barack......NO. She promised to create jobs in NY and failed, and has been a part of a do nothing Congress since she was elected. Maybe her speeches will be used by the McCain side in the general election when he's running against Barack because she certainly seems to think its her or John Wayne. I can't wait till he wins the nomination and she has to support him after bashing him for the better part of the primaries.

I also loved Rendell on "Meet the Press" on Sunday stressing that she's won the "bigger more important states." I guess that means that we should only hold primaries in those locations using that logic.

Since she is unqualified to be president, she appears to be an expert on being unqualified.

She is the worst choice people, I have been saying that for months. If you doubt this, look at the change of tactics in her campaigning as she fell behind. She will do the same thing as presodent, rule by what benefits HER, not US.

If Hillary wins the nomination, I will either sit this one out or vote for (this is so hard to say), vote for McCain. Four years, or less of McCain is better than four to eight years of another lying Clinton. She would eat her young if that would give her the nomination. What a horrible person she is. There is a clear choice here between light and the darkness of evil. Her experience in foreign affairs is "tea and cookies" diplomacy. Isn't that precious.

I can't believe anyone who was alive for the Bill Clinton years doesn't know that Hilary is a snake. You all talk like this is happening for the first time. People should review history, maybe they would get a clue and keep from having history repeat itself.

I know who make make the perfect running mate for Hillary Clinton; a hungry Crocodile. Every time Hillary snaps, so does the Crocodile. But the Crocodile doesn't care who it bites: might even turn on Hillary. O', wait a minute! These are Hillary's OWN traits. No wonder Obama doesn't qualify.

If Hillary is claiming experience due to all the time she spent with Bill in proximity to the power and decision-making, I guess Lewinsky & Flowers should update their resumes to reflect all the time they spent down there too?

She's actually looking bad compared to them now, which is something I would never have expected. I guess it's true she never dumped Bill because she didn't want to give up the power-base.

If she actually ruins this election because she won't go away and does some under-handed sellouts to the superdelegates, I hope Obama does not accept any VP offers.

I would then hope Obama stays in the Senate and keeps working so he can take it in 2012, because Hillary won't be able to scare up bus fare after blowing up the Democratic Party's best chance in decades.

Go Obama! Make this all go away! Please


Get your story straight, TEAM HILLARY.

"He's not vetted, McCain and I are. He's not experienced, McCain and I are. Oh, he can be my VP. Yes, he's ready to be one beat from the presidency. No, on fourth thought, he's not ready. We retrack the offer."

Hillary Clinton: Ready to be WRONG on Day One.

So, why is Clinton assuming that she will be the nominee? Doesn't Obama have more delegates now? Very deceitful of the Clinton campaign to play this game where they keep presenting Obama as a potential vice-president, so people would think that he has lost the race. Obama has more delegates and maybe Clinton should be thinking about her potential vice-president role.

Billary and their campaign staff are a bunch of morons. It's the delegates count, stupid!

I agree that Obama is not qualified to be VP.

Almost from the moment he became our senator in Illinois, he launched his presidential campaign, and has done NOTHING for the people of Illinois who elected him to represent and serve them.

He's a big disappointment in my book.

This Democrat is voting for John McCain.

Barack -- it's time to fight back and state unequivocally that there is NO Room on the ticket for a 'Billary' in the 2nd Banana role. The rationale would be there is only one office available without room for the "Two-fer" as she has campaigned -- beside she herself is only one plank short of a 'double-Wide'

"Monica Lewinski's ex-boyfriend's wife for President!"

I wish I came up with this campaign bumper sticker.

Let's see...Bill was Slick Willy how about we call Hillary Slick Hilly or Slipery Hillary.

This really isn't about the VP pick at all, but rather is another attempt by the Clintons to deceive the American people. There are some people who would buy it that you might get a "two for one", and thus give her their vote, but the primary motivation looks to me to be deception.

It must be getting really pathetic (and desperate) in the Clinton camp!

I think a lot of you need to put down the Obama kool-aid. I am not saying he is a bad guy, but the support he is getting with absolutely nothing to back it up is frightening. At least with Clinton you know what you are getting...and even with McCain, there is quite a bit to base a political opinion. I understand why people might feel Obama has not "passed the test"--we really know very little about him.

Hey Erick in Texas we already dug into Obama's background a little and we aint convinced yet either.


If Hillary gets the nomination. I will vote for McCain and hope that Barrack runs again in 4 years.

I am a lifelong Democrat and will not vote for Hillary Clinton if she gets the nomination despite Obama having a lead in elected delegates. I will not vote for McCain, but will just stay home.

I have been saying that historians will study her campaign's failure for years to come, now I think they will study how she not only lost the Democratic nomination, but has ruined any future national campaign hopes. Maybe she will become an independent but de facto Republican like Lieberman.

Obama clearly displayed his unpreparedness for top leadership in his vote not to take away from Iraq the weapons of mass destruction that many responsible people in the world, not just the US, believed were there. True, there weren't any to speak of, but almost no one knew that at the time. That's why Hillary has refused to apologize for her vote on that issue. She didn't vote to "go to war" in Iraq, but to remove the weapons of mass destruction that were supposedly there. Neither she nor the other members of congress who voted 'yes' had any way of knowing the information was bogus. With that information at hand, a 'no' vote was terribly irresponsible, unless Obama had access to information that nobody else did, and there has been no indication that he did. After Bush got his way with the military being sent to Iraq, he began periodically moving the goal posts, to nation-building and his so-called "war on terror;" more aptly described as the "recruitment of terror."

I am so happy that Hillary has made a self test to qualify as Cin C. maybe Hubby organized the test when he was smacking Monica. She passed. Good. Americans should be so proud of you Hillary. My God SHEER GUTS HILARY! Please dont put Obama to the same qualifying test you conducted for yourself for CinC. Who asked your evaluation? let the people decide it Hillary.Dont just stand on the roof and shout i am the president! The roof is slippery and you will fall very easily!!

Hillary must be Bi-Polar. She stokes the idea of a Hillary/Obama ticket, then her surrogates say that Obama is not qualified to be VP. That's like the warm handshake and words Hillary gave Obama Feb. 26th, but a day and a half later she was in full-throated attack. There's an African Nile Crocodile who would be a great VP pick for Clinton. Just think; something just like Clinton who attacks both friend and foe alike.

Hey rivrgirl:

What are you and your friends scared Obama will do if he becomes president? I'd love to know.

Well Quills, Sen Obama is OBVIOUSLY well qualified to LEAD DELEGATES ADN POLLS IN THIS RACE!

mELISSA, according to all the experts, no one is winning or losing at this point. So, your comment is not even worth printing or reading. They are in a virtual tie, and if the FL and MI votes are allowed she will be ahead. But it will still be up to the supers to make the final decision at the end of the primaries. Don't you read or watch anything about this campaign? I bet you don't even know at this point that McCane was won for the Repubs. Come on get with the program. That goes for all you others that think Obama is ahead.

She hasn't exactly been a stellar Senator, so being First Lady makes her qualified ?

Good grief. Let's look at this from a slightly larger perspective. So Mrs. Clinton is telling two radically different stories yet again, in both supporting Obama for VP, and asserting that he's not ready, hasn't passed the test. Can you imagine the waffling that would happen on issues of serious importance (like 3:00 a.m. phone calls) if she were elected President? And, how are we to regain our role in world issues if no one understands or knows which of her stories is the one she really intends to stick with? Sybil for President -- so we can have chaos and anarchy in the world -- and look like bigger idiots than we already do! I think not. . . .


Get a grip. Plenty of women are qualified to be President. Why on earth are you judging all women by those stereotypes and Hillary's craziness?


get a grip. better yet, get a clue.

Obama is NOT A MUSLIM! This is not an opinion and should not be allowed to be posted! Please remove or edit the post from erick la groux immediately!

This is a slap in the face not just to Obama but to all the democratic voters that voted for him. She's turning off more and more Dem's with her campaigning. There's a reason why she keeps slipping further and further behind. It's statements like this that hold no water when you're losing!

I thought Eliot Spitzer would be a better Hillary running mate.

He and Bill could throw some parties!

What's next?

Obama Rezko?
Obama Stroger?

earth to erick, who can't even spell his own name. A "liberal right winger?" You can't even get your rhetoric right.

Obama is not a muslim, lay off the glue and the emails and due some real research.

Here's a few videos for you. You don't even have to read.

Obama LEADING pledge of allegiance on Senate floor

Discussion of the pledge of allegiance myth

Obama As A Muslim Extremist - CNN Counters FOX Lies

Obama responding to dirty tricks

"he added that failure to pass that his failure to pass that test"

We all agree. Obama is not fit to be VP. He is fit only to be PRESIDENT of the USA.

Howard Wolfson has now certified his credentials as the Rovian attack dog of the "kindler, gentler Hillary" campaign. He is the author of the earlier story alleging that Obama's ambitions for the presidency were obvious from an essay he wrote while in Kindergarten (never mind that most kindergartener can't even write).
He is also the same person who just last week invoked the dreaded name of Ken Starr because Obama dared assert once again that Ms. "I'm the Most Vetted Candidate" Clinton still has not released her income tax records or any info about the donors to Bill's library.
So now, one day after all the pundit wonder if Hillary's mention of Obama as a great vp doesn't signify that he is indeed qualified to be president (since he would be a heartbeat away from president).
So Howard the Wolfman has to weigh in with a non-denial denial, allowing Hillary to keep the egg off her face-lifted face, while their kindler-gentler, different from the Karl Rove playbook campaign attempts to once again undermine Obama's experience.
Howard Wolfson is one more reason NOT to vote for Hillary; I can't stomach four years of him.

It's like Rex Grossman saying that Tony Romo isn't good enough to be his backup.

The only problem I have is that what I have read and hear about Obama , does not make him qualified to be vice-president. Everything he has done or voiced since 1998 has been to further his political future. He votes 'present' so not to really commit. He voices against a war , he helped Bush finance while in the Senate. Given chairmanship of an important committee, never had a meeting , due to running for president. Should have given up that chairmanship. His bone head friendship with corruption in Chicago. I personally do not trust this man. I honestly believe there is more baggage that will be opened where he is concerned

I'm an Obama supporter, and formerly would have had no hesitation whatsoever to vote for Hillary if she beat him out. No way, no how will I EVER vote for that woman. McCain is my second choice. By the time Hillary is through with her scorched-earth campaign, she will have destroyed the entire Demorcratic party's chances. Congratulations to the McCain supporters. Hillary is single-handedly putting him in office.

Very bold talk for second place...

Everyone's vote should count. It's not the people in those states fault that they voted early. Obama clearly doesn't want their votes to count because they would go for Clinton. Also there should not be any caucuses because not everyone’s vote counts. By the way, except for Illinois, Obama has only won in states that are republican states and small states at that. He hasn't won any big states that were democratic states except for IL where he is a senator. The republican states purposely want Obama to win the democratic ticket, because they know he would lose in the general election. Just a reminder, Clinton has extensively more experience across the board in every category. Obama literally has zero, zip experience in ever category. If Obama was our president he wouldn't be able to get anything done. Two years from that there would be a lot of republicans voted in to congress. Seriously Democrats, what are you thinking? If you want positive change vote for the person who has continually throughout her career, provide positive change. Obama has not changed a thing. Do the research. He accomplished zip in the Illinois Congress and so far he has accomplished zip in the US senate. Clinton’s accomplishments are so extensive you will have to go to her web-site to get the complete list. www.hillaryclinton.com

By the way, the United States economy does better as well when the president is good with foreign relations, which Hillary Clinton has excellent foreign relations. Also when one compares having two Clintons be president with having two Bushes be president, the 1st Clinton did a fantastic job running the country. Bill Clinton turned a huge deficit around and he did that working with a republican congress. This current Bush has turned the United States surplus into an enormous deficit and throughout his leadership has messed up our economy, environment, and foreign relations. Hillary Clinton has excellent experience in all those categories and would be able to clean up the second’s President Bush’s mess the same way President Bill Clinton did with the 1st President Bush. As stated earlier, Obama has no experience with economic issues, environment, or foreign relations. Doesn’t anyone want their economy to flourish or to have excellent foreign relations or a clean environment? When you have excellent foreign relations Americans and the world is safer. I could go head to head in a debate myself with Obama. I have the facts; to reiterate Obama has accomplished nothing in his career neither as a public servant in the Illinois State Legislature nor as a US senator.

Do you really think all of this makes any difference? All that is going to happen is some deals behind closed doors - with all of the super-delegates - where they will wheel and deal asn do what ever they want... typical Democratic strategy.

I am not sure that I have ever heard such arrogance! Where are Hillary's bonafide credentials for the top job? Her ever-changing personalities should make all of us very wary of any leadership from her

Obama's foreign relations experience consists of dinner in Chinatown the last time he was in Chicago. He has also seen The Bourne Identity twice.

Sure, Winnie the Poohbama is qualified to be the most powerful leader in the world during these especially challenging times. LOL

So "Wolfson reaffirmed Clinton’s position that Obama has not demonstrated his suitability to guide the nation in an international crisis."

Tell me - Just how, where and when Hillary ever demonstrated her suitability to guide the nation in an international crisis???

HRC's latest is so outrageous it can only help McCain. The Clinton's have shown they will stop at nothing to grab power. Can't wait to see what they'll do next! After her destruction at the convention, maybe she'll announce for NY Governor.

I am completely confused - what happened since last week, when the Clintons floated the idea of Obama as VP? Now all of a sudden he's not qualified? I think the Clintons ought to pick to a message/strategy and stick to it...what a mess of a campaign.

Clinton is qualified to be a First Lady, and that's about all. She's too disliked by most Americans to become more than a Senator.

