December, 2007

Outstanding VCE Results

VCE students achieved exceptional results in 2007, complementing their many other fine achievements during the year and throughout their time at Melbourne Grammar School. The following results are testament to the tremendous amount of effort and hard work students and staff have put in this year.

  • 47.4% of our students are in the top 10% in the state/nation with an ENTER* of 90 or above
  • 33.2% of students attained an ENTER of 95 or above. This means that 65 of our students are in the top 5% in the state/nation
  • 25 students attained an ENTER of 99 or above. Therefore 12.8% of our students are in the top 1% of the state/nation
  • The Melbourne Grammar School median ENTER for 2007 is 89.45%
  • 3 students achieved the maximum possible ENTER of 99.95. Special congratulations to Simon Green, Jack Hywood and Stuart Watson.
  • 14 students (listed below) achieved 18 Study Scores of 50 out of 50 in 9 individual studies. Congratulations go to: Alexander Booth (English), Thomas Coish (Studio Arts), Simon Green (English and Physics), Alistair Haskett (Classical Societies & Cultures and English) William Hatfield – Year 11 (Mathematical Methods), Simon Hoy (Chemistry and English), Jack Hywood (Chemistry), Charles Korn – Year 11 (Information Technology – Software Development), Thomas Meredith (English), Edgar Myer (Literature), Matthew Newton (National Politics), Andrew Oaten (English), Thomas Smith (English and Literature), Stuart Watson (English).

All Year 12 students who presented for the VCE this year have been awarded the certificate. Once again they have performed admirably and we offer them our sincere congratulations.

As we continue to offer students rich experiences both in and out of the classroom, these outstanding results maintain Melbourne Grammar School's leadership position and provide further evidence of the first-class education students receive here at the School.

Paul Sheahan
December 2007

* The Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank (ENTER) indicates an individual ranking against all others in Australia who finished or would have finished their secondary education in 2007.

In accordance with the MGS Privacy Policy and procedures, all students named above have given their approval for the use of their names and release of results.

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