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Intel Communities
Each major Intel site supports outreach programs that address the priorities and concerns of its surrounding communities. Select a geography from the list below to learn how these programs help to fulfill local education, environmental, and community needs.
China ›
Intel has an active presence throughout China where its employees are involved in research and development, customer support and marketing, product assembly and testing, and corporate programs. Employees support community projects and volunteer their time for community activities to improve the quality of life in neighboring communities, focusing primarily on youth, education and the environment.
Costa Rica ›
Costa Rica is home to Intel's first assembly and test facility in Latin America which began manufacturing operations in early 1998. In keeping with Intel's objective of being an asset to its communities worldwide, Intel Costa Rica and its employees have actively planned, developed, and executed many initiatives in the community.
India ›
India is Intel's largest non-manufacturing site outside the United States. The original workforce of 100 has grown to about 2900 in four years. Intel India's mission is to accelerate the adoption of computing and communication technologies and operate a world-class knowledge center. Intel India has a strong commitment to the communities that we work and live in.
Ireland ›
The Intel Ireland campus at Collinstown Industrial Park, Leixlip, County Kildare, is Intel's fourth largest manufacturing site overall, and the largest outside the United States. Intel Ireland is committed to making a positive contribution to the community, and the US Chamber of Commerce in Ireland has twice awarded Intel Ireland its Community Partnership Award, in recognition of the company's deep involvement with our local communities.
Israel ›
The visitor center in Intel's Lachish-Kiryat Gat plant was established in order to increase contacts between Intel and the community. It offers a unique, interactive overview of the development and manufacture of microchips, work in clean rooms, and the role of the processor in our lives.
Malaysia ›
Intel Malaysia is committed to enhancing the quality of life in the community in which we live and work. This is achieved through Intel's Outreach Program which consists of 2 components: Community Care and Capacity Building.
Philippines ›
Intel Technology Philippines, Inc. is Intel's second offshore assembly operations center in Asia, and the first American multinational and semiconductor company in the country. We strive to be a leader in education by delivering programs that promote the effective use of technology in learning and teaching, and increase interest and competencies in science research.
Russia ›
Intel Russia today is about 1,400 employees. Aside from Sales and Marketing, Intel Russia is a large Research and Development (R&D;) center boasting 1,000 engineers.
United States
Intel United States is home to over 45,000 employees and its corporate headquarters located in Santa Clara, California. With sites located in over 20 different locations throughout the country, Intel's operations in the United States are involved in nearly every function, from state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and design centers to technology labs and more.

Vietnam ›
The new assembly and test facility Intel is building in Vietnam will be both the first investment of its kind by the semiconductor industry in Vietnam, and the largest single factory within the Intel assembly and test network.

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