Your instructions say that over-the-top personal attacks will not be posted. I just read Erik La Groux comments, and if they aren't over the top, nothing is. He says that Barack is a Muslim, and means that as a deragatory comment. He calls him Hitlerish. He also tries to associate Barack with Farakhan. All nonsense. Anyone with an IQ over 100 knows that Barack Obama is not and has never been a Muslim. They also know that he has completely denounced and rejected Farakhan, unlike McCain, who has not done that with Hagee, who basically believes Catholics are evil, or worse. I also didn't know if I should laugh or cry when he said that Barack is a "right wing liberal". Now that's one I've never heard. The only one possibly "disturbed" may be Mr. La Groux.
Furthermore, Hillary Clinton has taken her campaign to a very low level. Wolfson is her Karl Rove.

Until now I held great respect for Hillary. But the nerve of her to think that she is more equipped to run this country than Barack Obama is ludicrous. What position of global prominence has she ever held? Equally disturbing, her campaign flip flips reproving Barack over the last couple of weeks really characterize the extent to which Wolfson and company are willing to go to attack her opponent. Her tactics lately are bothersome and vexing. She needs to focus more on leading as opposed to continuing a course of misguided assaults on Obama’s leadership ability. I am growing increasingly tired of her negative comments. Focus on the issues and stop the character assassination campaign.

Bill and Hillary are just as sleazy as Rove and W, part of the same corporatist machine, the same "I've jot mine, jack, so screw you" crowd. I wouldn't vote for her if she were the last Democrat on earth. And I sure as hell won't vote for a Republican.

Hillary is a fighter and a survivor. She will be President. Mr Obama is a novice and not tough enough to be even VP. Go Hillary!

Note to johnny-come-lately Hillary haters (i.e. Obama Dems): she's been this way since the Arkansas days, you just refused to see it with your own eyes. Welcome to the VRWC.

Neither the vaunted 'Republican hate machine' nor the much-feared 'Vast right-wing cnspiracy' can hold a candle to the dems when they get it going against each other. This is too much. THIS is a food-fight for the AGES. And it leads to the inevitable question - are there any grown-ups in the democratic party? Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, ad. infinitum.

Is this the BEST you can do?

I say this half mockingly and half-seriously because I DO think we need some change in this country, but if the democrats can't act a little more grown up a LOT of people myself included are going to go the polls on November 4, hold our noses, and vote for John McCain.


Hillary IS losing. Obama has won more states, has accumulated more popular votes and has the delegate lead. It may not seem like much, but do yourself a favor and check out the math. In order to overcome the delegate deficit, Hillary has to win every remaining primary by at least 60% to 40%. She didn't even approach those numbers in Ohio. Her only hope is to change the rules after the game has been played (ie MI and FL) and even that may not be enough.
The only way she can pull out this nomination is to have the super delegates go against the wishes of their constituents. If that happens, she will have doomed any chance at winning the presidency.


All Obama has to do to prove he's qualified to be Commander-in-Chief is be First Lady.

O.K. - Enough is enough from the Clinton camp. We need to send a message to the Superdelegates. I think that anyone who will vote McCain or stay home if Hillary steals the nomination needs to speak up.

It has become clear that Hillary's tactics are splitting the party and the uncommitted Superdelegates need to force her out. Someone needs to develop a website called "stayathome.com" where people can sign up about their discontent with Hillary and the way she is destroying our party. Alternatively, people should contact any uncommitted Superdelegates and let them know how they feel. If enough people voice their concern the undecided Superdelegates will have to listen.

Respond to this blog if you agree.


S/ Fed up Democrat

If the Clintons mange to convince people coming in 2nd place is somehow really 1st place, I will be voting Republican this fall. I am just fed up with the old style politics. Two years ago, I would have said Hillary had my vote. I will not vote for the Clintons again. All she will do is keep the divide and conquer politics going. she is the most devisive person in politics.

The suggestion that Obama could be ready for VP only assumes that: Clinton will not die immediately after election to office of President; Obama might learn from "real-world" experience through serving under the Clinton admin v2.0.

I would be as ashamed to live in a country that elected Hillary Clinton as I am to live in the one that elected the current scoundrel.

Monster? Too small. Abomination springs to mind.

I hope that he wins and makes a big deal out of picking ANYONE else! I'm so sick of this Rovian nonsense form the Clintons!


So THE Democrats, Hillary and Eliot, do have warts on their butts.



I think the only way either one can win is to team up. An article was released today that said 20% of those that voted for HIllary said they would vote for McCain over Obama if HIllary were to lose. The very same article also said that McCain has more crossover voters than Obama and that the whole Obmaicans is a drummed up pr stunt by his campaign.

Gee. Does Hillary think he's going to cry? I mean maybe his feelings will be so hurt he'll drop out of the race. Must suck being in second place.

You know the world really didn't know who Bill Clinton was when he ran but we gave him a chance. Obama will be good for the country. We need someone new who doesn't have ties with Bush. Our current DEMS seem like they are scared of Bush and Obama doesn't sem like he is.

I trust Obama will know what to do at "3 in the morning when the phone rings"

Top Ten List to pass the Hillary Clinton “Commander-in-Chief Key Test”….drum roll please!

10. Must be willing to kiss the Hillary & Bill’s big flat butts! DUH!

9. Must be able to cheat on wife…starting….NOW!

8. Must want to have sexual relations with a mummy! (This counts as cheating also!)

7. Must like to smoke weed …but not inhale!

6. Must look like a scary marionette (hyena grin, crazy cheeks, glossy eyes!)

5. Must be able fart deadly…but quietly in congressional meetings and during speeches.

4. Must be a really good liar! Convince the room you did not fart! Who ever smelled it, dealt it!

3. Must like white women wearing brown pant suits.

2. Must always defer to Bubba when playing music, dancing or eating BBQ!

1. Must be able to stand at a podium like the Clintons, denounce all wrong doing and wag your fingers shouting “I did not have sexual relations!” or “Shame on YOU!”

Senator Obama did a great job today of addressing the Clintons' bizarre ploys. Given that he is ahead in the number of votes, number of states won, and number of delegates, it looks like he will be the one to consider selecting a vice president.

This article seems to point to the continuing, and even expanding, Clinton honesty problem. First both Clintons say that Senator Obama would make a good vice president, and now they say that he's not qualified. First Senator Clinton says she brought peace to Northern Ireland, then we learn that all she did was admire a stainless steel teapot. First we hear Hillary Clinton excoriate her opponent for the NY senate seat about his failure to produce his tax returns, then Senator Clinton hides her tax documents since 2000 from voters in this primary.


Regarding Michigan and Florida:

Changing how these delegates are handled in the middle of this campaign will only alienate voters and bring the process into quicksand.

If the rules are changed now the results will forever be tainted. Does anyone remember Florida from 2000? Except this time it will be the Democrats doing it to themselves.

Howard Wolfson thinks he is Ari Fleisher, but is throwing bombs like Karl Rove.

strategy: Bill Clinton good cop, Howard Wolfson bad cop.

enough already.

The unmitigated gall of this demonstrates that the Clintons are going to shut a Democrat out of the White House one way or another: First by losing the nomination and smearing Obama to the point he can't win; or Second by winning the nomination in such a loathsome way that she alienates the majority of the general population.

"Nice. So Clinton thinks Obama isn't qualified to be VP, but wants him on the ticket if he "meets the test" by August (IOW, if she needs him to win the big prize). More two-faced talk from the Clinton campaign"

KPOM, it isn't two faced. Don't you get competition? He is ok to be under her but she wants to beat him.

Ah, what tangled webs we weave....

I can't stop laughing!! Every time I think Hillary and Bubba have no more room in their mouths, they find room for an extra foot! Hollywood could not have scripted this better! Let the show go on! The Democratic party is in huge, huge trouble, and they have the Clintons to thank for it!!

My God----what a disingenous, hypocritical person. To hell with her party and her nation. Win at any cost and any insincere word. I started the season in Hillary's camp-----I wouldn't vote for her now---if Hell froze over.

Perhaps Hillary would consider Gov. Spitzer for Vice-President?

They're good friends and he and Bill would have a market day with . . . . .

These pathetic dialogues are only going to get worse as November approaches. The best we can do as intelligent beings is try to idenitfy and vote for the candidate with the MOST INTEGRITY, That person is NOT Hillary Clinton.

You know, you don't have to sit this one out... OR vote for McSame....


The only time I've ever crossed the line and voted Republican is when a true fool was able to run if Ms H. gets on the ballot I won't vote at all and I was born a Democrate on Chicago's south side, This crazy beechnut is giving all woman a bad name will another woman ever run after this mess? She is making all of us look stupid, No wonder Bill kept a spare under his desk!!

The more Hillary and Bill
Clinton knock Obama, the more respect my wife & I loose for them. And that is saying something. Considering we used to
absolutely love Bill Clinton.
It seems like Hillary doesn't have what it takes
to win on her own merit, so
she is trying to undermine
our opinions of Obama.
Hillary is starting to come off as pitiful loser

Hillary is the flip-flop queen:

Hillary: I agree, MI and Fl won't count
Hillary: MI and Fl should be counted

Hillary: Obama would be a great VP
Hillary: Obama is not qualified to be VP

Hillary: Little states don't matter.
Hillary: Wyoming, I care about you.

Hillary: Nafta is great.
Hillary: Let's revisit Nafta.

Hillary: I'm honored to be on state with Obama
Hillary: Obama is like Ken Starr

Other flip-flops: immigration, Iraq war, the list goes on.

I've been around plenty of mental illness in my time, and I do think bi-polar might fit Hillary. She went from "I'm honored, HONORED" to be campaigning with Obama, to "Shame on you Barack." And now from wanting him as VP to he's not qualified? Though bright, educated, intelligent, all those great things -- she is far too unstable to lead a country already destabilized by George Bush.

I would hope that Obama would have the good sense not to put the Billarys on the VP position on his ticket. I will not vote for him if he does that since it would only make her/them a breath away from the oral office. That is way too close for me unless he promises to enclose himself in a bullet proof capsule for his term in office.

Last week after hrc won OH & TX it was hard to watch her smug self on all of the TV news stations patting herself on the back. I was surprised that I didn't start seeing her in a sling from throwing her arm out patting herself on the back. She & bubba will not stop @ any thing less than being back in the WH & the VP position is way too close for my comfort.

They are doing what they've always have - holding their fingers to the wind to see where they should stand on issues. What a bunch of flea bags!

"Wolfson reaffirmed Clinton’s position that Obama has not demonstrated his suitability to guide the nation in an international crisis."

Oh, and Hillary has? Bill and Monica is not "an international crisis".

Hillary Clinton continues to put her middle finger in the air to find out who else she can hurt politically.
It's her favorite pass time.
You think by now that their middle finger would be worn out, since her and Bill have used it so many times to hurt and ruin so many people who got in their way.
The corruption train has left the station.

It is obvious that Senator Clinton failed the test for Commander In Chief and VP. I am BF and find her campaigning tactics to be beneath anything I or the women I know would do. I am not interested in someone with so little class and character as Pres or VP of this country.

It was Hillary's greatest idea to date until Obama smacked her down and reminded Americans that he is running for President, not Vice President. Now, Hil-lie-ry comes out saying he's not qualified. How very "I'm-taking-my-toys-and-going-home" of her.


Just what is this "threshold" and how does one take the test? And how has Mrs. Clinton passed it? Was it because her husband carried her across it in 1992? I'm not trying to be sexist, but based on actual record, I fail to see how she's "passed the test" and he hasn't. Or is this "passed" distinction something to be deemed at Senator Clinton's choosing?

Come on, media, let's get some accountability on ridiculous claims here!

I think that Barack's campaign can use Hillary's tactics against her by creating television ads with a theme of "What I'm willing to do to be President". In this television add, he should promote a NEW kind of campaign and stress that he is NOT willing to play Dirty Politics to be president, because this Kind" of politics is the very reason he is running for President in the first place.

I used to be a Hillary fan, but she has LOST my vote forever. If she is the nominee, I'm not voting at all.


Must stop Clinton, the madwoman. Hell I would even vote for McCain if she gets nominated.

i was once a clinton supporter.

not anymore.

the woman is so devoid of any shame, and there is no line she will not cross in her quest to be the next president.

i can't believe i was so stupid to actually believe in her schtick for awhile.

i was hesitant to vote for obama because of his relative inexperience, but the more i think about it, i'd much rather have a president with sound judgment than one with experience. experience means nothing if the judgment is flawed, and i can't imagine hillary displaying worse judgment than she has in recent weeks.

i'm officially off the train, hillary ... well done.

Hillary Clinton continues to put her middle finger in the air to find out who else she can hurt politically.
It's her favorite pass time.
You think by now that their middle finger would be worn out, since her and Bill have used it so many times to hurt and ruin so many people who got in their way.
The corruption train has left the station.

You Obamamaniacs don't seem to understand a few things.

First, the whole purpose of the primary is to see which Dem can win the most Electoral College votes. Clinton has passed that test while Obama has failed it; the red states he's captured in the primaries are going to go to McCain in the general election, as they have always gone to the Repugnican candidate.

Second, Obama hasn't even finished his first Senate term and doesn't fully understand how the institution works; he really isn't ready to be in the White House as anything more than a visitor, and I'm glad the Clinton camp doesn't want the arrogant, power hungry egomaniac, because it doesn't need him to win.

Third, the superdelegate position was created to prevent someone like Obama, who cannot win a general election, from getting the party nomination. The superdelegates are not meant to be rubberstamps, they're there to protect the party from itself.

All of this is lost on you morons, however, who are busy helping John McCain coast to victory against Barack "Sir Talksalot" Obama.

Its funny how Obama seems to be inspiring people to come out and vote, and how Hillary is turning people away from voting. If Hillary wins the nomination, based on her "dirty Politics" tactics, shew is really no different that any other politician that NEEDS to use Dirty Politics to win. I just expected more out of Hillary, and at the same time I feel sorry for her. If she is the nominee, say hello to John McCain...

