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Date added to database: 2/06/2001
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Complete Series
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The Complete Series - Beautiful DVD Set! (11/06/2007)
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Seinfeld News (Top)
11/06/2007 EXCLUSIVE Sneak Preview Clip of Today's Seinfeld DVD Releases
Today's the day! Tuesday, Nov. 6th is the street date for Seinfeld - Season 9 and Seinfeld - The Complete Series. made arrangements with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to bring you... (read entire news item)

8/28/2007 9th Season DVD Rear Box Art
With Seinfeld - Volume 8: Season 9 on-the-way to DVD this November 6th, along with a simultaneous Complete Series release, interest has reached a fever pitch! Now Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has... (read entire news item)

8/24/2007 Hi-Res Package Shots of Seinfeld - The Complete Series (In & Out), + Season 9!
Yesterday we had the hot news stories about Seinfeld - The Complete Series and also about Seinfeld - Season 9. Both of these DVD sets are due to ship on Tuesday, November 6th. The 4-disc package with... (read entire news item)

8/23/2007 New! Season 9's List of DVD Special Features
This morning we relayed the news from The Hollywood Reporter that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is preparing a November 6th DVD release for both Seinfeld - The Complete Series and the separate final... (read entire news item)

8/23/2007 Complete Series Coming on Same Day and 9th Season: Date & Details
Wow, we are getting a TON of e-mails this morning from anxious fans who want to make sure we saw the story! Yes, we sure did. And for those of you who didn't see it: CNN, Reuters, Yahoo! News, and our... (read entire news item)

5/28/2007 Box Art and Probable Release Date for Seinfeld - Season 9!!
As you know, June 5th sees the release of Seinfeld - Season 8 on DVD, and some folks are already getting their hands on copies one way or another. One such person is Phil Fernando, who was the first... (read entire news item)

3/28/2007 Season 8 (Volume 7) Final (not early) Artwork
The other day we posted news on the 8th season of Seinfeld, and with it came a somewhat blurry version of the artwork for the set, with a warning that it's an early version, and may change. Sony has... (read entire news item)

3/25/2007 The Penultimate Season of Seinfeld: Confirmed Street Date & Early Box Art
Confirmed! Guest stars Janeane Garofalo, James Lesure, Jerry Stiller, Estelle Harris, Richard Herd, Gedde Watanabe, Derek Jeter, Bob Odenkirk, Debra Jo Rupp, Brenda Strong, the voice of Alex Trebek,... (read entire news item)

3/20/2007 Rumor: Season 8 coming in June
Fans have been asking "Is Seinfeld coming in May?" and we've been telling them no, it's not coming in May, but now, thanks to one of our friendly retailers, we have a rumored date of June 5. Of course... (read entire news item)

9/16/2006 Rear Artwork for Season 7
We have rear artwork for the 7th season of Seinfeld, coming out on November 21. You can preorder the set from for $34.99. (read entire news item)

9/11/2006 Sony Serves Up 7th Season of Seinfeld
Today, Sony is announcing the November 21st release of Seinfeld - Season 7. The 4-DVD set contains all 24 episodes, running 541 minutes and costing $49.95 SRP. This is the date we speculated on when... (read entire news item)

7/22/2006 GOSSIP: 'George' Tells A Montreal Audience When The Next Seinfeld DVDs Are Coming!
Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander was at the Just For Laughs Festival last night in Montreal, Canada. According to one of our readers who attended, Joseph Saab, while hosting the event Alexander mentioned... (read entire news item)

11/21/2005 Important Correction To Yesterday's News About Best Buy's Bonus Disc
Yesterday (11/20) we posted a news story concerning the free bonus discs that Best Buy and Circuit City are planning to give away, starting tomorrow, with the purchase of the new Seinfeld DVD releases... (read entire news item)

11/20/2005 Bonus Discs To Be Available For This Tuesday's Seinfeld Releases
It will probably come as no surprise, but the various Seinfeld releases that are coming up on Tuesday, Nov. 22nd will have some bonus DVDs discs available for them at different retailers. Those are Best... (read entire news item)

10/21/2005 Press Release: Seasons 5 & 6
Whoops, though we announced the title we realized we hadn't posted the official press release from Sony for Seinfeld: Seasons 5 and 6. Here it is: SEINFELD: SEASONS FIVE & SIX Debut November 22 Each... (read entire news item)

9/12/2005 Loads of Extras! Loads of Box & Menu Art! Formal Announcement for 5th & 6th Seasons And Gift Set!
Friday we reported on the basics about the upcoming November 22nd releases for Seinfeld on DVD. Now the folks at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have made their official announcement for the three products,... (read entire news item)

9/09/2005 Seinfeld Supporters See Sunny Signs from Sony of Seasons 5 & 6!
The holidays are coming, and fans know that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment won't miss out on an opportunity to bring out more Seinfeld for the gift-giving season of Festivus. Nor is the studio letting... (read entire news item)

3/14/2005 Sony officially announces 4th Season! Any surprises left? Find out!
Seinfeld - Vol 3: Season 4 has today been officially, formally announced by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment...and most of you probably know everything you want to know about it by now, right? Wow, so... (read entire news item)

3/11/2005 USA Today talks 4th Season...e-tailer shows box cover!
Just a week ago, we passed along info from a pre-order listing at which revealed much of the information about the May 17th release of Seinfeld - Vol 3: Season 4. Now the e-tailer has posted... (read entire news item)

3/04/2005 e-Tailer breaks Season 4 announce date: street date & more listed!
Not too long ago we posted an update on Seinfeld - Vol 3: Season 4. We told you that the studio, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, would announce the set in mid-March, and at that time would reveal the... (read entire news item)

