Most businesses post their best testimonials of all time. Below are unsolicited compliments paid to Michael Robbins over a consecutive 10 day period only. An introduction to any of the client references below will be made upon request.

Feb. 11, 2007

"You're a complete pro."

Feb. 12, 2007

"We both did well communicating on the last product you did and it was a good piece of work."

Feb. 14, 2007

“Hi Mr. Robbins, …the business plan it looks good…”

Feb. 14, 2007

“I have another plan for you. I remember four years ago we worked well together, and that company is about to acquire a mortgage brokerage doing $1 billion.”

Feb 20, 2007

"You are right on target with the first draft. You thoroughly understand our business model and passion. Marketing through clubs was very wise on your part."

Your business plan's ability to raise capital is mission critical. You will maximize the capital acquired with intriguing, attractive and thorough documentation.

Michael Robbins has prepared over 250 business plans for both small and world renowned companies.

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On Wall Street as an investor relations account executive, Mr. Robbins learned the questions analysts ask. Subsequently, he managed a hedge fund, and invented a new online ad format used to stream about half the online radio in Australia.

Project prices range from $1500 to $5000. Smaller jobs are subject to an hourly rate. Don't waste your valuable time and risk this important project to someone inexperienced. Michael Robbins has limited availability for new engagements - serious inquiries only msr@msrplans.com.