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Item # SCP-042

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-042 is kept in Minimal Security Unit 6. E3-05-B is the only person allowed access to SCP-042 at any time; all other personnel wishing to visit SCP-042 must be of Level 3 security clearance or higher and must be accompanied by E3-05-B. A routine medical inspection is to be conducted at 1600 hours, if E3-05-B is unavailable, an ideologically and mentally sound female medical technician may be chosen from the list prepared by O5-5. During this inspection, the wounds on 042's back are to be treated, morphine is to be administered, and other medical issues are to be diagnosed. After the inspection, SCP-042 is allowed access to the adjoining courtyard if accompanied by E3-05-B. At approximately 1700 hours, SCP-042 to is to be given a meal of hay, water, and oats, and the central heating system is to be switched on.

Description: Item SCP-042 is equine in form, but with a bone structure anomaly comprised of two 63cm lengths of bone protruding 24cm out of unhealed wounds on either side of its back. SPC-042 shows a vague aversion to men and a fondness towards E3-05-B.

Known History: E3-05-B is the civilian daughter of O5-5, and originally brought SCP-042 to the attention of O5-5. A detail was sent to the home of E3-05-B and her mother. This went without incident. However, on request of O5-5, E3-05-B was added as a civilian temporary for level three, and is suspected to become a paid staff member once she is eligible for a work permit, presumably by 2011.

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