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The Islamic Liberation Party
The Islamic Liberation Party
The Islamic Liberation Party Flexes its Muscle
By Dr. Asaf Maliach,
In light of the escalation of fighting between Israel and the Palestinians throughout the month of February 2008, the Liberation Party (Hizb al-Tahrir al-Islami – HT) called to seek vengeance against the Jews (“the siblings of the apes and pigs”) and Israel (the “the Jewish entity”) by uprooting it.
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Terrorism Remains Pakistan’s Chief Export
 31.03.2008  Terrorism Remains Pakistan’s Chief Export

By Sreeram Chaulia
The disclosure by Chinese authorities that the hijackers of a domestic airplane who were thwarted earlier this month came from Pakistan confirms terrorism to be the prime export item of this volatile country.
Russia’s Policy vis-à-vis Iran and Hezbollah
 19.03.2008  Russia’s Policy vis-à-vis Iran and Hezbollah

By Mr. Artem Kroupenev
Today, the Middle East remains vital for the realization of Russia’s interests in the southern part of its post-Soviet territories. This article discusses Iran and Hezbollah in the context of Russia's tactical and strategic considerations and foreign policy interests in the Middle East.
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 11.04.2008  Extremist Activity Associated with the 2010 Olympics, the G8, and the SPP
By Tom Quiggin
In 2010, Canada will host at least three major events with a significant international profile, inluding the Winter Olympics, the G8 meetings and the Security and Prosperity Partnership meetings. Numerous groups have already begun violent activities and further organization that may occur against the background of a troubled global picture that will have further radicalizing effects in Canada.
 06.04.2008  The Cairo Clique: Anti-Zionism and the Canadian Left
By Terry Glavin
The growing trend of solidarity between leftist, Marxist, anti-globalization and even rightist elements with Islamists has lately emerged as the dominant trend in "anti-war" activism in Canada.
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 10.03.2008  The LTTE in Crisis
By G. H. Peiris
In the past few weeks there have been many media reports that point to the prevalence of confusion and disarray among the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE/Tigers) in the face of heavy losses inflicted by the armed forces of the Government of Sri Lanka.
Paper was first published in South Asia Intelligence Review [SAIR] Volume 6, No. 35, March 10, 2008
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Israel: Air force kills two Hamas men in Gaza (Jerusalem Post)

Men "scouted targets" for British 7/7 bombings: court (Reuters)

British trials offer insights into terror cases (International Herald Tribune)

Fight for Sadr City a Proving Ground for Iraq Military (New York Times)

NATO chief cites terrorism differences (AP)

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