Compiled by Susan Henry (Shiny Librarian)
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Track	Time		Title(s) of Pieces	Episode Title	Scene No. & Title	Description of Action
1.	0:51		Firefly - Main Title	All		Opening Titles
2.*	1:54		Big Bar Fight		Train Job	#1: U Day
3.	2:09		Heart of Gold Montage
	0-0:54		[Hindi song]		Heart of Gold	#1: S.O.S.		Burgess drives up to Heart of Gold bordello.
	0:55-2:09	[Ominous theme]		Heart of Gold	#8: Jealousy		Chari & Burgess talk in town.
4.	2:16
	0-1:21		Whitefall		Serenity	#17: Impatience		On Whitefall.
	1:22-2:16	Book			The Message	#11: Carrying a Friend	Book talks to cops.
5.*	2:34		Early takes Serenity	Obj. in Space	#3, #5, #6, #7
6.*	2:33		The Funeral		The Message	#4, #11			Message first heard; The funeral
7.	2:14
	0-1:02		River's perception	Obj. in Space	#1: Reading minds
	1:03-2:14	Saffron			Our Mrs. R.	#9: Good night kiss	Saffron leaves; Inara finds Mal
8.	1:52
	0-1:20		Mal fights Niska	War Stories	#11: The real Mal
	1:21-1:52	Back home		Shindig		#3: Companion's delight	Approaching the planet Persephone
9.*	3:28		River tricks Early	Obj. in Space	#8, #10
10.	2:03		River understands Simon	Safe		#9: Mind reader		Simon & River talking in Hill Folk infirmary
11.	2:37
	0-1:16*		Leaving			Trash		#6, #7, #10		The Lassiter Caper
	1:17-1:53	Caper			Obj. in Space	#11: A little push		Ship.s infirmary; Weightlifting
	1:54-2:37	Spaceball		Bushwhacked	#1:  Ballgame		"Basketball" in space
12.	3:19		
	0-0:53		River's afraid		Ariel		#4: Playing dead		Putting River to .sleep.
	0:54-1:56	Niska			Train Job	#4: Job Offer		Meeting with Niska
	1:57-3:19	Torture			War Stories	#1: Human endurance	Niska tortures his employee
13.	2:26		
	0-0:59*		In my bunk		War Stories	#6, #11			Councilor leaves; Wash & Zoe go to their bunk.
	1:00-1:54	Jayne's statue		Jaynestown	#3: The Statue
	1:55-2:26	Boom			Bushwhacked	#11: Uncivilized		Serenity detaches from Alliance Cruiser.
14	3:27		Inara's Suite
	0-1:04		[1.]			Train Job	#3: Nightmare		Inara combing Kaylee.s hair in Inara.s  shuttle.
	1:05-1:51*	[2.]			Serenity	#4: Crew plus one		Inara and client in Inara.s shuttle.
	1:52-3:27	[3.]			War Stories	#5: Ambush		Inara and the Councilor in Inara.s shuttle.
15.	1:48
	0-0:58		Out of Gas		Out of Gas	#1: Genesis		Going through the empty ship; Mal on grating.
	0:59-1:48	Empty Derelict		Bushwhacked	#1:  Ballgame		Discovery of derelict ship
16.	1:57
	0-1:06*		Book's hair		Jaynestown	#6, #7			River hiding from Book; Simon left in bar
	1:07-1:57	Ready for battle	Heart of Gold	#9: Range war		Fight with Burgess begins.
17.	1:56
	0-1:19		Tears			Serenity	#19: Still flying		Book "confesses" to Inara.
	1:20-1:56	River's eyes		Obj. in Space	#11: A little push		River looks at ball during jacks with Kaylee.


18. 2:10 0-0:35* Cows Safe #3, #4 Unloading cows on Jiangyin & Shopping in town 0:36-1:07 New Dress Shindig #4: Favored guests Kaylee sees THAT dress in the shop window. 1:08-2:10 My Crew Safe #11: Heroes Back on Serenity: Mal & Simon; Crew at supper. 19. 2:00 0-0:38 Boarding The Serenity War Stories #4: Tales of adventure Councilor.s security man comes aboard. 0:38-2:00 Derelict Bushwhacked #4: Derelict Simon & River go aboard; Jayne.s search 20. 3:24 0-1:55 Burgess Kills Heart of Gold #10: Life and death Nandi is killed; Mal goes after Burgess 1:56-3:24 Captain & Ship Out of Gas #9: Alone Shuttles leave and Mal is alone. 21. 2:53 0-1:11 Saved Out of Gas #9: Alone Mal & S.S. Walden.s Captain talk. 1:12-1:47 Isn't Home? Train Job #3: Nightmare Simon & River in ship.s infirmary 1:48-2:53 Reavers Serenity #13: Campfire stories Reavers pass by. 22. 3:20 Reavers Chase Serenity Serenity #18: Return of the Reavers 23. 1:48 River's Dance Safe #5: River Dance 24. 2:19 Inside The Tam House Safe #1: Brotherly love 25. 2:10 0-0:27 Dying Ship Out of Gas #6: New mechanic Wounded Mal carrying catalyzer thru ship. 0:28-2:10 Naked Mal Trash #11: Crazy talk


Track Title(s) of Pieces Note 2. Big Bar Fight 1:25-1:54 of this piece is a cue sometimes called "Serenity's Theme". It's used in Scene #1 of Train Job when the ship rises up from under the cliff to rescue the BDH and also in Serenity, Scene #2: Vultures when Serenity goes into hard burn to escape the Alliance ship. 5. Early takes Serenity Titles of scenes and description of action: #3: Poor kid (Early in his ship) #5: The good brother (Early enters Serenity) #6: Serious threat (Right before scene with Kaylee) #7: Where's your sister? (Early attacks Simon) There are variations on this music throughout these scenes. I've only listed the music that I am pretty sure is actually on the cd. 6. The Funeral Titles of scenes and description of action: #4: Last request (Playing of recorded message) #11: Carrying a friend (The funeral) 9. River tricks Early Titles of scenes and description of action: #8: The search (Early and Simon on bridge; River speaking) #10: Flawed (music is under whole scene until Simon is shot) 11. Leaving Titles of scenes and description of action: #6: The Lassiter (music is under whole scene except sections involving the bin and in the parlor) #7: Happy reunion (First embrace between Durran and Saffron) #10: Double cross (Inara leaves Saffron in the trash bin) 13. In my bunk Titles of scenes and description of action: #6: Blind argument (Councilor leaves.) #11: The real Mal (Wash & Zoe go to their bunk.) 14. Inara's Suite.[2.] This piece is also used during the "happy reunion" between Durran Haymer and Saffron in Trash, Scene #7: Happy reunion. 16. Book's hair Titles of scenes and description of action: #6: Companion's choice (River hiding from Book) #7: Armed and dangerous (Kaylee leaves Simon behind in bar on planet.) This piece is also used during the Councilor's entrance in War Stories, Scene #4: Tales of adventure. 18. Cows Titles of scenes and description of action: #3: Cattle rustlers (Unloading cows on Jiangyin) #4: Shopping (Shopping in town)