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Mail survey shows N.O. population at 69 percent of Pre-Katrina

04:29 PM CDT on Thursday, September 27, 2007

Associated Press

A new report shows the number of households receiving mail in New Orleans has risen to 69 percent of pre-Hurricane Katrina levels.

The Greater New Orleans Community Data Center tracks population based on U.S. Postal Service figures. It says that, in August, just over 137,000 households received mail. That compares with about 198,000 households in July 2005, the month before Katrina hit and left 80 percent of the city under water.

The figures point to steady growth since August 2006, when 49.5 percent of pre-Katrina households actively received mail.

A center official has said the federal government considers household information the best available as a population indicator.

(Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)