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Triple J host's alter-ego wins weblog award

By Andrew Ramadge, Technology Reporter March 11, 2008 12:45pm

Reasons You Will Hate Me, Marieke Hardy / Supplied
Bloggies ... winning Australian blog Reasons You Will Hate Me, left, and Marieke Hardy, right / Supplied

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REASONS You Will Hate Me, the blog of Triple J host Marieke Hardy's alter-ego "Ms Fits", has been voted best Australian or New Zealand Weblog in the 2008 Bloggie awards.

Hardy said she hadn't expected to receive any awards for the blog, where she posts a mix of wry observations and left-wing political commentary as the cynical Ms Fits.

"I'm still somewhat surprised about it all, to be honest. I wasn't expecting to win any prizes for my semi-regular inane internet rantings," Hardy said today.

"At least now I can tell my parents my little hobby has paid off."

The winners of the Eighth Annual Weblog Awards, nicknamed the Bloggies, were announced overnight at the South By Southwest Interactive Festival in Texas.

Professional US blogger Heather Armstrong received the Lifetime Achievement award for her work on autobiographical blog Dooce, which was also named Best American Weblog and Weblog Of The Year.

Armstrong has been documenting her life on Dooce since 2001, when she was a high-earning web designer in California. She later lost her job, got married and was admitted to hospital suffering post-natal depression.

In 2002 Armstrong lost her job after posting details of her workplace and co-workers on Dooce.

"Never write about work on the internet unless your boss knows and sanctions the fact that you are writing about work on the internet," she wrote in hindsight.

Hardy, whose blog is frequently inappropriate for children, said she had yet to suffer any problems arising from her day job as a high-profile radio host.

"I really lost any semblance of anonymity on the internet some time ago. I prefer to go under Ms Fits for continuity's sake, but several folk refer to me by my real life moniker in comments etc, so it's essentially an open secret," she said by email.

"No repercussions so far – my various bosses seem generally okay with my online shenanigans."

The Bloggies are an annual, community-voted prize handed out since 2001 to the best weblogs in a range of categories such as art and craft, fashion, food and politics.

Seven Australian blogs were nominated for awards in the Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog, Best Topical Weblog and Best Food Weblog categories.

Earlier this week the official Bloggies website appeared to have been hacked on the eve of the award ceremony, with the 2008 nominees page and that of the awards' creator Nikolai Nolan taken down after an apparent security breach.

The 2008 nominees page has since gone back online and appears to be safe to visit.


Reasons You Will Hate Me –
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Eighth Annual Weblog Awards –


Latest Comment:

Rob writes:

Tim Blair's blog is by far the best Australian blog on the internet. It gets 100 visitors for every Miss Fits reader.

Posted at 6:05pm today

Peter M of Melbourne writes:

You people are all morons. The blog is satire.

Posted at 8:12pm March 12, 2008

Teeny Miss of Mellbybourne writes:


Posted at 4:25pm March 12, 2008

Tod of Cammeray writes:

Come on guys give her a break - after Sue-Ann Post I reckon she's the funniest woman we have. I reckon Piers Ackerman is the only writer in Australia that comes even close to her for raw, natural talent.

Posted at 11:47am March 12, 2008

someone of somewhere writes:

From this point on, all blog awards will only be awarded to those that Rob from Sydney has heard of, as clearly they are the only blogs that are any good.

Posted at 11:35am March 12, 2008

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