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Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88), Rebuild & Widen
Finley Road to IL Route 83

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The Illinois Tollway is rebuilding and widening the 5-mile section of the Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88) between Finley Road and IL Route 83 to reduce congestion for Tollway customers. This work is part of the Tollway's Congestion-Relief Program to reduce travel times.

Pre-stage work for the project to rebuild & widen I-88 to four lanes between Finley Road and IL Route 83 began in December 2007 and construction is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2009. The project includes rebuilding and widening from three lanes to four in each direction

Update – Latest Construction Info

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Shoulder closures were scheduled during the winter for construction of noisewall on the eastbound side of the road. An existing wooden wall located along the section adjacent to the ramp from the northbound Veterans Memorial Tollway (I-355) to eastbound I-88 will be replaced as part of the project. Construction to build the new noisewall will begin in spring 2008. Roadway rebuilding and widening work will begin in the westbound lanes in spring 2008.


Minimizing Impact to Reduce Delays

Three lanes of Tollway traffic will remain available in both directions during daytime hours throughout this project through the use of reduced lane widths and shifted lanes.


Work Zone Safety

Remember to drive safely in work zones and abide by the 45 m.p.h. speed limit; see the Tollway’s Work Zone Safety page for more information.


  • December 2007 - Preparatory off-system work began.
  • Spring 2008 – Westbound mainline rebuild and widen work scheduled to begin.
  • 2009 - Eastbound mainline rebuild and widen work is scheduled with project completion by the end of 2009.


Purpose – Pertinent Details on Why and How

Rebuilding and widening this section of road will provide congestion relief and reduce travel times. When the project is complete by the end of 2009, drivers on the corridor between I-290 and IL Route 59 will have four lanes available in each direction.

The “washboard” section to the west, from Washington Street to IL Route 59, was rebuilt and widened in 2005 to provide four new lanes in each direction. Rebuild and Widen projects to the east, from York Road to IL Route 83, and to the west, from Finley Road to Washington Street and from the Aurora Toll Plaza to Orchard Road , began in 2007.



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Congestion-Relief Program

This project is part of the Tollway’s multi-billion dollar Congestion-Relief Program.

Updated March 5, 2008