Welcome to the NITLE Technology Futures Market (TFM). Here we use a market system to learn about emergent technologies and practices for higher education.

How the TFM works: stocks are propositions, hypotheses about unfolding events. We assign values to them by buying and selling shares over time, playing the market based on what we learn about the world and our reflections. No real money is involved – only the currency of collaborative intelligence. Futures markets have been used for years to leverage distributed knowledge towards better anticipating emergent events. Please sign up to participate!

NITLE (pronounced “nightly”) is a community-based, non-profit initiative that provides professional development programs, managed information services, and peer networking opportunities to independent, undergraduate-centered institutions of higher education that participate in our Network. We facilitate collaboration between participants in our Network and promote the strategic, effective adoption of digital technologies at the institutional and individual levels. In all our activities, we leverage the expertise inherent in our participant community and provide a forum and resources to enable the strategic understanding and effective adoption of digital technologies.

The colleges, universities, and non-profit educational organizations that participate with NITLE and use our programs and services share our commitment to creating rich learning environments that prepare students to contribute, adapt, and thrive. Bringing unique strengths to bear on a collaborative mission, these institutions are breaking new ground for undergraduate education. Find out more at www.nitle.org.

A majority of faculty in U.S. higher education will publish scholarly content via Web 2.0 digital platforms by

The current predicted date is January 1, 2009
This market gives traders in the NITLE Technology Futures Market (TFM) the opportunity to consider whether and when, at U.S. institutions of higher education, faculty members will move beyond self-...

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