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Over the course of three albums, Alison Goldfrapp has combined dance-floor savvy, raw sex appeal and style to make both club kids and rock fans swoon. Sex and style step to the forefront of her British electronica duo's new album: Supernature uses thick, panty-peeling dance beats and outer-space keyboard effects to create a world of raunchy atmospheres: coked-out disco floors, opium dens, S&M; clubs and animal-skin-upholstered bedroom lairs. "Number One" is the coquettish feel-good single; on "Oh La La," Ms. Goldfrapp makes like Debbie Harry, breathing, "Switch me on/Turn me up/I want to touch you/You're just made for love" over a strutting synth. The addled romp "Ride a White Horse" finds Goldfrapp vamping like a New Wave Marlene Dietrich to the groove of a four-to-the-floor techno line. And the cabaret tune "Satin Chic" gets a twist with electric player piano and a twitchy percussive stomp so evil it makes your skin crawl. Toxic and delicious, Supernature will make you do bad things -- and like it.


(Posted: Mar 6, 2006)


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