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Article Image What are the means of obtaining bliss?

Only when the impressions of desires and instincts, likes and dislikes, temperamental characteristics, etc. are wiped off from the subconscious mind, that is only when nescience is destroyed can one experience the Bliss lying dormant within oneself.

Article Image Why does one feel happy after seeing a vast ocean or the sky?

One feels happy when one sees the vast sprawling ocean or the sky. However, if one sees a part of the ocean or sky through the window then one does not feel happy.

Article Image In spite of soul being part of Blissful Brahman, why does one experience unhappiness?

When one acquires happiness due to the fulfillment of some desire a faulty impression that ‘fulfillment of desire is happiness’ gets reinforced in the desire and instinct centre and then the individual tends to drift away from Bliss.

Article Image Why should one aim for attainment of the Moksha rather than heaven?

It is because there is a lot of happiness in heaven that when there is a great amount of happiness on the earth, it is termed as heavenly. However one does not experience Bliss in heaven.

Article Image How is Spiritual Bliss different from happiness?

Happiness is a pleasant sensation experienced by the embodied soul through the five senses, mind and/or intellect whereas Bliss is a favourable spiritual experience of the embodied soul doing spiritual practice (jivatma) or God realised soul (Shivatma)

Article Image Why is it important to understand implied meaning in Spirituality?

In Spirituality, an attempt is made to express verbally that which is beyond words. Consequently, there is a difference in the literal and implied meaning. That is why as the spiritual emotion of a seeker rises according to his spiritual level, he comprehends the same point differently.

Article Image Why is science of spirituality superior to other sciences?

The physical sciences cannot explain how to attain Bliss (Anand) which only the science of Spirituality can. It is only the science of Spirituality which teaches one to observe the problems in day-to-day life with the stance of a spectator and attain Bliss.

How do the misconceptions regarding Spirituality arise?

One should generally not speak on a subject of which one does not have adequate knowledge. Despite this rule several prominent personalities from other fields in society talk on Spirituality even when they have had no spiritual experiences.

Article Image Why is man interested in Spirituality?

Each one feels like finding out the one from whom he has been created and feels like returning to Him. Each one feels at least subtly like going in search of the Creator and desires to return to Him.

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