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Curriculum Vitae (2000)
Agnes Heller

Department of Philosophy
Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science
New School University
65 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003
Tel: (212) 229-5466
Fax: (212) 807-1669

Personal Data

Born 1929 in Budapest. A survivor of the Holocaust, she lost most of her family who perished in various concentration camps. Student of Georg Lukacs since 1947, later his Ph.D, student and assistant professor in his department. First editor of the postwar Hungarian Philosophical Journal (1955-56). Dismissed from academic position together with G. Lukacs for political reasons after the Hungarian Revolution. Several years spent in grammar school teaching and banned from all publications. In 1968, protested against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, which renewed political and police harassment. In 1973, on special decision of party authorities, all academic positions lost again. "Politically unemployed" translator between 1973-1977. In 1977, emigrated to Australia. Since the great change of 1989, she now spends half of the year in her native Hungary where she has been elected to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. She was awarded the Szechenyi National Prize in Hungary and the Hannah Arendt Prize in Bremen, both in 1995, and she received honorary degrees from La Trobe University in Melbourne 1996 and the University of Buenos Aires in 1997.


1952-55 Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Ph.D., 1955, Advisor: Georg Lukacs.
  Thesis title: "Tchernyshevsky and the Problem of Rational Egoism."
1947-52 Lorand Eotvos University of Budapest, Philosophy and Social Theory.

Teaching Positions

1988-Present Hannah Arendt Professor of Philosophy, Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research.
1986-1989 Chair, Department of Philosophy, Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research.
1984-1988 Professor of Philosophy, Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research
1981 Visiting Professor of Sociology, Universitat Konstanz.
1978-1983 Senior Lecturer and Reader of Sociology, La Trobe University.
1972 Visiting Professor of Philosophy, Freie Universitat Berlin.
1963-1973 Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Sociology, The Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
1958-1963 Grammar school teacher.
1955-1958 Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Budapest; dismissed with Georg Lukacs, Chair, for political reasons.

Awards, Activities, and Editorial Positions

  • Hannah Arendt Prize for Political Philosophy, Bremen, 1995.
  • Szechenyi National Prize in Hungary, 1995.
  • Correspondent-Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1990. Australian National Research Grant, 1982-83.
  • Lessing Prize of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg for Philosophical Activity, 1981.
  • Editorial Board of Praxis International, Oxford-Belgrade.
  • Editorial Board of Aut Aut, Milan.
  • Editorial Board of Social Praxis, Toronto.
  • Editorial Board of New German Critique, Milwaukee.
  • Member of International Research Group of Alienation.
  • Member of International Society of the Sociology of Knowledge.
  • Member of the College Internationale de Philosophie, Paris.
  • Member of Societe Europeenne de Culture, Venice.



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