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A new pedal has been created and patented by Fazioli to reduce the sound dynamic and allow playing pianissimo without any alteration of timbre. With the new pedal, the entire keyboard is moved closer to the strings. In this way, the hammers hit the strings with less force and produce a smaller sound without modifying the timbre and the hammer hits the strings in the same place. With the una Corda pedal the soft sound is obtained by moving the entire action to the right allowing the hammer to strike only two strings and thus producing a different timbre.

Consequently with the keyboard shift and the reduction of the distance between the hammers and the strings, the depth of the keys reduces from 10 mm to 7 mm.

In this way the following results are obtained:

  • Glissando become easier
  • Fast passages become easier
  • Better legato
  • A sound which is much longer and sustained (cantabile)
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