First Bubba runs his mouth saying it would be a 'dream ticket', then Hillary spouts off about Obama being VP, but now that Barack has thrown it back in their faces saying that he doesn't want VP and that his is running to win the Presidency. If he isn't qualified for President, then why put him a step away from the position!

This just shows how much Billary are grasping at straws to try and get votes.

Not only is Mr. Obama not qualified to be VP he is not even qualified to be a candidate for President.

I implore to Hillary Clinton. As a supporter and believer of you, I do acknowledge your strong experience, your good intentions and your ability to get the job done. Maybe even more so than Barack Obama. However, your comments by yourself and advisers are negating everything you've done and stand for. In fact, you crossed the line with these Republican style, say anything to win style politics. For the sake of the Democratic Party, if you truly believe in this party and in this country (which I believe you do), please step aside for Obama or refrain from such negative campaigning. Stick with the issues, stick with your experience. It'll speak for itself. What you're doing now is only making our party doom to fail. Do you really want another Republican in the White House because that's what you're doing. The Democratic Party has a very good chance to win this year. Let's not blow it.

You can't consistently tell a different story and not expect the American people to call you out on it.....first calling every single state in the US your hometown.....to this whole thing where they portray Obama as a VP and then quickly backdown once they see the inconsistency in their message....you say he's not qualified as pres. but you want him as your VP???.....please stop with the lies

Who are these people that actually support Hillary and think what she is doing is okay? If you are that naive they should take your voting rights away.

However, I said the same thing about GWB in 2000 and 2004 but yet millions of dumb Americans voted for him anyway. Nice job people! Eight years later I think it's safe to say I was right.

Hillary is a fighter and a survivor. She will be President. Mr Obama is a novice and not tough enough to be even VP. Go Hillary!

Posted by: brigitte sanz | March 10, 2008 2:55 PM
Wake up, and put away the drugs. If she was such a fighter, willy boy would be long divorced. C'mon, you really think she would have stayed by him if he was not the president. She is wishy washy, corrupt and does not give one rodent's gluteous about the American People. If it does not benefit hillary, she will not notice it.
hillary changes her colors more than a chameleon at a Pink Floyd concert. She is a loser, and the worst possible choice we have.

Oh, an easy quiz:
What do Monica and hillary have in common, besides little willy?

Either the Clintons need to see a psychiatrist, or they think they can toy with the
American people at will.

It's a sad situation when the Clinton camp assumes that they can make this kind of arrogant comment and expect people to accept it. This woman will say anything do anything destroy anything to feed her need for power. Like Bush she is secretive and always right. She says one thing one moment and changes it the next. Having her answer the phone at 3AM is very scary to me.

Hillary obviously never learned the old saying "Never let them see you sweat"...she's sweating big time, and it reeks of desperation. Put a fork in her, she's done!

And I am a 67 year old white woman who proudly voted twice for her husband.

NUNU, Let me say, as a woman I think your comment was on point. I could not agree with you more. Hillary's kicking, screaming, and crying has set women back 200 years!
It takes a REAL woman to admit when she is wrong Hillary and any of her female supporters that do not admit that she has stepped WAY out of bounds, in my opinion, are not examples of "real" women.

Can somebody remind me: What international crisis did Hillary Clinton guide the USA through?


If you (Clinton or Obama) have the goal of being president but you can’t reach it this time, how could accepting an offer to be vice president not be a good bet?

The only reason Hillary thinks she is qualified to be Pres. is because she put up with Bill when he was Pres. I guess this makes Bill's girl friends qualified also.

Hillary is not qualified to be CinC. She does not even knows MATHS. Start taking MATHS classes between now and then.
What a camp of nerds

What qualifications does Hilary Clinton have?? Just because you slept with the former president doesn't mean you're qualified. If it did, think of all the women who would be qualified. Can you say Lewinsky for President? Oh wait, that's right, He did not have sexual relations with that woman.


My dog is qualified to be Vice President.

It's time for Obama to exit the race before he further divides and damages the Dem. party.

Posted by: John & Kate |

John & Kate, everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, you two are as delusional as Hillary Clinton. Why would the frontrunner withdraw? Sheesh, I cannot believe you guys "wrote" this out aloud!!!! DUUUUH!!!

Hill-billies without brains is what i think

The most experienced politicial savvy, Washington' seasoned and tested politicians to serve in the White House for the past two hundred years were not Clinton nor Reagan nor JFK nor Lincoln (the best American president)not Jerfferson nor Washington. There are Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfwitz. And the result? The horrible mess in which the world finds itself today.

As usual, Hillary's "team" is flip-flopping.

Hillary needs Obama on her ticket, in the very unlikely event that she is the nominee. He would certainly be a help to her.
However, there is NO WAY Obama would accept such a position.

Obama DOES NOT need Hillary on his ticket when he becomes the presidential nominee. With her high negatives, she would pull him down.


Ready on Day 1
Forgot to plan for Day 2
Recriminations on Day 3
Blaming the Media on Day 4
Changed mind on Day 5
Backstabbing on Day 6
A few tears on Day 7

From her campaign's recent behavior, I have to believe that they've cut off their account with Dunkin Donuts, and are spending instead at the liquor store.

Translation: Obama is only qualified to be Commander-in-Chief if Clinton chooses him as her VP.

Thanks for the endorsement, Howie!

PS: Here is Clinton's "foreign policy" experience is equivalent to that of Sinbad and Sheryl Crow!:

Oh my god, when will the Clinton campaign stop bull-crapping??

The arrogance and duplicity of the Clintoneers is positively ***BREATHTAKING***.

I will never, EVER vote for her for anything after witnessing her evil campaign madness, and her dangerous lust for power at any cost.

A truly frightening individual is Mrs. Clinton.


If it's experience Ol' Hill wants, then I guess we should dig up Strom Thurmond. Jack Abramhoff is another choice - he certainly knows his way around Washington.
Looking forward to having the Clintons take their Financial Means test so we can see what's hidden in their tax return.

Howard Wolfson reminds me the character of "LUCA BRASI" in the movie "The Godfather". Nice, polite, dignity are defnitely not in his dictionary. Go away with your serial killer look Howard. You do not belong in politics.

Submitted to the Clinton campaign Website:

My suggestion to Sen. Clinton is to focus on the issues, and not on "picking on" Sen. Obama. As an educated voter, and a Democrat, I am disgusted by some of the sleazy politics that the Clinton campaign has resorted to. The Kenyan photo, this whole scheme to say how good (and subsequently bad) Sen. Obama would be as your VP... It smacks of desperation, and the same old garbage politics that leave so many people feeling dirty about the whole process.

Let me put it this way. Right now, should Sen. Clinton win the nomination, I will probably either not vote, look at a third party candidate as a 'protest vote,' or, if she gets worse, vote for Sen. McCain. I appalled I even have to say that. I've voted Democrat for the 20 years I have been able to vote.

Please represent the Party, and the People, and not just yourself!


Great! So from now to August, Obama will be ready to pick-up the phone and stop a, say, terrorist atacck! That is just great.
I am very okay with that.

Idiot Wolfson has just given credit to Obama that he can be Comm-in-Chief.

This is jsut petty politics, ridiculious.

Bill, Hill, etc, please stop insulting our intelligence. This is not what we expect in politics...

Cathy Smith, NCY

I'm becoming mre and more convinced that Hillary Clinton is schizophrenic.

What a whack job!!!

I am always amazed at the sheer audacity of Hillary Clinton. She doesn't care about anyone or anything but her own ambition. I am a Republican who is crossing over to vote for Obama because I believe he has all the makings of a great leader without all the baggage. If she wins, I, and many other Republicans I know, will cross back to McCain. I could not stomach four years of the Clinton "cackles".

By that test, Bill Clinton was not qualified to be commander-in-chief when he first ran for president in 1992, and Hillary isn't qualified now.

This woman has lost it,do the math SMART WHO TOLD HER

This is the saddest thing I have ever heard of. This has just made it official for me. I will vote for McCain if they give her the nomination. And I stress GIVE. I'm 57 years old and have never even thought about voting republican, but I would rather have George W. four more years than Billary Clinton. This is very upsetting, Howard Wolfson is a dumb fool.

Wow, this is unbelievable.

I guess Hillary has enough rope to hang herself with now, that camp is about ready to be fitted for straight jackets.

How did Hillary show her readiness as commander in chief when Bill was renting out the Lincoln bedroom of the White House. She was not able to show her readiness as first lady. Mr. Woolfson is only retracting the V.P. offer because of Tim Russert and his comments that "How can you offer the V.P. spot to someone you claim is not ready to be commander in chief. Hillary does this entire process a real diservices as she appears almost fiendish for power. Perhaps being a Monster was not too abstract. Even in phantom of the opera and beauty & the beast the monster has feelings. So discovering one's voice has little or no relevance.

"Frontrunner", "lead in delagates", nay nay..what about popular vote, shouldn't this be the final decision maker? Who can beat McCain? I might vote McCain after being a Yellow Dog all my life.

John and Kate account for 50% of the pro hillary posts. So they can claim that the response is more even than it is.

If anyone is dividing the party, it is the bomb throwing Howard Wolfson, who must have been raised at the knee of Mr. Rove.

Hilary, Hilary, Hilary, where is the Professionalism in offering the the GUY in first place the second seat. You need your head examined to see if oyur brains have leaked out. You should have crawled on hands and knees to Obama and begged him to pick you as HIS running mate for the VP slot. But if I were a betting man, he is smart enough not too choose you.

I live in the Deep South and let me assure you all of this one thing.

Obama is winning the Dem. caucases here ONLY. When the general election comes around, he will LOSE big time. I am a minority here - a Democrat. All of my friends are Repugs and they would rather DIE than vote for a Dem - and if you pitt a white man against a black man, every redneck in the woods will be running out to vote against Obama.

Why do you think the South went red in the first place?

Why in the world do we have to put up with this? The Clinton's are pathetic. You should choose us because the other guy is not ready but he could be second in charge to us if he's able to prove he deserves it. What would they be saying if they were actually winning? When are enough democrats going to realize that the Clinton's do not care about the Democratic party or about America? It's time to move on.

Well people, lets face it this is going to be a long hard race. I do not think Obama is qualified... too young; althought Kennedy was young but he came from a political family, all down the line. I'm frightened of Obama. Now Hillary Clinton - it is very true we really don't know her but lets face it she did work right along side Bill when he was President and I do believe helped in many ways too. I really hate to see this get out of hand but I think all should really think long and hard as to where you both are going with this race.

I am voting for Hillary Clinton - she is the gal!

I voted for Bill Clinton..I thought he was a great president (not a great husband, but a great pres)..and just because I voted for him does not secure a vote for Hillary. She should be ashamed of herself and for her camp for allowing such ignorant comments to be released. Obama is a brilliant man. Very personable and has great ideas, and I believe will lead this country out of war and debt, and just because Hillary has been in the senate a few years longer, doesnt make her any more qualified for the #1 job than Obama. She needs to get out before she has all of the US hating her.

reflip ?....
big flop !!!!
Billarry as usual.

The problems is the media has to carry the garbage put out by the Clinton campaign. This was learned during President Bill Clinton's elections. No matter how ridiculous the comment, or accusation put out by the losing Clinton campaign it is carried. Recently we've heard Obama and Clinton are tied for the Presidential nominee, they are even clost given the statistics of the elections left. The Vice President joke is to whitewash the Jesse Jackson racial slur by President Clinton. Instead of the filtered softened camera used in Texas for Hillary closeup see her closeup for who she is. She as lost and doesn't want to let go.

Well people, lets face it this is going to be a long hard race. I do not think Obama is qualified... too young; althought Kennedy was young but he came from a political family, all down the line. I'm frightened of Obama. Now Hillary Clinton - it is very true we really don't know too much about her but lets face it she did work right along side Bill Clinton when he was in the office of President and I do believe helped him in many ways. I really hate to see this get out of hand but I think all should really think long and hard as to where you both are going with this race.

I am voting for Hillary Clinton - she is the gal!

It's truly an oxymoron that Obama supporters are generally more educated. It appears that in this case education is directly proportional to stupidity. Obamites...get a life and try to find some reasonable purpose for your miserable lives other than placing your entire hope and dreams in a guy that has basically seduced you....basically you've been intellectually raped...

I am so sick of all of this.

What qualifications does Hilary Clinton have?? Just because you slept with the former president doesn't mean you're qualified. If it did, think of all the women who would be qualified. Can you say Lewinsky for President? Oh wait, that's right, He did not have sexual relations with that woman

What a bunch of nonsense!! How was the economy at the time, how many people were unemployed? Under the same rule you don't mention Islam when referring to Obama, shouldn't you mention "church" on a "state" issue. Seems as if some folks just want to use info to their advantage, but dump it if it ridicules their "Man"???

Lest we forget.

Barack Obama is a graduate of Harvard’s Law school, was president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review, and was a professor at Chicago Law School where he taught constitutional law.

Between Illinois and Washington, Obama has ten years of legislative experience. As a United States senator, Obama has two bills passed in his name: The Lugar-Obama bill and the Coburn-Obama Transparency Act.

During his tenure as a United States Senator, Senator Obama has sponsored 152 bills and resolutions, and cosponsored 427 more. Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid has designated Barack Obama as the Democrats' point man on ethics because, according to Reid, “Obama is known for having unquestionable ethics and integrity. And his expertise on ethics and campaign reform while in Springfield made him a leading expert on those same issues in the U.S. Senate.” Senator Obama is also on the senate committees for foreign relations; homeland security; veterans affairs; health, education, labor and pensions.

Experience enough!

I was a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter. But her tactics is a turnoff--nasty, sneaky and manipulative. And each day it gets worse.

I will stay home or vote McCain if Hillary is the Democratic nominee.


