Awkward lunch table conversation; Margot at the wedding; Margot and Malcolm meet; Margot at the wedding; Denis Leary describes how the show is a reflection of what it takes to be a real-life hero. Wednesdays 10:00pm ET/PT FX; Rescue Me; denis leary; emmy; television; One of the challenges to this series, explains Jane Root, is the patience and dedication to getting "THE" shot.; Discovery Channel; emmy; Jane Root; planet Earth; This is a show that holds a mirror up to society's sometimes less-than-desirable actions, explains Eddie Izzard.; Eddie Izzard; emmy; television; The Riches; According to Michael Chiklis, The Shield, is a police show that reinvents the genre. Tuesdays 10:00 pm ET/PT FX; emmy; Michael Chiklis; television; the shield; Henry Rollins explains that the uncensored freedom of expression is what makes his show unique. Fridays 11pm ET/8pm PT IFC ; Henry Rollins; The Henry Rollins Show; emmy; The rush of being aboard a fighter plane is the experience re-created in Dogfights. Fridays 10:00pm The History Channel; Dogfights; Fighter Pilots; Marc Etkind; Planes; emmy; interview; television; Jeff VanVonderen provides one example of how the show is changing lives. Fridays 10:00 pm ET/PT A&E; A&E; Jeff VanVonderen; emmy; intervention; television; There is a spine of truth in every story on 'The Unit' says Dennis Haysbert. Tuesdays 9:00pm ET/PT CBS; Dennis Haysbert; The Unit; emmy; television; Anthony LaPaglia explains how the collaborative experience between the cast and writers is a huge key to success. Sundays 10:00pm ET/PT CBS; CBS; Without a Trace; anthony lapaglia; emmy; Julia Louis-Dreyfus describes how the chemistry of the cast contributes to their performance. Mondays 8:30pm ET/PT CBS ; CBS; Julia Louis-Dreyfus; The New Adventures of Old Christine; cast; emmy; interview;
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