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The "Towne of Kingston" was founded after the destruction of Port Royal by the earthquake of 1692. Approximately four days after the earthquake the Legislative Council decided to build a new town. The area designated for this construction was Lord Beeston's Hog Crawle (a place where pigs are kept). The plan of the town was drawn up by John Goffe. Two hundred acres of land were surveyed and divided into lots and sold.

The settlement pattern of Kingston could be placed under the following headings: Yards, Pens, Towns and Merchant Houses. It was not uncommon for Merchants to live upstairs their business places. Yards were located behind these houses and were inhabited by slaves and poor white people, while pens were farms on which livestock were kept.

Although Kingston, like the other parishes, declined after Emancipation it still remained the chief port and commercial centre of the island. In 1872 it became the capital of Jamaica.

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