I find it interesting that everyone is so taken with a charsimatic man. We need to put a no nonsense woman in the White House. Men have had all the chances and look where we are as a nation.

Hillary Clinton is the epitomy of what the voters no longer want. If it were not for her name recognition, this would have been over and done with. Now, again, in her underhanded way, she is trying to woo voters who are not leaning in her direction. Well, it won't work.

I really thought Hillary still had something to offer. But after this pathetic game of theirs, I think she is NUTS and UNWORTHY of being anything. Hillary, you should just drop out of race. Ain't nothing more to offer. DOOMED to loose.

I started off this campaign determined to see a Democrat replace the Bush disaster. I am an Obama supporter, young, and disillusioned with politics as usual. I am so disgusted by Hillary Clinton's lies, manipulation, and perceived right to the oval office, as if it were her hereditary throne, I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR HILLARY AND IF OBAMA IS NOT THE CANDIDATE WILL VOTE FOR MCCAIN INSTEAD.

Also, unfortunately while everyone posted here does get a vote, many seem to not be able to manage basic grammar, such as the difference between "their" and "there" or when to use a compound verb (with multiple subjects). It's ashame you speak so strongly but with bad grammar, your false pride shines through.

Hillary and Wolfson again cut themselves in the wrist. A Manhattan wh0re would have more shame than Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Hilary's problem is she underestimates the intelligence of the American People. She and her husband has always and will continue always to talk out of both sides of her mouth to promote themselves. I can't stand her politics or her husbands. The America people I don't care who is running against her and it just so happens that a decent, honest American is standing in her way and he has to be the object of their scandleous lies. I would move to Brazil on however long it took work vista to be out of the country if the Clinton's were ever in the White House, again. I'm dead serious about that. I don't this country needs another 4 years or scandels and dirty laundry by a husband and wife one better dynamics.

Obama is not going to be the next president -- period.

He is not even a good senator, so VP doesn't make sense let along commander in chief.

I would like for a reporter to ask Hillary about here involvement with the Bilderberg Group. What is her connection with them and are they funding her campaign. If she can anwser these questions I would think she would be qualified to the Person who brings President Obama his coffee in the morning meetings. Personaly I think a Obama/McCain Ticket would be the thing to bring American's back together. They share the idea of change more so than Mrs. Clinton.

Hillary is not to be believed....I have never in my life seen such gall....and presumptuous!!!! If she ends up winning the nomination, I'm voting for McCain!

With all of these comments, I hope you will share this article with everyone you know and particularly if they live in Pennsylvania.
I do believe that this woman may indeed be a "monster." If you can say Obama doesn't have the experience, but you're ready to put him one heartbeat away from the presidency but then respond with this rather pathetic piece, than I am truly worried about the content of this woman's character.
It's getting to become a pathetic joke.
Bill is out there saying the same thing about a "dream ticket" . It's just a bit too tricky and scary to me.
I do wish that Barack Obama would get a bit more realistic about how Karl Rove like these two people have become. Ever since Bill's comments before Souch Carolina, I have found myself just shaking my head at what they will do to win this nomination.
Staying on the high road might be cool for Senator Obama, but I wish somebody would get down in the mud with these two and not have to be released from the campaign.
I'm waiting for my turn in Oregon and hoping all those who agree with me will contact friends in Pennsylvania and the other eleven states about this nonsense.

Has anyone heard of the Peter Paul election fraud case involving Hillary Clinton?

I don't think Obama is ready for either position. But it's nice to see a Dem that's willing to consider offering on-the-job training. The right man for the job is the woman.


This just goes on to show that HIllary Clinton lacks integrity. She will do anythings and say anything to get the nomination. This is not the type of president Americans are looking for. She should be ashamed of herself for playing such political games.

The Clintons and their campaign are a pure JOKE, now stumbling all over their feet with backtrackings because her ploy just showed she and Bill only have been saying this to try and trick the voters to run out and vote for her thinking they will get both she and Obama together. Ugghhh... They are such sick puppies. VOTE OBAMA MISSISSIPPI & PENNSYLVANIA!!!

Karl Rove got booed out by students in Iowa.
Now Hillary starts more delusional crap.
Yes, she's a monster - As a woman, I decry her resorting to the tactics that give girls a bad name - biting, pinching, gossiping - any nasty technique available to get their way. I cannot vote for her - ever.

I voted for Bill Clinton twice. I even sent money to Senator Clinton's Senate campaign. I am supporting Barack Obama after supporting Senator Clinton earlier because I thought some Americans were too racist to vote for someone other than a white man for President. And, I was prepared to support Senator Clinton if she won the nomination. Now, if she wins the nomination, I will stay home rather than cast my vote for her or McCain. The Clinton's prove they'll do anything to get a third Clinton term. I have lost so much respect for Senator Clinton. I understand she must fight for the nomination but at the cost of destroying the party. Bill Clinton already diminished the party in 1996 with the loss of Congress and 2000 with the loss of an Alo Gore presidency. It's really sad when our choice comes down to Hillary and McCain. I think many African-Americans and young voters like myself may just stay home in November.

Hillary, you speak as if you are in favor of the republicans winning, all this talk about how good of a president John McCain would be, this shows the public and the party members that you are a typical case of "IF I CAN'T WIN, THEN NO MEMBER OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY WILL".
Someone needs to explain to Hillary, that if she had followed the RULES like Barack and the other candidates did in the first place, then the party leaders would not have to come up with this so call recount, instead they should have taken some of her deligates away for this nonsense, did any one think of that!

I nearly fell out of my seat from laughter... the things that come out of the Clinton camp is unbelievable. A man that leads in popular vote and by nearly 150 pledged delegates is NOT qualified to be vice president. President/Commander-in-Chief is more fitting.


HEY HILLARY: you can food some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time.

Please Hillary, get a little class for once in your life and get out of this nominating race. You ain't got what it takes to be President, Commander-in-Chief, or Chief Dog Catcher, for that matter.

How can you offer the V.P. spot to someone you claim is not ready to be commander in chief and who is ahead of you in popular votes and delegate count?That is being to bold.
Clinton is really power hungry.Let know this"Is Hillary the only one to be the nominee for the democrates?"
She is really a monster.

Would someone inform Hillary Clinton that being married to a past C-in-C is not sufficient qualification to become the C-in-C.

Oh, wait. She knows that.

She can't even save herself from her habitually philandering husband -- and she claims she can save over 300 million Americans. Thanks, but no thanks.

How did Hillary show her readiness as commander in chief when Bill was renting out the Lincoln bedroom of the White House. She was not able to show her readiness as first lady. Mr. Woolfson is only retracting the V.P. offer because of Tim Russert and his comments that "How can you offer the V.P. spot to to someone if you think that they are not ready to be commander in chief. Hillary does this entire process a real diservices as she appears almost fiendish for power. Perhaps being a Monster was not too abstract. Even in phantom of the opera and beauty & the beast the monster has feelings. So discovering one's voice has no relevance


lots of you hillary supporters like to blather on and on about experience. but have you ever stopped to think about what it really means to just have experience?

wile e. coyote has lots of experience chasing roadrunners.

the chicago cubs have lots of experience playing baseball.

rumsfeld, cheney, wolfowitz, et al. were all lauded as being the most experienced cabinet ever put together.

so experience = success, right?

As Suzan Rice said, being a wife of a president (if at all she was truly a wife)doesn't automatically qualify for the top job. Did Einestein's wife claim her husbands role after he died?
I would rather suggest Hillary compare herself against Barbara/Laura Bushes, Nancy Regan etc. and say my husband is better than yours!!!

Wow! A lot of Clinton hatred out there...
For the women out there--this is a reflection of your own self-hatred and self-loathing. Maybe all you women really do deserve to make .70 to every dollar a man makes. Someday you will get it.
And all that gawk at the fact that Senator Clinton is losing and she dare make comments about Obama being VP: Just remember to step back and look at 2000. George W. Bush lost too, and look where he ended up. So fight on Hillary, I've got your back till the very end! Madame President 1.20.09

Clinton has no honor and is unpatriotic she can’t win in delegates and trying to steal the presidency with her husband power with super delegates to over ride the majority of the nation 30 plus million people who voted

Ok, I am confused. For days, Bill and Hillary have been throwing out the idea of Obama as their VP. Ignoring the obvious (that Obama is in the lead for choosing such a position), all of a sudden their chief strategist (doing a bang up job btw) contradicts everything Bill and Hillary have been saying about Obama as a VP. Of course, he may still be qualifed in a few months of by an act of Satan Hillary climbs back into the lead. Very confusing this campaign of theirs. What is their message again?

Would someone PLEASE stop her before both Bill and Hill are sitting at home reliving their political careers. This is ridiculous even for her. Now he is not good enough! Would someone PLEASE stop her before both Bill and Hill are sitting at home reliving their political careers? This is ridiculous even for her. Now he is not good enough! Who is leading her down this path of self destruction? She does not think or speak on her own and when she does she is stuttering because she is unsure of what to say. Get her out of this campaign; she is hurting herself and the party.

Everytime I read one of these blogs I become more and more convinced we will be electing a Republican President

I would prefer a Clinton/Lewinsky ticket for the white house.

The headline should read

"Hillary tells Obama to 'Go to the back of the ticket"

I am a republican who registered democrat to vote for Obama (read: AGAINST Clinton). I am beginning to regret my decision. Obama's swaggering arrogance of late is at the very least a turn-off and more likely a signal that we don't wan't him answering the red phone. As for Clinton--well, the record of that dynasty speaks for itself. So I guess it's Mc Cain for me--not that I like him either. What a shame that the world's super power can't put forth a better group of front-runners than this sorry lot.

She is very arrogant and beleives that whitehouse belongs to Bill, Hillary and Chelsea and rest of the Americans are 2nd class. He has no respect for American Generals to pull them to her campaign when she knew neither she gained popular vote nor candidates or enough states. They just showing "gratitude" to Bill and she is abusing it. Wake up Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NUNU, Let me say, as a woman I think your comment was on point. I could not agree with you more. Hillary's kicking, screaming, and crying has set women back 200 years!
It takes a REAL woman to admit when she is wrong Hillary and any of her female supporters that do not admit that she has stepped WAY out of bounds, in my opinion, are not examples of "real" women.

Posted by: veejay | March 10, 2008 4:24 PM

And how! She has completely lost it. I only hope she bows out soon and realizes just how lucky she is to be in the Semate.

Hillary should stop destroying our party's chances of victory in November. Call off the attack dogs. Admit defeat and surrender.

How dare Hillary's minions suggest Barack Obama lacks the experience to be VP, as though she does. Saying Hillary Clinton has experience is like claiming Yoko Ono played for the Beatles.

I have been a loyal Democrat since casting my first vote in 1980. If Hillary and her Machiavellian campaign of personal destruction manage to steal this nomination, I may not be able to hold my nose and vote for her. It will certainly be years before I can make a contribution again to the party.

Hillary is insane if she thinks this strategy is going to work.

You cannot say that you are looking forward to a ticket with Obama and then say he's unqualified to be VP. And if you're arguing experience, McCain has it in spades, hon.

What's more, it's racist and unethical to alter a videotape to play into the hands of prejudiced Americans who are all too willing to stereotype Obama, which is exactly what the Clinton campaign did in this ad:


Hillary Clinton has been insincere and inconsistent throughout this campaign and that is the type of president she will be if she is elected. Obama, on the other hand, has kept his cool and demonstrated that he possesses the qualities required to run this nation. And apparently the American people agree with me, because he's winning right now.

Sayonara, sweetheart!

It's true. Obama IS unqualified to be Hillary's VP. Imagine Obama having to deal with Hillary and Bill all the time. Enough to turn anybody's stomach.


It is utterly amazing to me how many people speak from a position of passion and not perception. Obama is a great motivational speaker and has a great deal of like-ability but it takes more than that to be the CEO of this country. Obama flat out does not have the experience. This country is a failing business and we need someone who knows the ins-and-outs of the country and the government to step in a move us in a position direction. Obama isn't qualified for that job. Just because he gives great speeches and speaks to the country's "feelings" of hopelessness and fear, again, doesn't qualify him to be president. This should not be a popularity contest to elect the person you most like but rather we should elect the person who's most qualified for this job. Lest we forget our current president was nowhere near as qualified to run this country as any other person running. Needless to say he was elected and our country has tanked thanks to his inexperience and inability to handle the "reins" of America. I really wish people would stop and think about the ramifications of having a president who is so new to the politics of the country and how that lack of experience will affect all of us. Like her or not, Hillary has been involved in American politics for several decades (she was once a Nixon girl, then changed her party affiliation) and she has formed many key relationships both foreign and domestic. She knows how both political parties in America think and she knows how to "play the game." Make no mistake about it, national politics is one big intrigue and if you can't manage your way through, you'll be ineffective in accomplishing anything. Obama wants to change American politics and I commend him for that BUT American politics were set in motion what, about 400 years ago (think Jamestown, NOT war for independence) and the type of change Obama speaks of will not happen overnight. It's a lofty ideal for which to strive BUT right now we're at war (senselessly I may add), right now gas prices are astronomical, right now the American economy is worse than ever with projections of getting even worse in the near future, right now American foreign relations are in the toilet. These are just a few of the issues we need to address before we go about trying to change American politics. We need immediate solutions. We need someone in office who can get things done for us NOW. We don't need someone who'll have to spend the first year or two in office trying to ferret out the system and learn the "game." Meanwhile, we'll continue to suffer. We are a fickle group in this country (Bush's approval rating went south REALLY fast...remember how popular he was when 9/11 happened? Now, look at him). As for the VP stuff, it's never too early to speak about a possible running mate. Would anyone rather the candidates to wait until the November elections to begin prepping a VP nominee? Obama is the front runner, yes, but this is a very recent thing for him. Clinton was out front for most of the campaign. Why wouldn't her people kick around the idea of a VP coming from someone running? Now, Obama isn't qualified right now to run the country but as VP he would get the necessary skill set to make an effective CEO of America. It's a logical thing to consider especially since the objective is for the party to win the election and this Democratic race has brought more people out to vote than EVER before. Dems are coming out in droves to vote for the candidate they believe in. This is the type of momentum the party needs to win in November. What better way to bring people out than to have both candidates on the same ticket? The idea of a "Dream Ticket" is not so far fetched. Just something to think about. I know you guys are all in Illinois and I respect you all for supporting your senator's bid. I would hope, though, you'd give some forethought to the election and possible aftermath and give less thought to how "evil, vile, horrendous, etc.," Hillary Clinton is. She's not that person...oh yeah, to the women who believe Hillary has put you guys back 200 years or who believe Hillary proves women can't be president, PLEASE take off the Burqua. This is America. 200 years ago, you all as women could be seriously reprimanded for even speaking out as you do. How can you possibly say that Hillary is a set back to women? Because she cried? She's human, we all do. Because she's tough? How many women can you name who can stand on her own in such a HEAVILY dominated male world? She has to be twice as good, to be half as considered. She's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. Right? As far as the office of president is concerned, gender should not be a deciding factor one way or the other but I can say this all of our presidents up to now have been men (and a lot can be said about presidential machismo and the male response). It's said behind every great man is a great woman, well, most if not all of you voted for Bill Clinton and his wife has been behind him every step of the way. Not only that but please, the adultery thing! It takes an extremely strong woman to forgive her husband's infidelities and keep her family together. Leaving is the easy thing to do, staying and working it out (not to mention on a worldwide public stage) is what's difficult. If she can do that and keep her family together, how strong is her character and how will that benefit our country. I say a great deal. You may disagree and that's fine but I just wanted to make sure there were a couple of voices to cut through the Obama bandwagon, rhetoric. He is a great guy and I do applaud his efforts BUT it takes more than talk to run a country and right now we as a country need A LOT of help.

