Code mining and revival

This is just a quickly written page to provide somewhere to provide information about code mining and revival efforts. Updates to follow... James Rennie

The AI repository at CMU might be one good starting point.

John Connors proposes to revivive the Port module from the CLOCC: it was a small module that provides portable acess to filesystems, threads and sockets. The goal is to test it and update it, if needed, and create an ASDF-installable package that can be used with Lisp In a Box.

I'm all for doing this. My problem with CLOCC was the GPL vs. LLGPL provisions which make it impossible to use port with any system where I need mixed use. I'd champion making port portable and asdf-installable (already have done that on my local system for my academic work) but wonder if there's a way to address the license issues. This is true in general for CLOCC.

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