Borough Commander Kevan WhiteheadBorough Commander Kevan Whitehead

There are three fire stations within Bury borough:

  • Bury – Station No: E36
  • Whitefield – Station No: E37
  • Ramsbottom – Station No: E38

Contact us

You can contact Borough Commander Kevan Whitehead by calling 0161 909 0320 or Deputy Borough Commander Ken Regent by calling 0161 909 0321.

Bury community room

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service has developed community rooms on some of our stations throughout the 10 Metropolitan boroughs we serve. These rooms are available for community use free of charge for relevant community activities with a key focus on areas such as health, education, crime & disorder, housing and employment. All we ask is that your reason for using our room is relevant and appropriate, i.e. it contributes to securing safer communities by addressing one or more of the areas listed above. In this borough, we have a community room at Bury fire station. To find out more information or to book it please call 0161 909 0303 and ask for the Station Clerk.

About Bury

  • There are six townships in Bury borough - Bury, Ramsbottom, Tottington, Radcliffe, Whitefield and Prestwich which cover an area of 38.3 miles2 (99.2 km). 
  • The borough of Bury has a population of 181,900.
  • The borough has 77,000 dwellings, of which it is estimated roughly 50% do not have a working smoke alarm fitted.
  • Some 75% of Bury’s households are owner occupied while 10% of households are tenants of the Council. 
  • It is estimated that 2,234 residents are housed in 119 communal establishments such as nursing homes or hostels.
  • 94% of Bury’s population is white, 4% is Asian or Asian British, 1.1% is mixed, 0.9% is black or black British and 0.5% is Chinese or other ethnic group (2001 Census).
  • The religions that make up the community are 74% Christian, 5% Jewish, 4% Muslim and 10% with no religious beliefs.
  • Bury has the second lowest crime rate per head of population in Greater Manchester.
  • Bury’s index of deprivation puts it 130th in the rank order of districts nationally out of 354 districts.
  • 68% of Bury’s population is expected to be in good health.  However, it is of concern that 27% of the people of Bury smoke while 17% of residents drink over sensible limits. 
  • Unemployment is below the average for Greater Manchester at 3.6%.

Map_Bury jpgPlaces of risk identified in Bury

  • The borough has 69 primary schools, 16 secondary schools, two preparatory schools and two 6th form colleges.
  • M62 and M66 Motorways
  • Metrolink Light Rapid Tram system
  • There are also numerous expanses of open water in the Borough which present a significant risk to the safety of Bury’s population. (This has inspired the Water Watch initiative to educate of the dangers when entering open water).
  • The East Lancashire Railway runs along the Irwell Valley and features steam and diesel trains which bring large scale tourism to the area.
  • There is a wide range of industry in each of the six townships with a particular concentration of paper making in Radcliffe and Ramsbottom.
  • Other industries include heavy and light engineering, woollen and worsted manufacture, chemicals, spinning, textile finishing, luggage, carpet manufacture, rubber, plastics, confectionary and greetings cards.
  • There is a wide range of shopping and modern entertainment bringing large numbers of people into the area.