Snoop Dogg
Ego Trippin'
Released: March, 11, 2008
Record Label: Geffen
Peak Position: The Billboard 200 #3 on March 29, 2008
Track: Title: Composer: Time:
1 A Word Witchya! (Intro) Broadus, C./Fuqua, G./Gaye, M./Greene, S./Molina, E.  1:20
2 Press Play Blake, D./Broadus, C./Brown, R./Isley, K./Isley, M./Isley, R./Martin, T./Isley, Ernie/Jasper, Chris  3:48
3 SD Is Out Broadus, C./Brooks, P./Riley, D./Riley, T.  3:49
4 Gangsta Like Me Broadus, C./Foxx, J./Proby, G./Riley, D./Riley, T.  4:26
5 Neva Have 2 Worry Broadus, C./Dopson, L./Hamilton, C./Martin, T./Redeaux, R.  4:18
6 Sexual Eruption Broadus, C./Lovejoy, S./Stewart, D.  4:00
7 Life of da Party Broadus, C./Cox, S./Molina, E./Shaw, T.  4:23
8 Waste of Time Broadus, C./Ozuna, B./Saadiq, R./Young, D.  3:33
9 Cool Dickerson, D./Nelson, Prince Rogers  4:01
10 Sets Up Broadus, C./Williams, P.  3:44
11 Deez Hollywood Nights Broadus, C./Esposito, J./Hokenson, E./Lamb, D./Sudano, B.  4:39
12 Whateva U Do Broadus, C./Cates, K./Coleman, M.  3:46
13 Staxxx in My Jeans Broadus, C./Jackson, T./Thomas, R.  3:49
14 Been Around tha World Broadus, C./Givens, T./Martin, T./Redeaux, R.  3:36
15 Let It Out Broadus, C./Martin, T./Riley, D./Riley, T.  2:38
16 My Medicine Broadus, C./Schrody, E.  2:40
17 Ridin' in My Chevy Broadus, C./Molina, E.  3:15
18 Those Gurlz Blake, D./Broadus, C./Molina, E./Riley, T.  4:00
19 One Chance (Make It Good) Broadus, C./Fryzel, B./Mitchell, L.  3:33
20 Why Did You Leave Me Broadus, C./Hollis, C./Jones, J./Oldfield, M./Reed, D.  4:07
21 Can't Say Goodbye Bereal, L./Broadus, C./Proby, G./Riley, D./Riley, T.  4:08
Album Review
The original idea behind what Snoop Dogg considers his ninth album -- ignoring all those pesky and shoddy fringe releases -- was that the title represented a truly solo effort with no guest shots. As the street date grew closer, the rapper flipped the script and decided that Ego Trippin' referred to how he "let" people write songs for the album, songs Snoop could rap and sometimes, shockingly, sing. The leadoff good-time single "Sensual Seduction" -- or "Sexual Eruption" on the explicit album -- proved the latter wasn't a bad idea at all, with Snoop crafting a hooky bedroom track using both a smirk and a throwback Zapp feel. It was a perfect flagship release for an album that tries numerous things but never tries too hard, plus one where the nostalgia is plentiful and perfectly chosen. At the heart of it all are the "overseers" of the album, QDT Muzic, a production crew formed by Snoop along with new jack swing legend Teddy Riley and West Coast hero DJ Quik. This fascinating mix of veterans somehow handles everything from the crooked, crip-walking "Gangsta Like Me" to an unbelievably faithful and fun cover of the Time's "Cool" with Snoop singing and strutting just like Morris Day. Throwaway moments like the country song -- for real -- "My Medicine" are balanced by rich and honest moments like "Been Around tha World," where the rapper reminds listeners he's actually married and delivers a heartfelt "I'll be home soon" number. It's the one time his words are the focus, and while it's never clear how much Snoop actually wrote, the ghostwriters he's admitted to hiring have the thug script down and rarely disappoint. What is disappointing is the woefully long track list, the redundant numbers, and the trimming required to keep from drifting off before the majestic closer, "Can't Say Goodbye" with the Gap Band's Charlie Wilson, rolls around. Put a quarter of this loose, hangout session to the side and you've got a great argument that Snoop's transition from hungry gangster to laid-back celebrity and idea man is going much better than expected. ~ David Jeffries, All Music Guide
Year Type Label Catalog #:
2008 CD Polydor 1764227
2008 CD Geffen 001083502
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