Summer slammed

By: Jen Hunt
Written: July 15, 2006

The crowd was electric with the return of the legendary Hulk Hogan to Saturday Night’s Main Event. Every appearance of the immortal Hulk is memorable, but this time may have topped them all.

In addition to his daughter, Brooke Hogan, making her WWE debut, a polite and respectful Randy Orton challenged Hulk to a match at SummerSlam. Hulk was won over by Orton’s good behavior and accepted. Later that night, however, Orton showed that old habits die-hard. The Legend Killer hit an unsuspecting Hulk with the RKO, leaving a distraught Brooke trying to help her incapacitated father.

Saturday Night’s Main Event started with the Dallas, Texas crowd going wild for legend, Hulk Hogan, and his beautiful, aspiring pop-star daughter, Brooke Hogan. The proud papa handed the microphone to his daughter, who had a few words to say about her WWE debut.

“I’ve always dreamed about this moment,” said Brooke. “The moment I could stand here next to my dad in this ring tonight in front of all of you.” She went on to say she hoped her career could be as successful as her father’s.

Doting father, Hulk, said he was very proud of Brooke and credited the fans with keeping Hulkamania running wild for so many years. Before Hulk could continue, Orton came out with a single red rose to join the Hogans in the ring.

Orton apologized for interrupting, but explained he couldn’t pass up the chance to stand next to the Hulk and his gorgeous daughter.

In an unusually chivalrous gesture, Orton gave the rose on behalf of all the Hulkamaniacs, which he admitted to being, to Brooke who looked smitten.

A humble Orton went on to respectfully ask if Hulk would accept a match at SummerSlam since Hulk is one of the biggest legends of all time and Orton is The Legend Killer.

Hogan said he accepted since Orton asked so politely and the men shook hands. Orton and Brooke made eyes at each other as Orton left the ring and he threw her a wink before walking up the ramp.

Later in the show, Brooke and Orton were talking by the Hogan’s car. Hulk surprised Orton from behind with a firm slap on the back and told Brooke it was time to go. Randy left as Hulk helped his daughter into the car. As Hulk was walked to the other side, Orton ran back and RKO’d Hogan on the trunk of the car.

A distraught Brooke ran to her father and asked Orton if he saw what happened. Orton smiled a devilish grin and slipped away while Brooke and extra help tended to the dazed Hulk.

The list of legends Orton has effectively killed include WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race, Cactus Jack, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Rowdy Piper and many more. Can Orton add the ultimate legend of all time to his list or will SummerSlam be the end of his run? Can Hulkamania run Hogan over the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history or has his time simply passed? Will Brooke side with her father when she finds out what really happened or will daddy’s little girl be blinded young love?

Find out at SumerSlam and stay tuned to RAW to see what happens between these legendary Superstars.