Well I for one dont want clinton near any red phone day or night..or near any buttons that she might push in one of her mood swings...the only thing she can do for the white house is bring back the china and furnishings they took...remember that stuff belongs to all us tax payers

Hillary...your losing the election..so get OVER IT!! Stopping being desperate and undermining, because it's not going to help you. AND as far as your experience to be president..being the first lady doesn't count!!

Obama Supporter

So when she releases the paperwork from the White House we can see her scores on the commander-in-chief test? Oh that's right, she is refusing to show that there is no test, or much of any experience for that matter.

If she was paying so much attention as first lady that she picked up on all the details on running the country, shouldn't she have also noticed the other second (or third, etc.) ladies in the white house?

Flawed logic and leadership in a campaign = flawed logic and leadership in a country, and we will all pay the price if she wins.

Ten reasons for Obama not to be the VP:

1. Leading in popular votes, states won, delegate count, money raised, active supporters and the huge buzz, Obama is the clear winner.
2. The condescending way in which the Clintons have treated Barack should provoke sufficient ire to go on. If it is not 2008, then 2012. So be it!
3. Obama started 20-30 point behind Clinton and has surpassed her. He is not just taking on Mrs. Clinton, but a powerful political machine. He has triumphed against great odds.
4. The argument by the Clinton camp that the delegates, states, popular votes don't matter are undemocratic and dangerous.
5. Her victories claims for Florida and Michigan show how deceitful she can be.
6. Obama will not be able to function in the shadows of ethically-challenged Clintons.
7. He will be the lowest ranked Vice-President ever, behind Mr. Clinton and the many Clinton loyalists.
8. Her management should be a big concern, George Bush ran a better campaign than her.
9. Her Experience in the White House is similar to Bush's education at Yale.
10. Hillary will not be elected president. Her negatives are not insubstantial; her raw ambitions have been laid bare; she will be demolished by MaCain, with better military credentials; and the Barack crowd will not forgive her. Clintons remind many of sex, lies and moral relativism that damaged this country as much as George Bush's ineptitude.

Enough of Bushes and enough of Clintons!

Poor Hillie. I really think she's losing it.

Every day or two, she tries a new tack. That's because nothing is working for her. And that's because she's running a totally dishonest, unauthentic campaign.

Sooner or later even the most gullible people see through her bullsh*t.

More double talk from the Clinton Camp!

Did she take the test already?

So, um, did I miss that defining moment when Hillary Clinton and John McCain guided this nation through an international crisis?

Does anyone know what this mythical "TEST" is? I note it remains undefined and completely a mystery. WHAT test exactly is Sen. Obama supposed to "pass"? What's "proof" of CinC capabilities - for any or all of the 3 campaigners?

Please use your analytical and critical thinking skills so that this does not become polemic or a "personality contest". Ethics and integrity do matter: from the candidates and from everyone else (including the electorate).

Let me specify that at this point, I favor NONE of the three candidates. Let me also say that "semidi's" comments early which include references to "morons" (evidently those who do support Obama) are so unprofessional as to obviate the significance of the entire comment. Please - let us engage respectfully - intelligently and thoughtfully, reasonablty and logically, rather than simply emotionally. You respect the candidates - and yourselves - when you do so.

Here's the deal, folks. This quote does NOT come from Hillary. . .rather from one of the folks in her campaign.

In the same manner, I believe, many of the crazy-sounding quotes attributed to Senator Obama do NOT come from him...
rather from one of the folks in his campaign.

Surrogates do not count--
ask the candidates for their opinions and views.

Get real!

This Dem race is getting more ridiculous by the day. I'm a woman and most recently an Obama supporter. I had not made up my mind until Billary let the "dog" out prior to the South Carolina primary. What makes Billary think SHE'S so qualified for the WH, the fact she slept there for 2 terms???

Hil's so called "experience" amounts to standing behind her husband while things happened and then taking credit for them. She's managed to overstate her involvement and take credit for several occurences during her husband's presidency, from peace in Northern Ireland to opening the borders in Kosovo that she had little if any real involvement in according to others who were there, according to a recent article by NANCY BENAC.
Here are some of the highlights of what she wrote:

Clinton claims:
"I helped to bring peace to Northern Ireland."
"The road to peace was carefully documented, and she wasn't on it," says Brian Feeney, an author and former leading Belfast politician.
She said:
"I negotiated open borders to let fleeing refugees into safety from Kosovo."
Robert Gelbard, who was presidential envoy to the Balkans at the time and now serves as an adviser to the Obama campaign, offers an opposing view.
"I cannot recall any involvement by Senator Clinton in this issue," he said. "The person who was able to get the border opened was Mrs. Sadako Ogata," the U.N. high commissioner for refugees. Gelbard said he had questioned other U.S. officials directly involved and none remembered involvement by Clinton.
There were no public reports at the time of Clinton negotiating to keep the border open.
She claimed:
SERBIA: "I urged him to bomb."
Possible.Holbrooke recalled a time during the subsequent NATO bombing campaign when he and his wife were invited upstairs at the White House after a social event. He said Hillary Clinton was a big participant in an hour-long discussion about the bombing, the possible use of ground troops and other matters.
She didn't take sides in the conversation, Holbrooke said, "but I have no doubt that she continued the conversation in the privacy of their relationship" and made her views clear.
So this one, unlike the others, is actually a possibleShe did what any wife does and offered her opinion. I could have done that! That makes you presidential material?
She insisted:
"I've been standing up to the Chinese government over women's rights."
Rice, the former Clinton administration official now supporting Obama, credits the first lady for delivering an important speech on women's rights, but says that that doesn't translate into presidential crisis management credentials.
BOSNIA: "If the place was too small, too dangerous or too poor, send Hillary."
Security was very tight on Clinton's goodwill tour to Bosnia, but officials said at the time that she took no extraordinary risks.
Rice dismissed the trip as a "meet and greet." She stressed that comedian Sinbad and singer Sheryl Crow accompanied Clinton on the flight to put on a USO show for the troops.

So, now I'm curious. What exactly are her actual "credentials" that make her so much more suited to answer that phone than any of us, and, when Obama wins the nomination, how will she prove them to him so SHE can (possibly) be VP?

Typical Clinton sleaze. There are four voting-age members of our household who will switch sides and vote for McCain should she somehow weasel her way to the Dem. nomination.

This is a ridiculous debate. Of course Senator Barack Obama is the only qualified candidate. Senator Billary Clinton is attempting to win by any means necessary. I believe it what diverstiy consultants would call "White Privilege." He has better credentials than Mrs. Clinton, is much better at thinking on his feet (the debates have displayed this), has genuine charisma, and a personality like no other politician in this day (just like Jack Kennedy). Clinton will fight for this position by any means neccesary and probably would accept the VP position in an Obama administration, but I would watch my back if I was Barack. I believe Kennedy was taken out so that Johnson could get in. Clinton would do no less. Unless Blacks are doing what the Clintons want them to do when they want them to do it, they have no use for Blacks (remember Sistah Souljah). Latinos who have a sense of ethnic determination will see through this, also. Persons of all other ethnicities with good hearts can see through the underlying racialism of the Clinton campaign regardless of a Latina or African American female campaign manager.


I was already having a hard enough time preparing myself to vote for the Dem nominee - if it wasn't going to be Obama - and now I'm not sure if I'll be able to vote for HRC at all if she nabs the nomination.

In short, her campaign has alienated my affections. I'd rather stay home.

Obama's ties to Rezko, Bill Ayres, plus his church, should make him unqualified even for his current position, much less president or vice president.

She's reaching for the presidency, but when this is all over. Her constituents will vote her out.
This is America, one thing "Americans" can't stand is a sore losser.
I'm sure many would agree, that we would like our first female president to bring some grace to the office.
Let's get REAL "HILL" supporter's. Her husband didn't have the republican support, what makes you think see will? She would be a "lame duck president".
God forbid, she gets on t.v. and cry for the whole world to see.

She's one more, double talk, contradiction, back paddling, talking out of the side of my neck, statement away from me thinking she's mentally unstable. Someone administer a "Psyc" test on her.

And Hillary IS qualified? What qualifies her? A husband who was a so-so president?Her stint in the Senate has been unremarkable, her politics have been reprehensible and she has shown that acting and posing have become an American political norm. SHEEEESH

Very strong critisim of Obama's ability to support our country in crisis. For the record, where's Hillary's vast experience in international politics? As far as I know her resume' is as dim as his. Clinton is nothing but a power hungry, scorned woman that resorts to name calling tactics. If there is anyone with skeletons in their closet, Hillary is one of them. Her experience is not what she tries to portray and if she'd focus a little more on the issues, America would see her shortcomings.

I also will not vote for Hillary now under any circumstances. I started out in her camp and then became aware of Barack Obama's positive "rhetoric". I personally would rather experience hope for our nation to take another path away from politicians bought by the special interests and back to government as a service career. I am not impressed by experience that lead a supposedly savvy politico to vote for a war that I was already in the streets protesting. She knew what I knew: Iraq did not attack the United States and the US has no right to effect regieme change in another sovereign country. I was giving her the benefit of the doubt (but rating her down on leadership and the courage to go against the popular view), but this campaign has been the last straw. I will write in Obama for President.

Does Hilary Clinton expect Obama to drop everything and campaign as her vice. This is not the first or the second insult from the Clintons to Obama in this race alone, the Democrats need to call them to order, these people are out of control. They're not only losing the race but their minds too...!

What she is suggesting and what Bill said in South Carolina reminded me of what George Stefanopoulus said back in 1999. George said something to the effect that if blacks believe that Clinton is on their side, they don't know his (chilling)views behind closed doors. I'm not an American but that stuck with me to this day!

Hilary is really losing it, she doesn't make any sense and is contradicting herself and her aides are contradicting her. The issue is that she has no foreign policy experience and SHE KNOWS IT. Being married to a president doesn't make one a vice president. Americans owe it to themselves to make the right choice this time. The point is that none of the candidates has foreign policy experience, period...! She talks about standing up to the government of China, she wouldn't dare do that and again she knows. Her rhetorical speech was no different from other speakers'. Thinking that or rather equating a charity/humanitarian speech to foreign policy left me with more questions than answers about her understanding of what foreign policy is all about.

The bottom line is that level heads should prevail in this race, the US is desperately in need of a president that can TALK with (not to) other leaders and not isolate the country and make it insecure by presenting it as a bullyboy...! The days of bullyboys are gone. Hilary is a bullygirl that will do less or nothing to bridge the gap that exists between the US and its 'non alies' which it needs.

Q: What time is it?
A: It's time for her to go

Time for the granola candidate to go. That would be Obama, the spoiler. He is not even qualified to be a senator, which can easily be seen by the fact that he has not done his job for a very long time. And what did he do when he was doing it? Nothing.

hillary isn't running for commander-in-chief, she's running for exaggerator-in-chief. anyone who is 60 yrs old who has "35 yrs of experience" in government started at 25 which is about as plausible as her being responsible for bringing peace to Northern Ireland and Kosovo.

First the Clintonites insulted every state they lost, and now they insult every voter Obama's gained.

This is a really stupid way to run a campaign. If Hillary Clinton doesn't fire Wolfson immediately, then it will be up to the voters to repudiate her utterly.

Good Heavens, even if her superdelegates deliver the White House to her, WHY would Obama want to be associated with a Clinton White House -- all it could do is taint him and his political beliefs -- remember everything that happened in the first Clinton White House, white water, travelgate, the commodities scandel, etc. etc. etc.

Oh, sweet misguided Obambam fans!!

I actually almost hope he does win it all.

I can't wait for you to be disappointed.
You gotta love the idealism.
Every 4 years, these people get their heads out of the sand and pretend they are paying attention to politics.

