SFG 2007 in the newspapers

A couple of press articles have started appearing in the local and national publications. On Clujeanul.ro you can find an ample material called “Festival gay la Cluj”, professionally written by Sebastian Secan.

We can’t say the same thing about the lines written by Alin Ionescu, author of the article “Andreea is missing in the LGBT top” from Cotidianu, article written –by ear-, without actually getting a bit better informed and actually finding out that the section “The sexiest woman” actually exists for the Gala of the Gay Prizes 2007.

Like always, CanCan had a great impact with the article “The idols of the gay people”. The materials was read and laughed at in a pathetic way, both by Mircea Badea in the “In the press’ mouth” show, but also by the two presenters of the “Dimineata Dementa” show from Radio 21. Nevertheless, we thank them for promoting the event.

Also, a brilliantly informed article, complex and still impartial was published in the “Monitorul de Cluj”, called “European contest of cinematography”. The article was written by Florentina Tatar.

"Gay Film Nights" -  Romanian Gay-Lesbian Festival

Under the epigraph "Respect me the way I am!", the fourth edition of the festival "Gay Film Nights" will take place in Cluj-Napoca between the 15th and the 21th of October 2007.

The producers claim that it will not be a regular edition, mainly because it's been 5 years since the organizer of the event, the LGBT support group "Be An Angel Romania", was founded.

With the aid of art, a bridge of communication and diversity acknowledgment will be attempted between people, regardless of their sexuality.

Besides the LGBT artistic movies running during the event, the festival will also host for the first time an international contest for all young people willing to express their creativity with an anti-discrimination message. The contest is known as "Home Made Movies".

Two photo exhibitions, a theater performance and public debates are just some of the main events of a splendid edition to come.

One of the most important spotlight events will be the "Gala of the Gay Prizes 2007" where, just like in the previous editions, awards will be granted to personalities of the public Romanian life that have supported and gotten involved into the LGBT community from Romania.

And as it has been in the last three editions, entrance is free, yet another reason for everyone to join.


Do you dream at a future career in the film industry? Do you wish to become a famous producer? Then you can work at it starting now!

Put together and make your own film. But not any kind of film... it must be a LGBT (lesbi/gay/bisexual/transsexual) themed film with the message "stop discrimination" or "be tolerant". Are you done? Great!

From the 15th to the 21st of October, Cluj-Napoca (Romania) will host an international level contest session "Home Made Movie" addressed to all. The session is included in the program of the Gay-Lesbi Film Festival "Gay Film Nights".

Entries may include only personal short-film productions with a length of no more than 20 minutes. Contact us up to the 5th of October 2007 (deadline) and send your creation through a CD/DVD or give us a download link.
Remember to add a short comment and some personal information.
Don't miss this opportunity. We'll be waiting.

Contact: Mihai Veres e-mail: gayfilmnights@beanangel.ro

Be An Angel Romania - "We care!"
27 Serpuitoare Street, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
www.beanangel.ro / contact@beanangel.ro
Gay Film Festival Website: http://www.beanangel.ro/sfg2007



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