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Glenn L. Martin

Martin Aircraft

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Early Martin Planes

California 1908-1917

From the beginning, Martin sought to sell his planes to others. Orders began to come in during 1911. By the end of the year the work had outgrown the rented church where the first Martin planes had been assembled. He moved first to a former cannery building in Santa Ana, then to a 16,000 square-foot factory over a row of shopfronts in downtown Los Angeles. In 1912, the newly incorporated Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Company employed 14 men.

Martin's Los Angles factory was closed after the delivery of the final R's and TT's in early 1917. At age 31, Glenn Martin was invited to Cleveland by local industrialists interesting in promoting aviation business there, Martin launched a new Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Company in Ohio in mid 1917.

From Martin Aircraft 1909-1960 by John Breihan

1909 Pusher

TA Hydro

Model TT

Model S

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