Bird Quiz

We thought you might like our bird quiz.

It is based upon the rambling recollections of one of our directors. All of the bird names have been substituted by asterisks (*). Each asterisk replaces a single letter. We apologise for any errors in spelling, pronunciation or grammar but they are true to the original.

If you would like to see the solution then please email us at birdquiz@adit.co.uk

***** and I had been friends since school, and we shared a common interest in birding. Our other ***** was golf, and we played most weekends. On the day in question, we were joined by two strange old *****, Wing-commander Ernest Smythe (Red to his friends), and an elderly German, Ronald Gustav Haufman (Ron to his). The rather **** ***** was famous for his bizarre dress sense and today looked a ********** black galoshes, ********** and ********, indeed something  like a giant golfing wasp.

Rob's wife Williamina (Bill to her friends), had joined us. She does not play golf, but likes to walk the course, and is certainly pretty to look at. Her hair is ********** of blue (and as Rob says 'Parus Major's).

This particular Saturday was the 20th anniversary of the club which was covered in ******* *******. We stood on the porch leaning against the hand ****, and admiring the view, until we were able to take our **** at the first tee. I was about to address my ball when someone said why not let ********. Ernest made a great beginning with a ****** on the first, an ***** on the fourth, and nearly made an ********* on the fifth. This all seems very easy to me, he said. His comments rather made me *****, but on the same hole my approach shot landed very near the ******* end charley was Ronald who was having a trying day. Hardly ever teeing off well, and landing in the **** on many occasions. Even worse on the 6th he was in the water. Ronald leapt in to get the ball and in the end we had to get a ***** to recover him. Despite this he remained good humoured and was in any case rarely one to ******. The amphibious helper turned out to be a fine fellow from Yorkshire. The ***** ******** *****, was given a lift back to the clubhouse by the course owner, and we all helped dry our friend off. He was blue with cold, what you might call a ****** *****. Anyway it was a bit cold for a ****** not exactly bathwater what!

Before the return 9, we stopped for a picnic. It looked very appetising, but I could not find a knife to spread the ***** pate. Williamina was hunting for one for me, but I had an idea, and said, **** to worry, I will just use a *********. The pate did not last long, and when I was just enjoying the last little ******* said he wanted some more. Luckily the hamper also contained other delicacies including several kinds of shellfish - I could not reach from my comfortable perch on a golf bag, and Bill was taking no notice of our predicament. Ron, I would like to try an ************* attention for me, would you? There was some bread that needed cutting ready to make a ******** **** out the hamper will you and see if you can find a *********. I'm too old to ******* large chunks of bread.

Our picnic site turned out to be in the firing line for the 10th, with balls flying overhead. This made me see ******* commander Smythe shouted ********* or it will have your head off. A ball landed in Rob's ******* commander Smythe shouted something rather obscene, and we decided it was time to move on.

On the 14th tee I noticed that Ron was using one of my irons. I could tell because his has a ******** whereas mine has a **********. This made me rather ********* thought I was making a fuss about nothing, and said I was a bit of a *****, but then, she does tend to ***** at anyone who annoys her. I was wondering who might ******* during our meal suggested that Ernest would easily. We were rather a slow party on the remainder of the course and the long walk had most of us ******, particularly the last uphill section back to the 19th hole. I supposed it was time to say good ******** of ale suggested Rob. Like some beer?, yes I ********, and with that we wended our merry ways.


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