Pay attention all you want, folks. You still won't know anything about policy by listening to your favorite Obama song, "Hope and Change".
If you vote(d) for Obama, you clearly have no idea how Washington works...
as if 8 awful years of Bush could then give us the most head-up-his-idealistic-ass politician in all of D.C.
If 911 was the best thing that ever happened to Bush, then the Bush presidency has been the best thing that ever happened to Obama.
When could it have ever been possible to vote for someone with exactly NO foreign policy experience when there are two wars going on, that we are losing, by the way.

And I can't wait for him to "rid" Washington of lobbyists. He needs to rid them from his campaign first. Last I checked, he had 9 lobbyists working for him. And he's already on the record lying about the Canada meeting re: NAFTA. And who'll hold up his halo after the full disclosure comes from Rezko-gate? Man, I'm gonna laugh when this joke of a candidate turns out to be the liberal Bush.

I don't get you "change" children.
Didn't you all vote for Nader in 2000 and 2004?
What's stopping you now?
That's right, you found someone who'll tell you EXACTLY what you want to hear.

Wow. It's a good thing he's not part of the OLD WAY of politics, right?

Show some cojones for change, and vote for Nader 2008, if you can stand the change.

If I hadn't already decided that HRC was worthless as a presidential candidate, I would decide now based upon this ridiculous back and forth she's doing about a joint ticket w/ Obama. Am I the only person to be offended by her stance that "he's fine for the VP...but, no wait, he doesn't meet my standard for VP... but, no, wait, maybe he might meet my standard for VP if he 'proves' himself to me...". HRC has already proven herself as someone who cannot even manage her husband, let alone a campaign staff. I would never allow her to manage the US. And this ridiculous back and forth about a joint ticket w/ Obama makes me take her even less seriously; it proves that she simply wants to take the most expedient route to an election victory, even if it means bizarre about faces. No thanks. I want a presidential nominee with more character and more sense than that.

Come on all you Democrats out there. Vote no on Hill/Bill. Enough is enough....poor loser..

There was once a time when I would have readily supported Hillary in the G.E. if she were the nominee. NOT ANYMORE!!! Hillary is not even qualified to be the White House receptionist! This is the final straw. If Hillary weasels her way to the top of the ticket, this Democrat will either stay home on election day, or I will actualy vote for John McCain!

As a young voter, I am completely disgusted with Hillary's mess in this campaign. I am also a FL voter, and I don't buy Hillary's "champion of voter enfranchisement" act for one minute. Didn't she agree to these rules in the first place? Why wasn't she fighting for the delegates months ago when FL was punished? I'm actually one of many FL voters who did NOT vote in our primary because I knew the vote would not count. Nobody campaigned here. How can sshe then claim FL as a "victory"? Hillary is a complete joke!

Oh, and BTW, if having sex with Bill CLinton qualifies one to be president, I may just go to the polls in Nov. and write in Gennifer Flowers or Monica Lewinsky.

I'm almost sad to see her go away. Reading about her campaign's daily contradictions and buffoonery is a daily pleasure. How can anyone take her seriously? Honestly, I want one of her supporters to explain to me how you reconcile the above. I am open to understanding. Because every day, it seems more and more apparent how ridiculous her and her campaign really are. Do you have to be old to get it? She isn't in the running, so let's all please stop talking about her as if she is. This is the creation the press as much as anything.

I expect Mr. Wolfson to be resigning momentarily. This has to be the most devisive comment in the midst of a political primary in a long time. Shows a kind of desperation by the the Clinton camp I was not aware of until now. There are many independents, like myself, who would likely vote for an Obama ticket, but might well go to McCain if Hillary is at the top of the ticket. I am surpised to say that, but I am that disgusted by the tone of the Clinton grab for the nomination.

Does that even make sense? Exactly what is the criteria for the National Scurity Threshold that Hillary actually qualifies as well for?

Is it me or does the entire world forget that the reason Hillary can never be the right person for President as she is only a divider? Half of the country will never vote for her because of the betrayeal of the 1st Clinton Administration. Do we not remember that is was the 1st administration that took advantage of the most powerful and responsible position in the world by not only betraying the trust of all Americans, but his adultery to his wife and then misleading of the situation that almost lead to impeachment. This is a shameful mark on American history. Do we really need to go backwards to this again? Why do we want Hillary and Bill back in Office. He cant even be faithful to his wife, how could he be faithful to the American people. And if you think Bill will not play a major role in the presidency, you are crazy.

Dream on Hillary. This is all you can do. You are behind and you will not be nominated. You, Bill and Randell are trying to destroy the Party but it will not work. You will be a big looser if you keep listening to advisors who do not care about you but themselves. You are helping Barack Obama. Thank you very much.


This is a dream come true for the GOP.

A Democrat Civil War!!!

Praise the lord!!!

Does that even make sense? Exactly what is the criteria for the National Security Threshold that Hillary actually qualifies as well for?

Is it me or does the entire world forget that the reason Hillary can never be the right person for President as she is only a divider? Half of the country will never vote for her because of the betrayeal of the 1st Clinton Administration. Do we not remember that is was the 1st administration that took advantage of the most powerful and responsible position in the world by not only betraying the trust of all Americans, but his adultery to his wife and then misleading of the situation that almost lead to impeachment. This is a shameful mark on American history. Do we really need to go backwards to this again? Why do we want Hillary and Bill back in Office. He cant even be faithful to his wife, how could he be faithful to the American people. And if you think Bill will not play a major role in the presidency, you are crazy.

I hope Philadelphia gets rid of this drunken woman. I think she inhales for Bill and is now going absolutely mad. The people of Philadelphia should "reject and denounce" the nonsense that came out of Rendell's foul mouth the other day. I cannot believe that no one has asked Rendell to name "his friends" that would not vote for a Black man. I say these are his friends because those fools must have been his good friends to confide such ignorant statement in him. Remember the saying, birds of a feather....

Before I was going to vote for either Hillary or Obama. Now I'm sick of Hillary and all the same old tatics she is using. If she wins I'm staying home in Nov.

If sleeping next to Bill Clinton qualifies you for the Presidency, odds are quite a few women will follow in her footsteps.

I'm a member of the "ABC Party," Anybody But Clinton.

She and Bill and their phoney "advisors" must think Americans are stone idiots. Come to think of it, Americans voted "Bill the Con Man" into office twice. Mayby they're right.

Obama would make a great vice president cause he only has to go to funerals.

Blah, blah, blah! Just because Obama give these feel good speeches with this "Change" rhetoric does not mean he is qualified to be our next President...If these band-wagon Democrats are threatening to vote for McCain if Obama does not win only shows the mental instability of these voters! I am guessing they are more likely the uneducated voting block and most people can guess who they are?

Anyone Vote for Hillary Clinton must be blind...

She is nothing but another brown nose in the classroom.

Thanks, all
Garland Texas

I now have no choice but to believe that Clinton(s) suggestion of a VP Obama was just a bait & switch technique. Just like a used car salesman...I will vote for Obama in the PA Primary.

Hillary is so desperate to be in the White House, that she will lower her oponent Barack Obama in any way, shape or form. I think that she will lose the election....so she needs to stop preparing her old room in the White House. AND as far as being president....her terms as first lady don't qualify....access denied!!!! GO OBAMA, GO OBAMA.

Obama Supporter

The Clintons sure do have large ones! Unbelievable! They're flip flopping so fast I'm getting dizzy. First they say Obama isn't ready on day 1. Then they float the idea of him being a great VP for Hillary. And now a complete 180???

It is same old tactic to pull down your opponent. But by doing so she is proving herself not even capable of understanding Americans in real sense. I am from India the largest democracy in the world. I have seen such leg pulling politics since I was young. It does'nt work for any country. American voters are highly informed and as every where else craving for honest and straight forward leaders whose minds are fresh and not corrupted by too much old kind of politics which she says as a lifetime of experience. Its true she will be ready from day one to serve the Americans with same flip-floppings, wrong judgements, failed health care plans and out dated approach to the problems in America at rate faster than anything by mean of her so called experience. No more Bs and Cs in White House please.

I understand that Hillary will release the scores from her Commander-In-Chief test after April 15, along with her tax returns and the missing files from the Rose Law firm.

I cannot believe the absolute arrogance of HRC in declaring who is or who is not qualified to be your Commander in Chief. What in hell has this bloody woman done which makes her believe in her own "divine" right to rule.

I have never witnessed such desperation to be president. Hillary needs to take her ego out of the race and put her heart in, especially if she wants to compete with a man who still has his heart.

Yu bet this woman "Hill" is a true monster original.

From the desk of:

Mark Poison Penn

Re: Spitzer Sex Scandal:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton wants the voters to know that she has the most experience to deal with such a unexpected emergency. Senator Clinton has past the threshold of being qualified to deal with Bimbo Eruptions, from day one. Experience counts. At 3.00am who do you want answering those phone calls from the Red Light Zone.

Hillary Clinton has 35 years of experience dealing with Bimbo Eruptions, and Senator Obama has never even made a speech about them.

Who do you want taking that 3.00AM Red Light call!

I am a Democrat and a woman, yet if Hillary takes the nomination, by some terrible chance, I will vote for McCain.

I am a Democrat and a woman, yet if Hillary takes the nomination, by some terrible chance, I will vote for McCain.

"Now, Obama isn't qualified right now to run the country but as VP he would get the necessary skill set to make an effective CEO of America."

Posted by: Ray | March 10, 2008 5:34 PM

I love how people like you just dismiss Barack Obama as if he were a child. I would submit to YOU that perhaps a look in the mirror is in order. After reading your comment it seems that you haven't the slightest clue as to what it takes to run the country. For that matter it is obvious to a blind man that a delusional woman with multiple personality disorder is not the countries answer.

Get over yourself Ray.

I agree with Wolfson. Well, BHO's supporters are early twenties & African Americans.80% of AA population support Obama- this is something wrong - not good sign for future Americans, looks like deeply divided by race with tense emotion...in general election, would it be racism if 85% white voters vote for McCain ?

Hillary Clinton is the right person as president. Hillary supporters are mature and wise enough people's group(older age group)while Obama supporters, Early twenties, are not mature enough to judge in tense international issues or dirty political poliy issues, using high power tactics. election is not choice of rockstar. It is choice of a great leader with experiences and clear wise judgement. Hillary is the most highly qualified candidate chosen by mature voters

Chalk me up as another dem who can't vote for Hillary even if she does win the nomination now. Man, what a stinker she is. Good things McCain is far enough left so the choice isn't between Huckabee and Clinton. Do the Clinton's not realize that this makes people hate her?

Much is not known of Obama because he has not done much. If he had done anything relevant people would know., however he has a fancy home and a cronie friend and everyone knows that. Hillary has been in the public eye for so long everyone has something to say about her. She is Presidential material and Obama is not, at least not yet.

Well I see that Hilly's "Billys" finally showed up on here. Yep ol' Abe had it right, you really CAN fool some of the people all the time. But actually those people are usually nothing more than a fringe group at best, self deluded creatures that couldn't see the ten foot high writing on a three story barn wall. But since the overwhelming majority of people (at least on all the message boards I've seen) have gotten hip to the ridiculous con that the Clinton's are once again attempting to run, this should all be over in a matter of three or four weeks. She'll get her butt kicked worse than a narc at a bike rally tomorrow when Mississippi votes, and then as more crony delegates desert her (like RATS leaving a sinking ship) it'll become apparent that she has no chance. And I expect that at some point the DNC will quietly step in and just break the bad news to wannabe Queen Hilly. She'll probably throw a temper tantrum, throw a few threats around, but in the end she'll just have to go away (Because there's NO WAY Obama will have her on the ticket as VP, to do so would be his death sentence). But at least the infighting will finally cease and the Dems can get on with battling the GOP.

Hillary Clinton is nuts. She wants desperately to pretend to be the front runner here... c'mon, we all know there is not possibility of her winning withou Obama on the ticket.

What a great fall, anyway “who de gods must destroy, they first make mad”. The end of Clinton’s era was a big humiliation by a no-body, with no-experience call Obama, as proclaimed by Hillary herself, a small rat. We can now truly ascertain David and Goliath story. Bawl out now Hillary before it is too late, de disgrace maybe too much to handle. Save democratic from been disgraced by your arrogance

HRC is a brilliant graduate of Swarthmore and Yale Law School, but her lack of judgment leaves so much to be desired I can no longer, in good conscience, consider her to be President of the United States (POTUS). I would not want her answering the red phone at 3 a.m., or any other time of day. This would be my assessment even if the so-called "super-delegates" give her the nomination. She is clearly too unstable to make the judgments that are necessary from the POTUS.
She chose Mark Penn to be her chief strategist and Howard Wolfson to be her chief spokesman. They have been woefully deficient in their capacities.
They chose to spend all of their substantial campaign funds before "Super Tuesday." She had to lend herself $5 million to continue her campaign.
When she won the New Hampshire primary, she said she had "found her voice." Shouldn't a candidate for President be firmly in control of her voice and message before she runs?
After losing not 3, 5 or even 7 contests in a row, but 11, she did not fire Penn and Wolfson. Instead, she tried on different personas (e.g. crying, laughing uncontrollably, screaming and denouncing Obama the day after she stated she was honored to be in his presence). Apparently, she lost her voice again!

With such lack of judgment and stability, would you want HRC to choose our Secretary of Treasury or HHS?
She approved ads suggesting she had more experience then Obama, and would have better judgment than him, when answering the proverbial 3 a.m. red phone call. Remember, this is a woman who voted for a resolution whose (paraphrased) title read the Authorization for the Use of Force. That resolution clearly allowed Bush to preemptively approve the use of force against Iraq, a country that was not a threat to the United States. For years, she did not renounce that vote. Only when Tim Russert recently pressed her in a debate, did she acknowledge her error in judgment. Would you want such a person nominating a Secretary of State or Defense, or answering that red phone at any time of day?
Now, HRC has waffled between whether she would ask Obama to be VP on her ticket, or denounce him as unqualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency - never mind her delusion that she is not so far behind in pledged delegates, votes and contests won that she cannot catch up without the assistance of super-delegates. Would you want such a person to be answering the red phone at 3 a.m., or any other time of day? Would you want her making any decisions more important than those reserved for an assistant petty (and I do mean petty) bureaucrat?

