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Intergalactics is developed and hosted by Alpha Coders

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Welcome to the fast-paced strategy game Intergalactics. You are pitted against players and bots in a battle for planets, trying to obtain more planets than the others, and in the end, eradicate all opposition.

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Intergalactics was originally created by John Watkinson, who came up the the awesome idea that is intergalactics, and coded the original version. The latest version is written by Zyphrus of the Alpha Coders team, who has rewritten most of the code, enhancing Intergalactics to what it is today.

"Intergalactics is an intense strategy game, where the tide can turn so quickly that you can be master of the universe one minute and an afterthought the next." - Destroyer

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"Intergalactics, the equivalent of galactic chess." - Uberbot27

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