2/23/2005 4th Season Announcement Soon!
We've received quite a lot of e-mails from our readers asking about Seinfeld. Fans want to know when more DVDs are coming, will Sony continue releasing two box sets at a time, will there be any more... (read entire news item)

2/13/2005 First DVD release honored with DVD Exclusive Award!
This past Tuesday, on February 8th, DVD Exclusive (a sister magazine of Variety and Video Business) presented the 5th Annual DVD Exclusive Awards. During the presentation, Seinfeld - Vol 1 - Seasons... (read entire news item)

11/16/2004 Best Buy offers Seinfeld Bonus Disc & Special 'TV-DVD' Issue of Entertaiment Weekly...We've Got Details! *UPDATED*
Next Tuesday, November 23rd sees the long-awaited, highly-anticipated debut of Seinfeld on DVD. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (formerly Columbia/Tristar) is promoting the heck out of it, too...did... (read entire news item)

8/24/2004 A bit of info on Commentary tracks
We've received a number of emails asking us about the commentary tracks on the upcoming Seinfeld DVD releases. The Seinfeld website contains a list of episode with commentary tracks. Here's the list: Volume... (read entire news item)

8/18/2004 More package shots: pics of the inner cases from each season!
Yesterday we showed off various package shots from the upcoming Seinfeld box sets that hit stores on November 23rd. Since then, Columbia's made two more pics available to us, and we couldn't resist bringing... (read entire news item)

8/17/2004 Cool new package pics: box back, club store 'long-boxes', & new 'Re-Gift' set gifts shot
Seinfeld fans are anxiously awaiting the November 23rd release date of the DVDs, which are among the most highly-anticipated DVD releases ever. If you're reading this, you can probably count yourself... (read entire news item)

8/09/2004 Final Cover Art & More DVD Details!
Good morning! Have you had a nice weekend, dreaming of Seinfeld DVD sets after Friday's news reports and press release about the November 23rd release of 3 different offerings? Fulfilling the promise... (read entire news item)

8/06/2004 Seinfeld Press Release
Happy Seinfeld day everyone! Here's the official press release from Columbia TriStar. Does anyone else feel like it's Festivus today? THE MOST ANTICIPATED TV-TO-DVD OF ALL TIME IS ANYTHING BUT... (read entire news item)

8/05/2004 USA Today reports on sets - some new details **UPDATED**: Variety & Hollywood Reporter add details!
While these articles don't offer us much that we haven't reported on before, these USA Today articles do a nice job of collecting the information in one place, and adding a thing or two. Story 1 reports... (read entire news item)

7/24/2004 Could this be the cover art for both releases?
Seemingly in response to our most recent news the other day, our sources have leaked the pictures to us that you see below. They tell us that these are what Columbia's planning to use as cover art for... (read entire news item)

7/21/2004 On-Disc Trailers promoting DVD Release *UPDATED*
In our news story for Seinfeld DVDs that was posted at the end of May, we packed a lot of info in there. So much so, that it was easy to overlook the section at the bottom. In it, we publicized the... (read entire news item)

7/07/2004 Possible release date? *UPDATED*
In our last, and most-packed-with-info-yet, news item for the upcoming Seinfeld DVD releases, we gave you some detailed information about what the releases would look like: Seinfeld - Seasons 1 & 2 will... (read entire news item)

5/31/2004 Survey reveals more details, possible cover art for upcoming DVDs
Back on the 20th, we posted some great news about Seinfeld coming to DVD. Now we've gotten some more information that's sure to be of interest. The other day reader Gian C. Mignone wrote us with this... (read entire news item)

5/20/2004 More information trickles out...
Earlier today we received this email from a trusted news source. Please keep in mind that this is not official information until it is announced by the studio, and it could change before the set is announced.... (read entire news item)

5/14/2004 Jerry Visits Jay, Mentions DVDs
This past Wednesday night, Jerry Seinfeld guest-starred on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and as you can imagine many Seinfeld fans tuned in. They weren't disappointed when the subject turned to DVDs,... (read entire news item)

2/27/2004 Great news for Seinfeld fans!
After months of negotiations and public outrage, the remaining cast members have signed on to the Seinfeld DVD set. The Globe and Mail features an exclusive interview with Jason Alexander in today's paper,... (read entire news item)

12/24/2003 Follow-up: Michael 'Kramer' Richards Responds
Following up on yesterday's report - that 3 Seinfeld co-stars wouldn't participate in the show's planned DVD release(s) due to money concerns - there is a new article by Sharon Waxman of The New York... (read entire news item)

12/23/2003 New York Times report: Co-Stars Sit Out DVD Extras
The New York Times, in an article "Three Stars of 'Seinfeld' Boycott a DVD Deal" by Sharon Waxman, is reporting today that Julia "Elaine" Louis-Dreyfus, Michael "Kramer" Richards, and Jason "George" Alexander... (read entire news item)

11/09/2003 Seinfeld in late 2004?
Craig Crumpton sent us an email qith a quote from the November 14 issue of Entertainment Weekly: "Exec producer Howard West claims that DVDs *are* in the works and should roll out by late next year.... (read entire news item)

5/14/2003 Jerry talks DVD
In our Seinfeld news item the other day, we mentioned that Variety, Video Business, & DVD Exclusive magazines (all publications of Reed Business Information) would be posting online the information that... (read entire news item)

5/12/2003 Seinfeld is coming, Seinfeld is coming!!!
In the newest issue of Video Business magazine, their VidBits section contains this information: Seinfeld prepping Seinfeld The Seinfeld TV series is finally being prepared for a DVD release, according... (read entire news item)

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