She suggests she has 35 years of experience that qualifies her to be POTUS. She does not. She has been First Lady of Arkansas and the U.S. Barbara and Laura Bush have had such experience. Would you want either of them to be POTUS? None of them has had a high level security clearance, much less experience making critical diplomatic decisions. The fact that Hillary traveled with Bill as First Lady does not qualify her to be POTUS. That argument is patently ridiculous.

I supported John Edwards to be POTUS. Now, I support Obama. Obama was Editor in Chief of the Harvard Law Review. He is brilliant. Moreover, he seems to have the kind of calm, thoughtful demeanor to be POTUS. For the most part, he has run an excellent, inclusive campaign, and has shown good, although not perfect, judgment. I think he has had sufficient years of experience as a civil rights lawyer, state senator, and U.S. Senator to be POTUS.

If HRC becomes the nominee, I cannot see pulling the proverbial lever for her. I'm not sure what I will do if she becomes the nominee. The only reasons I would still consider her, is to prevent McCain from prosecuting the war in Iraq any longer, and from nominating anyone to the Supreme Court of the United States. That critical court is perilously far to the right as it is, with the addition of John Roberts and Samuel Alito court.

For those of you eligible to vote in the remaining primaries and caucuses, please consider the above concerns. What the POTUS does is critical for us and the world. It is a shame that the first woman seriously seeking to become POTUS is HRC. I wish that it were otherwise. Fortunately, Obama is an excellent candidate.

a concerned citizen from Santa Barbara, California

have you ever noticed that the most likable people are the ones who tell us exactly what we want to hear. they push all the right buttons. so we are so gullible to equate that with truth. investigate. find out if your messiah is deceitful before you waste your one and only vote.

This is ridiculous, Clinton asked Obama to consider for Vp and then say not qualified. This act is why HRClinton is not ready to become president. The reason why Obama is not ready for Vp b/c he is more qualified to become Commander in chief.


She makes me Imbarrased to be a Woman.

I have been a dem all of my life. Skipped a couple of presidential elections because I was fed up with politics; a lack of sincerity in running this country and turning things around. (We) the American people deserve better. Obama has my vote. I wouldn't vote for him because he is a black man nor more than I would vote for Hillary because she is a woman. What I will vote for is an intelligent person that can serve as a change agent for this country. Someone I believe who can answer the phone at 3:00 a.m. in the morning and make the right decision not only for the little girl featured in the ad but for his own precious little girls as well - that candidate is Barack Obama. After this last stunt by the "undits" running Hillary's campaign I will vote for a republican the first time in my life is Hillary is the democratic nominee. I could not in good conscious vote for Hillary after the condescending and unintelligent suggestion that Barack Obama be her vice...

Congratulations, Hillary.

I said before this election that I would vote for a doorknob before I'd vote Republican, given what we've been through the last 8 years with President Yo-yo. (And I apologize to any yo-yos I insult by stating that.)

But now, Hilly, SEE YA!

Your latest move is why people consider politics the sleazy, creepy profession it is. Unfortunately, sleazy and creepy is the best that you and MOST of your kind can offer at this time.

Fortunately, there is hope. Illinois voters just rejected the sleazy, creepy campaign run by perennial, never-held-an- office loser Jim Oberwiess. Proof there are people fed up with same ol' politics as usual tactics that consider all of us who fill in a ballot as morons willing to absorb and accept any vile slime you spew on one of them "saw-it-on-TV-so-it must-be-true" commercials.

Therefore, Hilly, I could never live with myself and vote for you.

You're scraping the bottom of your bag of sleazy, creepy, I'm-losing-so-I'm-going-for-it tricks.

It's so pathetic. Shame on you.

I think Clinton watched the Sat Night Live skit and believed it was one of her commercials.

Clinton is making a fool of herself by 1) acting once more as if she's the inevitable candidate (didn't the American electorate already let her know what they think of that?)and 2) talking about Obama as VP when he's ahead of her on all counts. Arrogant, condescending, full of hubris. She's looking more and more like Bush, isn't she?

Good job Hillary...because if you put Obama the dreamer on the ticket in times such as the times we are living in...one thing is for certain and two things for sure...I will vote for John McCain! OBAMA is not qualified to answer the phone at McDonalds at 3 am! NO MORE ON THE JOB TRAINING!!! MY POCKETS CAN'T TAKE THAT CHANCE!!! I often wondered to myself when I see large congregations of people in church following leaders that are liars, manipulators and train recks...and I ponder...are people really that stupid??? Well reading these Obama puppets comments...the question is no more..people are easy to manipulate with something as small as a speech..and are really stupid by and large as the polls demonstate! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY BUMPER STICKER THAT WILL READ "DON'T BLAME ME...I VOTED FOR HILLARY"

Slippery Clinton and her gang throwing more things against the wall.

I am a Democrat who has never missed an election. I vote every chance I get: school bond elections and everything else. If the polls are open I am there.

So I am not saying this lightly or cavalierly.

If Hillary Clinton somehow pushes her way into the nomination I will either stay home or pick a third party candidate.

There is now no way on earth that I could EVER vote for her. Ever, at all, period.

Hillary is not qualified to do anything other than sling mud and attack others. She cannot be allowed near the levers of power.

Oh come on people. Everyone knows that committees in the Senate like the Foreign Relations Committee have been nothing but vanity positions ever since George W. took office. The reason that Obama never attended a meeting, besides running for Prez, is because anything and everything that the Senate could want to do would immediately be vetoed by Bush. Condi Rice is the only one with any power in that area under the Bush administration. Yet another reason to get a Dem in the white house -- we can make our executive-advisory committees relevant again.

Don't vote for McBush or McClinton -- vote for someone who has ALREADY changed the way politics is done, from the ground up. Vote for tomorrow! Vote for your aspirations! Vote for Obama!

If I ever considered voting for Obama, I wouldn't now after reading these blogs and others by Obama supporters. I thought Obama was supposed to inspire "Hope" and "Change." But he inspires vindictiveness and downright mean-spiritedness in his followers. If Hillary followers had attacked Obama in such personal, hateful language, they would be accused of the worse kind of racism. Why doesn't anyone cry sexism? And it's sad, but understandable, to read women putting down not only Hillary but women in general by their comments about "typical female behavior" as "snaky and backhanded." This woman and so many others have so internalized the put-downs they have received as women that they have very low self-esteem. Why else wouldn't women be flocking to Hillary out of "gender pride" just as the large majority of African-Americans are flocking to Obama out of "racial pride"? It is because so many women have so little pride. Please, even if you disagree with Hillary, do not attack her with petty derogatory name-calling. It certainly doesn't make your candidate Obama look good.

Advice to Mr. Wolfson, get your resume in order. Bill and Hillary never ever, ever take the blame for anything: not even beign caught with their pants down! You are next.

Thank you Hillary. Now go away.

I don't get it, the Clintons, were impeached-remember? Why would anyone want them back in the White House? I have not seen nor heard any mention of this during these elections. You'd think by now Obama would have stuck this back in their faces.

This is getting to be dangerously absurd. I hope the vast majority of the American people are able to see through the Clintons. We need a unifier, even though everybody can't be unified. We need dissent on all fronts, but we do not need more sham, mendacity and hypocrisy. A grateful nation needs to tell BOTH Clintons, Thanks, but no thanks.

Yes... I believe a lot of people are thinking that if Obama loses the nomination they (democrats) will vote for McCain instead of Clinton. This became obvious to me right after the March 4 primaries. I'm a life long democrat, but there is no way I can muster a vote for Clinton. I can only hope there is a loud enough voice that the Clinton's can hear... Stop the mudslinging. I can't stand it anymore.

Obama isn't qualified to be either, if he by some miracle wins the nod, i happen to know McCain will kill him in the actual election.
The clinton camp is just trying to make nice but people twist it to make it dirty, she may be behind in the delegates now but i happen to know she won't be for long.... so sorry obama supporters maybe he can swallow his male ego/pride and take a vice presidency job.

I am sooo past disbelief with Clinton. Is she losing touch with reality? Does she realize how retarded these statements sound when she is presently the tail wagon? God help us if she gets elected. She is a monster and won't stop at anything. The "B" word does not apply any longer, this is entirely something else beyond that.

I think she's lost it. As Larry David says, "Does anyone want this nut answering the phone?....I realized the last thing this country needs is that woman anywhere near a phone. I don't care if it's 3 a.m. or 10 p.m. or any other time. I don't want her talking to Putin, I don't want her talking to Kim Jong Il, I don't want her talking to my nephew. She needs a long rest. She needs to put on a sarong and some sun block and get away from things for a while, a nice beach somewhere -- somewhere far away, where there are...no phones." See http://www.huffingtonpost.com/larry-david/on-the-red-phone_b_90338.html

i'm a black woman and i'm so disgusted w/ BOTH canidates that i'm voting for McCain! This election is getting pathetic! Both of them were out of line w/ this one. Why couldn't Obama just be the bigger man and say well maybe i'll think about it??? hmmm because he's a man who only cares about winning this election and doesn't care that maybe some torn voter would love to see a joint ticket!!! so ya know what guys?? THANKS NOW I WILL VOTE FOR NEITHER OF YOU!!!

What is he supposed to do in the next few months to gain some 3am phone-answering experience? What is she gonna do? LOL!

It's about time to get rid of Bush, McCain, Clinton self serving empire. Let our great nation to invent itself for the better.

This is the most bizarre twist of logic I have seen from an increasingly illogical Clinton campaign. I am glad that Sen. Obama has cleared the air and pointed out these glaring leaps of logic on the part of Clinton, Bill and Hillary, and now their campaign hack Wolfson.

After reading each and every post here I am amazed that they let some of you people out into the real world let alone vote. Why does Senator Obama have to meet a criterion that has never been set before for any other candidate? Does running a baseball team qualify one to be POTUS? It is obvious that most of you have never held leadership positions or built teams to accomplish objectives. What does Senator Obama’s "fancy" home have to do with anything? I haven't heard anything about any of the other candidate’s homes. You people (Obama haters) are amazing. Just what is it about a black man that frightens you? Do you expect him to run every facet of the government by himself? True leaders develop a vision and build teams to accomplish the mission. If what is happening on Wall Street is any indication of what real experience can bring about, I'll settle for hope and change. It's been a long time since I’ve seen a Democratic candidate articulate a positive vision for their constituency rather than rant and espouse platitudes about how we are victims of the man, the system, the Republican Party; etc. What does a man who graduated top of his class, (Harvard no less) and is a positive role model and who demonstrates admirable values as a family man, husband, father, active church member (Christian) and as a concerned elected leader have to do to be seen as “qualified”? “They” (those people) just never seem to rise above the fear some of us have about black men. Yes I said it. He doesn’t have to play the race card because many of you are so busy playing yours. Where did Hillary graduate in her class? Did you know she failed the DC bar exam and that’s why she moved to Arkansas? Barack passed one of the hardest bar exams on his first try, the Illinois Bar exam. When will Senator McCain release his medical records and when will Senator Clinton release her tax returns? Why aren’t you asking those questions? It is no wonder the founding fathers constructed the Electoral College. Obviously some of you are too stupid to be entrusted with your vote. DRM

Of course he isn't qualified to be VP. Heck, he's not even qualified to be a Senator!


Said Jann, "If Hillary followers had attacked Obama in such personal, hateful language, they would be accused of the worse kind of racism".

What election are you following and what planet are you on? Simply amazing; the filter through which you see tings. What color is the sky where you come from?

the dems are gonna blow this election.

Erik La Groux proves Godwin's Law (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin's_law) once again. This means he and the other Hillary proponents have lost their argument. This thread is over.

I am voting for Hillary Clinton - she is the gal!

Posted by: Gail F. Torbik | March 10, 2008 5:00 PM

Two questions for Gail: 1. What are you smoking, and 2. Does it cause PERMANENT brain damage.

Of course he isn't qualified to be VP. Heck, he's not even qualified to be a Senator!


Posted by: Danaidh | March 10, 2008 11:48 PM

Ok Danaidh, are you smoking the same brand as Gail? You know when it comes to politicians I prefer people who actually HAVE law degrees. Because you can't write bills that you want to become LAW unless you understand the LAW! But Barack Obama has done FAR more with his degree during his time in congress than Hilly has. He's written literally HUNDREDS of pieces of legislature. Hillary has mainly passed time with trivial items that don't really mean much in terms of importance to the economy, or foreign relations, or domestic policy, or much of anythng else. Now she wants you to believe that she's the great legislator who has the knowledge and experience to run the country. Nothing could be further from the truth. She's nothing more than a carpet bagging, coat tail riding spoiled aging debutante who has gotten this strange idea somewhere along the line that she has some hereditary CLAIM to the presidency of the US. Sort of like a presidential bloodline or whatever it is she THINKS she has. That's why I call her Queen Hillary. Now you folks have the right to your opinion, you DO. And far be it from me to try and change your minds (Hell if Hilly hasn't done it HERSELF by now then you're too far gone to get it anyway). I'm just going to reiterate, "She's a PHONY! She DOESN'T care about you, she isn't going to EVER keep even a single promise to you. She ISN'T going to save your job or your home, she isn't going to save your kid from getting his head blown off in IRAQ, and she isn't going to remember a single thing she promised five minutes after she gets into office (as if she ever will)"! What she will do is RAISE your taxes, sell whats left of your children's financial future to the highest corporate bidder in exchange for a second term, and then she'll grind you into the dirt with both boots. You mean NOTHING to her except a vote to give her what she wants, aside from that she doesn't want a damned thing to do with you. Now as to the numbers (And I understand that this is particularly difficult when you freely choose to delude yourselves) and I think it's pretty plain to anyone with even an elementary school comprehension level of mathematics. Barack Obama has a nearly 200 delegate lead over Hillary Clinton. That means that BARACK OBAMA is the "FRONT RUNNER". Hillary is Number two (No pun intended). That is the FACT of the matter. Tomorrow Obama's lead will increase further after he wins Mississippi. Now I know you all stubbornly insist that Hilly is gonna be Queen. Well here's the REAL "Reality Check" (as you all so quaintly call it). Hillary can NOT mathematically win the nomination given the current demographic of the remaining states. Obama can but may not win the total needed by primary vote. Still he will end the primary far ahead of Hillary in delegates won. The only way that Hilly could possibly win is if by some travesty the remaining superdelegates chose to circumvent the will of the people and cast their lot with Queen Hilly. And I think you know how the country and the rest of the world would react to that. Bottom line: It's NOT going to happen. Hillary's DONE, please somebody stick a fork in her, before it gets REALLY ugly.

