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 The Mannheim City Council

The City Council is the highest decision-making body in Mannheim. It decides on building development schemes, local rates and taxes such as refuse and sewerage charges, admission charges, property and business taxes and further fundamental issues that are dealt with at a local level. An important issue in the next five years too will be the restructuring of the municipal administration. The City Council is elected every five years by the citizens. The current composition of the City Council, which consists of 48 honorary City Councillors as well as the Lord Mayor, is as follows:

  • CDU 19 seats

  • SPD 16 seats

  • GRÜNE 5 seats

  • Mannheimer Liste (ML) 4 seats

  • FDP 2 seats

  • Bunte Liste Mannheim (BLM) 1 seat

  • Linke Liste Mannheim (LiLi Ma) 1 seat

In Mannheim's City Council there are four party factions or groupings (SPD and CDU) overall. The status of a party grouping is granted to those parties that hold four or more seats in the City Council.


Further information about the work of the City Council, its committees and its district advisory councils is available from the

 Office for Council and Public Relations Work 
(council affairs section), 
PO Box: 103051, 63030 Mannheim 
(tel.: 49 621 293 - 9644).