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Bravo's 100 Funniest Films
Message #231.6  in response to #231.2
Posted by NotNalb on 7/26/06 9:04 AM
I completely agree, no "Duck Soup" or "Night at the Opera?"  These should both be in the top 10, but they're not even on the list.  I thought "Shrek" was funny, but the third funniest movie ever?  That's just ridiculous.  Completely random list.

Message #231.7  in response to #231.1
Posted by havana_joe on 7/26/06 9:04 AM

Hmmm... Not a bad list, overall... But any list without "Murder by Death" is incomplete! Also, I would have moved "The Princess Bride" into the top 20... And "Old School" should probably be in the top 5!!!


Message #231.8  in response to #231.1
Posted by ennui on 7/26/06 9:06 AM
I can't believe My Cousin Vinny did not make the top 100. No matter how many times I watch that movie, it's still funny. 

Message #231.9  in response to #231.1
Posted by jjmcs on 7/26/06 9:08 AM
Hate to sound like an old fart (because I am still in my 30's)  but this list is way too heavily skewed to the movies in the past fifteen years. 

There's no way that many of the sophmoric comedies listed can hold a candle to the greats in the past (Some like it hot, It's a mad mad mad mad world, The Russians are coming, the Russians or any of the great Abbott & Costello or Hope and Crosby flicks:  just to name a few).

Agree with the first two choices -- but Holy Grail and Young Frankenstein are top ten material.

Message #231.10  in response to #231.2
Posted by SomervilleMAMike on 7/26/06 9:09 AM

Marx Brothers?  Should we include the Odd Couple too, come on, neither one of them are funny at all. 


Missing Fletch, should be very high on the list.

Message #231.11  in response to #231.1
Posted by Jkeith136 on 7/26/06 9:09 AM
Wow.  That list has a short memory.  My Cousin Vinnie, Easy Money, and Back to School are funnier movies than half of that top 25, and I didn't see them anywhere on that top 100 list at first glance.  Meet the Fockers doesn't hold a candle to Meet the Parents.  They may have gotten the first two right, but Shrek, albeit a funny movie, is not in the same class of funny as most of the others.  To each his own, though...

Message #231.12  in response to #231.1
Posted by Will2Richard on 7/26/06 9:13 AM
They forgot "Mommie Dearest."

Message #231.13  in response to #231.1
Posted by Foogiefive on 7/26/06 9:17 AM
Spinal Tap at #64 isa travesty.  Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman & Best of Show should all be at the top.

Message #231.14  in response to #231.1
Posted by havana_joe on 7/26/06 9:17 AM

No "Amazon Women on the Moon?" No "Groove Tube"?


Message #231.15  in response to #231.10
Posted by nova97 on 7/26/06 9:20 AM
Fletch and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

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