Re: Ray's comments about the POTUS as the CEO of the USA. This is a "concept" promoted by George Jr. and his Unitary Executive pusher "Darth" Cheney. There is no basis for this comparison. If POTUS is the CEO who is the Board of Directors that he reports to? Who are the shareholders? Corporations who lavish donations but do not vote or citizens who vote and pay taxes at a greater percentage of their incomes than the corporations. What CEO has a system of checks and balances within his corporation to assure that he doesn't trample over the rights of shareholders? Isn't it odd that the current POTUS pushes the concept of the president as CEO when, in fact, every chance he had to manage in the private sector proved that he was "unqualified" for the position. Please stop beating this dead horse of an analogy. POTUS requires a leader and that is defined by character, not gender or race or military service or age. Vote for who inspires you. Vote for someone who impresses you as someone who you think will take this nation into a direction that you want it to go. There are too many things that need to be fixed in this country to waste your vote on partisan politics.

This garbled, illogical statement is probably the clearest example among many, that the Clinton team holds the public in total disregard. They seem to think we are all idiots and can't see through their double-talk. For those who keep voting for her, why would you? Can't you see that Hillary and her team think so little of you that they think they can say anything and you'll just accept it? I couldn't vote for her if she was the only choice....never...

hey Danaidh,

What an eloquent post. Please tell us more about your candidate's "35 Years of Experience".

What a complete joke. This woman has accomplished nothing on her own in her entire life. If her name was Hillary Rodham and she never married Bubba, she would be senior partner at a big Chicago law firm (I'll grant you that she's bright). But to someone say that proximity to Bill Clinton (whether in the same bed or sometimes not....) qualifies her to be president is a pipedream. Exactly what did she do in Beijing..oh wait, she gave a speech...supposedly what she alleges Obama's campaign as being solely based on. She was instrumental in the peace process in Northern Ireland? Umm....no. George Mitchell was integral to the peace proces. Bill Clinton, yes.

The only things Hillary has ever managed, her health care task force (disaster) and this campaign (pretty much a diaster when you are effectively the incumbent) prove that she is not a leader. Never has been. Never will be.

Monica spent some time with Bill Clinton. Is she qualified to be president?

Hillary should high-tail it back to her mansion in Chappaqua and cry her little eyes out. Boo hoo!! Half of America hates me....Boo hoo!!!

The latest hogwash from the Obama camp fed by ex-senator Daschle is that since Obama couldn’t accomplish anything in the Senate (It’s the fault of a dysfunctional senate of course!) he deserves to have a crack at accomplishing something as President. Wake up America, this guy doesn’t deserve to be President, Vice President or US Senator. Let him retire to a full time inspirational public speaking tour or a career selling used cars; that’s where his talents lie. If he wins the Democratic primary from Hillary, this lifelong Democrat is voting for McCain.

Why Obama? He hasn't a voting record at all, well OK present. How does anyone know what he will bring to the White House. This position is too important to allow either of the Democrat vying at this point. The way they've handled the primaries is at least embarassing. Obama deliberately ran radio/TV ads that crossed over into Florida, like he didn't know what he was doing, Hillary was not the only wrong one here! What kind of a Commander in Chief would Obama make when he still does not know the etiquette for the Star Spangled Banner and The National Anthem. The Anthem does require civilians to place their right hand over their hearts. Being a State Senator, he should at least know this. This Dem. is jumping aboard the straight talk express. At least for the first time in many years, McCain would be a true Commander in Chief that paid his dues to this country as a POW. He is a real, proven hero and is more qualified than Obama and Hillary.

Hillary berates Obama as unqualified to be President.


Lagging behind Obama, she condescendingly offers Obama the Number 2 slot, implying that Obama must actually be qualified to be President, despite what she has already said.


Hillary says Obama is not even ready to be Vice President, but might be in August.


Hillary Clinton is seriously starting to lose it.

I am now completely convinced....Hilary is a MONSTER

As a European who has lived in the US for years, I am utterly puzzled by the deluded, manipulative and dishonest campaign run by Ms. Clinton. Trying to define, whether your opponent who you are running against, is qualified or not, is very obviously prejudiced and biased, since your intent is clear. It gives the impression that Ms. Clinton and her campaign think, a country whose citizens made the mistake to elect Mr. Bush Jr. for president, even though his election had literally been hanging by the chads of Florida, could also be stupid enough to vote for her. Given the missives coming out of the Clinton campaign HQ, heaven help us all, if Ms. Clinton were the one to answer the phone at 3 a.m. Mr. Obama's response to the ludicrous suggestions posed by the Clintons and Ms. Clinton's campaign was more than appropriate and to the point. Looser to winner: I'll let you play with me, if you admit I'm the winner. The lack of logic of the Clinton campaign is so appalling, it almost blows you away asking how much more stupid can you get. Ms. Clinton's opinion about the American electorate, demonstrated through her manipulative and divisive campaign, is insulting to Americans. As one newspaper aptly noticed, if Mr. Obama were to run in Europe, he would win by a landslide. The problem with Ms. Clinton is not that she is female and that there is a gender bias working against her, but that she is Ms. Clinton. Her habit, to discount states that she does not win as not so important, falls along these lines, her lack of graciousness not complimenting her opponent on some of his wins, her acrimonious attempts to smear her opponent by touting (words, just words) how qualified she is and how unqualified he is ... one could go on and on shaking one's head in disbelief. Yes, Ms. Clinton HAS a serious problem and it is not called Obama. She need just look in the mirror in the morning and will be face to face with her real problem.

The Clintons are so desperate and afraid of Obama they will say and do anything.

Nobody yet has offered a convincing argument to me as to how Hillary Clinton has supposedly passed this "Commander in Chief Test"

I guess Bill and Hill weren't thinking ahead that we would see through their Obama VP Scam. Poor, poor judgement on their part. So they just twist their story again, seeming to resent Barack Obama being able to make mincemeat of their scheme. Stop pulling this crap. Hillary stop running - you just look ridiculous!!

Why has CLTV kept this story up on its WEB page so long? Either becuase you folks are lazy, not creative, or because you are in Clinton's camp, or both! It is amazing that you can keep this headline on your page an entire day an half, when so much more news are out there. Also, not to mention, you have not one positive story for OBAMA. What about him repudiating Clinton yesterday? Why don't you have this as a headline. I am sick and tired of the BIAS media in this town and the nation!

Of course Senator Obama is not qualified according to Senator Clinton's criteria:
(1) Did he vote to authorize an unnecessary aggressive war that would kill hundreds of thousands of innocents and drain the treasury to further his presidential ambitions? No, she did
(2) Did he vote against banning cluster bombs in urban areas? No, she did
(3) Did he vote to classify Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization to help Bush gain the authority to bomb Iran? No, she did
(4) Is he the favorite candidate of defense and pharmaceutical companies? No, she is.
(5) Did he claim that the democratically elected president of Venezuela is a dictator and a threat? No, she did
(6) Is he refusing to promise to try to reduce nuclear weapons worldwide, including in the US? No, she is
(7) Is he slandering his Democratic opponent in a way that will hurt the party? No, she is
(8) Does he have years of experience as a corporate lawyer and as a boardmember at Wal-Mart that he is counting as years he has been fighting for the common people? No, she is

Obama fails to meet any of her criteria. How could he possibly be qualified to be her VP?

This has done it for me!
I will either not vote in the general election or vote for McCain if this monster somehow manages to steal the nomination from Obama!

I think before this rezco trial is over the governer of illinois and obama will be involved just my opinion

Hillary's campaign is right that Barack Obama shouldn't be on her ticket as VP because he is the only one still running from the two major parties who is qualified to be our next presideent. Experience doesn't matter, judgment does! Barack is the only one who came out against invading Iraq in '02 and that alone is enough to show ne that we should have him as our next President.

Nobody yet has offered a convincing argument to me as to how Hillary Clinton has supposedly passed this "Commander in Chief Test"

"Hillary Clinton is the right person as president. Hillary supporters are mature and wise enough people's group(older age group)while Obama supporters, Early twenties, are not mature enough to judge in tense international issues or dirty political poliy issues, using high power tactics. election is not choice of rockstar. It is choice of a great leader with experiences and clear wise judgement. Hillary is the most highly qualified candidate chosen by mature voters"


That is a huge insult. I am 28 with a college degree and don't like being told I am not smart enough to be involved in politics. People born after 1977 already make up about 25% of the electorate (50 mil of the 200 mil possible voters in the US). By 2015 we will make up 36% of the electorate.

No better way to win an election than to alienate 25% of the voters, especially when those voters prefer the democratic party by 20 point margins. The young are on the bring of forming a lifelong voting base for the democrats, we will pay dividends for progressive policies for the next 50 years if the dems keep appealing to us.

You might as well discount seniors since they make up 20% of the electorate.

What experience does Hillary have? Corporate lawyer? Law partner in a union busting law firm? Wife of a politician? Someone who submits to Bush's foreign policy?

I agree with Wolfson. Well, BHO's supporters are early twenties & African Americans.80% of AA population support Obama- this is something wrong - not good sign for future Americans, looks like deeply divided by race with tense emotion...in general election, would it be racism if 85% white voters vote for McCain ?


85% of blacks vote democrat anyway, in large part to the fact that democrats are on their side on economic issues and that democrats supported civil rights while the GOP opposed them. In fact, every non-white group, at this point, prefers the democrats. Asians, latinos, blacks, indians, etc.

Honestly, alienating blacks and young people is not the way for Clinton to win anything. If she alienates GLBT, jews & latinos next then it is all over for the democrat party.

Young people can be to the democrats what the 'southern strategy' was to the GOP. A huge swath of people shifted party alliegiance and maintained it for life. If hte dems can lock in the youth vote (who are generally disgusted by the GOP and are progressive on social/economic issues), they may have an advantage with 1/3 of the electorate for the next half century. Imagine 1/3 of the electorate giving dems a 10-20 point advantage. Combine that with the huge advantage from blacks, latinos, GLBT and other groups + the revitalized union movement and the dems are unstoppable. We could see a true progressive america by the next decade.

If Hillary destroys this connection in a desperate grasp for power, the dem party will pay for a long time.

For people who think Obama has no accomplishments, read this post on KOS.


FTR, a person can dislike Hillary w/o being a sexist. If Hillary gets the nomination I am voting for Cynthia McKinney and the green party. So I am perfectly willing to vote for a woman. I dislike Hillary because of her character.

-I think she voted for the Iraq war because she felt it would make her look tough on foreign policy in 2008. War shouldn't be treated as an election issue, but a life/death issue. She has yet to say this was a mistake. I could be wrong on why she voted though. She also voted to declare the Iran revolutionary guard a terror orgination despite the pleas of (ex-secretary of the navy) Jim Webb not to do it. To be fair, Obama wasn't even there to vote.

-On 60 minutes when asked about losing she said 'you can't allow those thoughts in your head'. She may have thought she came across as confident, but I saw dangerously blind confidence, similiar to Dubya's mindless confidence. Self confidence to the point where you lose touch with reality frightens me, I have lived through 7 years of that with W.

-Early in her campaign when she was still ahead by 20% (last year) I read a major advisor told her to 'not say anything that isn't poll tested, don't take tough stances'. That is not what a leader should do. You shouldn't just hang out and say bland, poll tested garbage and hope you squeak through by name recognition. Don't be a leader and take tough stances, just hope name recognition leads to having control of the US handed to you.

-Anyone as desperate to gain power as Hillary probably shouldn't be allowed to have it. There is a saying 'anyone willing to do what it takes to become president shouldn't be allowed to be president'. I think this fits Hillary. She is tearing the dem party apart and doesn't seem to mind.

-She doesn't plan well. She had no backup plan for after Feb 5th. Its almost like she assumed name recognition would be enough to win control of America and had no plan for that not working out. She raises less money and does worse in this election.

-She is a bit too corporate for my tastes. Since her 35 yrs experience includes being on the walmart board of directors, count me out.

The list goes on. It has nothing to do with sexism. I was an Edwards supporter but once he left I went to Obama. Should Obama lose the nom. I'm going with McKinney and the Greens.

I can't vote for someone as power hungry, amoral and inept as Hillary has shown herself to be.

I find all of Todd's comments, right on. But I did want to mention that I believe Bush won his first term as president because of all the scandals in the Clinton White House. People were sick of it all and he won because of a backlash effect. Think about it -the economy was good at the time, people were working, and we still had our head in the sand about the possibility of more terrorist attacks. The Democrats should have won easily. You can blame " hanging chads" if you want to, but I believe it was simply the way folks showed their disgust with all the sleaze in the headlines every day. Four more years with the Clinton's and all their baggage scares me to death.

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