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Between the years 1909 and 1960, The Glenn L. Martin Company produced over 80 different types of aircraft totalling more than 11,000 planes, including 536 Boeing B-29s (50 of which were the "Atomic Bombers" including Enola Gay and Bockscar). Since then, the company ventured into missiles, space and electronics and, since the Lockheed merger in 1995, has now restablished itself as a prominent aircraft manufacturer.

Moving from Los Angeles to Cleveland and then to Baltimore in 1928, Glenn Martin bought over 1260 acres in the suburb of Middle River and built some of the most modern aircraft manufacturing facilities of its time. Huge buildings sprang up including an airport (with hangars and terminal) and several working force communities that still exist today.

B-26B-25s in D-Building final assembly, 1941

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