The Immigration of Imam Khomeini (Rh) from Iraq to Kuwait




After Imam Khomein (Rh)'s exile to Najaf, he continued his campaign against Shah's regime by sending written and oral messages to Iranian nation.  Living in Najaf City for 13 years was full of difficulties but it didn’t deter him to change his way. In Najaf Seminary, Imam Khomeini (Rh) taught political philosophy of Islamic government, Islamic Leadership, theosophy and Islamic principals. He trained so many conspicuous students. Imam changed Iraq into a center of campaign against Shah, U.S and Israel.  Shah regime was worry about Imam's political activities. Thus, on 2nd.of Mehr, 1357 (1978) the Imam (Rh)’s house in Najaf was besieged by Iraq Baa’th Regime.

The chief of Iraq security service on his visit with Imam (Rh) demanded him not to continue the campaign otherwise he (Imam Khomeini) would have to leave the country. Imam (Rh) responded decisively that he had a great responsibility about Islam and was not ready to compromise. Finally, on 12th of Mehr, Imam (Rh) decided to leave Najaf to Kuwait, but under the pressure of Shah’s regime, Kuwait government refused to accept him. So on 14th of Mehr, he decided to immigrate to Paris in order to continue his mission.


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