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Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88), Rebuild & Widen
Washington Street to Finley Road & Naperville Road Interchange

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The Illinois Tollway is rebuilding and widening the 5.7-mile section of the Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88) between Washington Street and Finley Road to reduce congestion for Tollway customers. This work is part of the Tollway's Congestion-Relief Program to relieve congestion.

Work to rebuild & widen I-88 to four lanes between Washington Street and Finley Road is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2008. The project also includes interchange improvements at Naperville Road, IL Route 53 and the North-South Tollway (I-355), and bridge rebuilding & widening at IL Route 53, Warrenville Road , the DuPage River , and Naperville Road . The Yackley Road Bridge is being widened.

Update – Latest Construction Info

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Westbound traffic is now shifted into a counterflow configuration from Finley Road to Washington Street , with one lane crossing over onto the eastbound side of the road and two local lanes on the westbound side of the road. The local lanes from Yackley Road to Washington Street are shifted to the median shoulder and left lane to create a work zone on the right. The local lanes between Finley Road and Yackley Road will be shifted to the left in the next week after completing shoulder and median work. Traffic in the counterflow lane will not have access to exit until Winfield Road . There is no access to exit from the counterflow lane at IL Route 53 or at Naperville Road . Traffic wishing to exit before Winfield Road should remain in the local lanes. Eastbound traffic is shifted to the right shoulder and three right-most lanes to accommodate the counterflow configuration. Four eastbound lanes will remain open during construction.

Naperville Road Interchange
Traffic using the westbound entrance ramp currently uses the existing ramp from Naperville Road . In mid-April the entrance from Naperville Road will close and a new westbound entrance from Warrenville Road will open to traffic. Traffic will use a connector road to reach the westbound entrance ramp. Later this spring, westbound traffic exiting at Naperville Road also will be shifted to the connector road to Warrenville Road, where drivers can turn east onto Warrenville Road to reach Naperville Road.

The reconstructed eastbound exit and the westbound entrance at the Naperville Road interchange were reopened to traffic in June 2007. Each plaza features a toll basket lane and a dedicated I-PASS Only lane. Eastbound traffic exiting at Naperville Road is directed south on the new connector road to Diehl Road , where traffic can turn east to reach Naperville Road .


Minimizing Impact to Reduce Delays

Three lanes of Tollway traffic will remain available in both directions during daytime hours throughout this project through the use of reduced lane widths and shifted lanes.


Work Zone Safety

Construction zone speed limits are in effect in all construction zones 24/7 and drivers should continue to watch for changing traffic patterns and use caution, especially when workers are present. Remember to drive safely in work zones and abide by the 45 m.p.h. speed limit on the mainline. See the Tollway’s Work Zone Safety page for more information.


  • 2006 – Construction of retaining walls and drainage work completed. Reconstruction of Naperville Road interchange began.
  • 2007 – Naperville Road westbound entrance and eastbound exit ramps reopened to traffic. Eastbound mainline rebuild and widen work completed.
  • Spring 2008 – Westbound mainline rebuild and widen work scheduled to begin.
  • 2008 – I-88 Rebuild and Widen from Washington to Finley is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2008.


Purpose – Pertinent Details on Why and How

Rebuilding and widening this section of road will provide congestion relief and reduce travel times. Interchange improvements at Naperville Road, IL Route 53 and I-355 will improve traffic flow and safety.

The Illinois Tollway and DuPage County coordinated the construction and funding of the Naperville Road interchange project, with DuPage County funding nearly half of the interchange project costs. The Tollway is the lead agency on the interchange construction, while DuPage County is responsible for the construction of the local improvements, including the new connector road needed to access the reconfigured interchange.

The “washboard” section immediately to the west, from Washington Street to IL Route 59, was rebuilt and widened in 2005 to provide four new lanes in each direction. Rebuild and Widen projects to the east, from York Road to IL Route 83, and to the west, from the Aurora Toll Plaza to Orchard Road , began in 2007. An additional Rebuild & Widen Project from Finley Road to IL Route 83 is scheduled to begin in spring 2008.


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02-APR-08 04/02/2008 Westbound Traffic Shifts to Counterflow Configuration on Reagan Memorial (I-88) Tollway for Rebuild & Widen Project
Westbound Traffic Shift Scheduled Between Washington Street and Finley Road
21-JUN-07 06/21/2007 Illinois Tollway To Reopen Eastbound Exit Ramp To Naperville Road On Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88)
Ramp to Reopen in Time for Monday Morning Rush Hour
19-JUN-07 06/19/2007 Illinois Tollway To Reopen Westbound Entrance Ramp from Naperville Road On Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88)
10-APR-07 04/10/2007 Overnight Lane Closures For Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88) Rebuild & Widen Project


Congestion-Relief Program

This project is part of the Tollway’s multi-billion dollar Congestion-Relief Program.

Updated April 4, 2008