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Willie Nelson's Gay Cowboy
by Newscenter Staff

February 14, 2006 - 7:00 pm ET

(Nashville, Tennessee) Willie Nelson is strummin' the love of gay cowboys in his newest recording.  The country music star on  Tuesday released "Cowboys Are Secretly, Frequently (Fond Of Each Other)".

The song debuted on Howard Stern's satellite radio show.

�There�s many a strange impulse out on the plains of West Texas,� Nelson sings. 

�There�s many a young boy who feels things he don�t comprehend. Well, the small town don�t like it when somebody falls between sexes. No, the small town don�t like it when a cowboy has feelings for men.�

"Cowboys Are Secretly, Frequently (Fond Of Each Other)" isn't available in record stores, but it can be downloaded as an MP3 from Apple�s iTunes music Web site.

Whether it will get airplay on the nation's country stations remains to be seen.  Frequently the stations have shied away from controversial songs - even by singers of the caliber of Nelson.

iTunes says a video for the song should be available in the spring. Last weekend about two dozen  dancers turned out at Dallas' gay cowboy bar, the Round Up Saloon, to shoot the video.

"Since everyone is talking about the acclaimed film Brokeback Mountain and its Academy Award nominations, Valentine's Day seemed like the right time to let [the song] be heard," Nelson's publicist said.

Nelson also contributed a song to the soundtrack of the film with his rendition of "He Was A Friend Of Mine".

But "Cowboys Are Secretly, Frequently (Fond Of Each Other)" actually predates the movie. It was written in 1981 by Texas-born, NYC resident musician/songwriter Ned Sublette.

Sublette, 54, says the song is based on his own experiences growing up in the small town of Portales, N.M. He says he gave Nelson a cassette of the song and "Willie took if from there". 

The song was originally recorded by the gay group Pansy Division in 1995 for their album Pileup. 

� 2006

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