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Glenn L. Martin

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Martin Models 123, 139 and 166

B-10 Series "Martin Bombers"

Like the MB's during the 1920's, the Martin B-10 series set the standard for land-based bombers for a decade - during which "Martin Bomber" described a whole generation of aircraft types. Its design marked the first successful military application of the new airframe technology of the 1930's - streamlined monocoque fuselage, variable-pitch propellers, and thick metal wings with lift-enhancing flaps, integral fuel tanks, and retractable landing gear.

B-10's served in every bombardment group in the Air Corps during the 1930's. As fast as contemporary pursuit planes, they proved nearly unstoppable in Army maneuvers.

B-10B Production

Model 139WC

YB-12 on Floats

Collier Trophy

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